Saturday, November 28, 2015

If we could draw up the list.....

The Red Sox would get David Price and get rid of Hanley Ramirez (one of them is do-able at the moment).

The Patriots would get healthy before the playoffs.

The Celtics would find a way to add a superstar over the next two years.  Good core of a team that hustles but needs the stud to get over the hump.

URI would find some offense without EC Matthews.

PC's Kris Dunn's final six minutes Friday night in the upset win over Arizona would propel him into player of the year honors and an NCAA Tournament berth.

The WWE would find its way.  Talk about non-entertaining and predictable.  That spells the "E's" last six months.  Unleash Kevin Owens, New Day and let Paige and Sasha Banks (and Becky Lynch) loose to really show what they can do.

Notre Dame would beat Stanford Saturday night and Oklahoma would lose to Oklahoma State just to mess up the CFP committee.

Traffic in downtown Providence would cease to be gridlock at any point!

The Republicans would draft Mitt Romney to be a candidate and let him be himself, not the candy-ass done in by handlers the last six weeks of the 2012 Campaign. Pair him with Marco Rubio and we have a chance.

Undatebable to get a better time slot so more can see the sheer genius of LIVE TV!