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Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

We're going with 20-17 Patriots.  The defense that couldn't get a final stop in the past two Super Bowls against the Giants will get one here to give Bill Belichick and Tom Brady that elusive fourth Super Bowl ring!

Here's what the folks at SI are picking:

ESPN's expert picks below:

Picking the Seahawks:
John Anderson, SportsCenter anchor: 28-17. “Russell Wilson.”
Chris Berman, Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown host: 23-20. “Against a Hall of Fame coach and a Hall of Fame quarterback, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, Seattle’s defense makes a case for being one of the best of all time.”
Cris Carter, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Sunday NFL Countdown analyst: 23-20. “Turnovers.”
John Clayton, longtime Seattle area resident and senior NFL writer: 24-20. “Almost a repeat of the 2012 meeting with Russell Wilson getting a fourth-quarter drive to win.”
Lindsay Czarniak, SportsCenter anchor: 24-17. “A fitting ending for Marshawn Lynch to be named MVP.”
Trent Dilfer, Monday Night Countdown analyst and Super Bowl XXXV champion quarterback: 26-23. “Tough to score touchdowns against the Seahawks defense. Russell Wilson wins it on a fourth quarter drive.”
Mike Golic, co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike: 27-21. “Like last year, Seattle’s defense is too smothering, even more the multi-faceted Patriots offense.”
Mike Greenberg, co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike: 23-16. “One of the great defenses of all time – and Marshawn Lynch."
Jon Gruden, Monday Night Football analyst and Super Bowl champion coach: 23-20. “Russell Wilson at crunch time makes the difference.”
Herm Edwards, NFL Live analyst: 27-24. “Until somebody beats the Super Bowl champs, they're still the champs.”
Tom Jackson, Sunday NFL Countdown analyst: 20-17. “Defense.”
Suzy Kolber, NFL Insiders host: 17-14. “Reminiscent of the Ravens of 2000 – the Seahawks are so tough for even the best offense to scheme against.”
Ray Lewis, Sunday NFL Countdown analyst and two-time Super Bowl champion: 34-17. “With a win, this Seattle defense has the chance to go down as one of the best in history.”
Kenny Mayne, SportsCenter anchor, who was born in Tacoma, grew up in Kent and now lives in Kirkland, Wash.: 23-13. “When 31-Seattle hits the first guy crossing, no one else will volunteer for the assignment.”
Bill Polian, NFL Insider and six-time NFL Executive of the Year: “Seahawks – by 1. Turnovers are critical. If Russell Wilson turns the ball over like he did against Green Bay, it will be a blowout. If you give the Patriots gifts, they don’t go to the local store, they go to Neiman Marcus.”
Hannah Storm, SportsCenter anchor: 21-14. “Top to bottom, the Seahawks defense is the best in the NFL. We’ve seen that wins titles, and Russell Wilson is unlike any quarterback the Patriots have faced this season.”
Scott Van Pelt, SportsCenter anchor and co-host of ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo: 23-20. “Always take defense, and my guess is Seattle got rid of its bad game.”
Trey Wingo, NFL Live and NFL PrimeTime host: 27-20. “Legion of Boom becomes legendary.”
Picking the Patriots:
Tedy Bruschi, NFL Live analyst and three-time Super Bowl champion: 23-20. “Stephen Gostkowski joins Adam Vinatieri in history, kicking the game-winning field goal for the Patriots as time expires.”
Frank Caliendo, comedian/impersonator and Sunday NFL Countdown contributor: 24-18. “I think the Patriots will score six more points than the Seahawks’ 18.”
Ryan Clark, guest NFL analyst and Super Bowl champion: 27-21. “New England’s defense is able to counter the Seahawks’ run game because of Browner and Revis.”
Colin Cowherd, Seattle native and host, ESPN Radio’s The Herd: 27-16. “The Patriots defense repeatedly keeps the Seahawks out of the end zone. Seattle settles for field goals and a Super Bowl appearance, instead of back to back wins.”
Jay Crawford, SportsCenter anchor: 27-24. “This game means as much to the Belichick-Brady legacy as any they have played, and they know that.”
Mike Ditka, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Super Bowl-winning coach and Sunday NFL Countdown analyst: 24-17. “Just think there’s more balance there. It’s not just Tom Brady.”
Merril Hoge, NFL Live and NFL Matchup analyst: 28-13. “May be the first time in Super Bowl history that a team can transform itself in two weeks. The changes on both sides of the ball that the Patriots can make are the difference.”
Ron Jaworski, NFL Live and NFL Matchup analyst: 31-20. “Seattle will have a tough time matching up with Rob Gronkowski.”
Keyshawn Johnson, Sunday NFL Countdown analyst and Super Bowl champion: 20-17. “Despite all the distractions over the past two weeks, Belichick will have this Patriots team ready to plan.”
Steve Levy, SportsCenter anchor: 24-21. “Belichick and Brady don't like being questioned and won't let the Seahawks off the mat the way the Packers did.”
Chris Mortensen, senior NFL analyst: 22-16. “The Seahawks don’t have the receivers to challenge New England and the Patriots’ diversity on offense gives them a slight edge.”
Wendi Nix, NFL host: 24-13. “New England is running the ball well which could be problematic for Seattle given the injuries to Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. And frankly, I just don't think Tom Brady loses this game.”
Ryen Russillo, co-host of ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo: 24-17. “I have no idea.”
Adam Schefter, NFL Insider: 24-21. “New England deflates Seattle’s hopes of repeating.”
Mark Schlereth, NFL Live analyst and three-time Super Bowl champion: 27-23. “The Patriots control the middle of the field with Blount, Edelman and Gronk.”
Mike Tirico, Monday Night Football play-by-play commentator: 23-19. “I truly have no earthly idea why. Every time I try to break the game down I'm convinced of a different outcome. Expecting a great game.”

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