Friday, March 07, 2014

10 Quick Friday Thoughts

Take a risk on Darrelle Revis? Yes please!  Draft picks & money.  Do it Pats if it's really a true option.

The NCAA Tournament would be better with the PC Friars in it.  They deserve to be there.

Kudos to Doc Rivers, who's made Blake Griffin a much better overall basketball player than I ever thought he was.

Memo to Will Middlebrooks: work on that glove and footwork.  No glove, no love, sir!

So far, so good - the WWE Network's been worth it.  But, let's see if they pull off a buffer-free Wrestlemania 30 live event.

Hey Lebron, it's not the jerseys!

I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see the Bruins as Stanley Cup Finalists this year.

Jimmy Fallon is flat out funny!

Thank you SI, the swimsuit edition has gotten many of us through this cold, harsh Winter!

While we have another week of sub-par temps in the Northeast, take comfort in the fact that the President and VP are vacationing (again) in cozier, warmer climates this weekend on our dime!

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