Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome back! What the heck's going on with CM Punk!

Yes, after a bit of a hiatus at our other website address, we're back at our humble beginnings back here on Blogger.   No real reason for the change, just time for a change I guess.  Plus, I haven't had much time to write lately so maybe a change of scenery will bring up the creative juices again.

So, without further adieu, let's get right to the news of the day.

CM Punk says he's done with the WWE according to various reports from the WWE Universe.  Let's all hope as wrestling fans that's this one doesn't stick.   Punk has always been kind of miserable, likeable superstar who's always been at his best when he's been on edge, Straight Edge if you will.  So, this time he's upset with the "E" on the direction of the company and why is Dave Batista main eventing Wrestlemania 30 (something Punk has always wanted to do) after two straight years of having The Rock do the same.   Both Batista and Dwayne Johnson left the "E" and walked right back into main event matches.  Now, you can say The Rock deserves it (he does) but Dave "F'n" Batista.  No thank you sir.  I'm all with Punk there in that why not push the guys who've been there day in and day out (thank you Punk and Daniel Bryan) and leave the walk-ins to further on down the card.

Also, we have reports that Punk had some "disagreements" over his health and possible concussion issue.   Whatever it is, Punk hasn't been happy for awhile and not is taking his ball, his smile (thank you HBK) and his pipebombs back to Chicago.  The "E" has taken him off all advertising from future live events and worse yet, have "unfollowed" him on Twitter.  That alone should send the social world into a tizzy.

Now, if I'm Vince McMahon (and I'm not), why not create all this drama and let it unfold live and in living color on your brand new WWE Network.  Do a weekly sitdown with Punk shown exclusively on the Network.  Put him in a position to join that main event at Wrestlemania.  Let him be part of the hottest thing right now in the industry - YES! YES YES! I'm talking about Daniel Bryan!  Get the title on Bryan and let Punk screw the holy hell of him in the Superdome in front of 70,000 strong on the Bayou!  Maybe that would get the man who "left" the "E" before coming back as WWE Champ for over 400+ days back into the fold.

But, let's be honest, we all write better storylines than most of the guys under The Authority's thumb, right?!  Punk wanted no part of facing the over-the-hill Triple H at Wrestlemania, his contract is up in July and what's the only leverage he's got?

Go home.  Stay low.  Not get paid.

We all lose in that scenario.   So, Vince.  Do the right thing.  Do what's best for business.