Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Thoughts

A few quick hitters...

* Eli Manning is one cool customer.

* This loss is NOT on the Patriots defense. They did enough to win the game.

* Mario Manningham's catch at midfield was as a good a non-David Tyree clutch catch as you're going to see in a Super Bowl.

* Wes Welker makes the 2nd down catch at the 20-yard line with 4:06
to go and this one was over. But alas, he didn't making Welker as small as Manningham was big.

* As far as commercials, loved the Tax Free Kid in the Pool Ad.  Watch it here. 

* The Pepsi Ad with Elton John as well as the Coke Polar Bears Ad weren't bad either.

* Madonna kicked major ASS at halftime!

* Is it me or do the Patriots just not win when Gisele is in attenedance?!

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