Wednesday, February 01, 2012

John Legend parodies Tim Tebow

From ESPN -

John Legend pleads to Skip Bayless to “let it go” in song parody “Extra-ordinary Tebow” on ESPN2’s First Take
Even Grammy-winning singer/songwriter John Legend is weary of all the Tim Tebow talk.  

A big sports fan, Legend visited ESPN headquarters today to appear on ESPN2’s First Take after contacting Skip Bayless via Twitter to request a throw-down. (Debating Bayless has become a hot ticket, as many rappers and musicians have appeared on First Take to take him on – including LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Common and Queen Latifah.)
Legend spent the full episode debating the day’s sports topics with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith and it will surprise no one that Skip’s passionate support for Tebow was one of those topics.
Legend, having seen the Skip auto-tune “All He Does Is Win” by DJ Steve Porter, decided to give the Denver Broncos quarterback his own musical treatment with a performance spoofing his hit song “Ordinary People” called “Extra-ordinary Tebow.”
While Bayless and Smith looked on, Legend sang about how the time for Tebow discussions is over: “Now it’s the Super Bowl, and while you are sitting home, Skip and Stephen debate you every day…..Extra-ordinary Tebow, your power we can’t know….”
Legend said it is understandable to discuss Tebow “just not on every show….Skip won’t you let it go….”

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