Friday, January 20, 2012

Heat/Lakers deliver for TNT

From TNT Sports -

NBA on TNT Thursday Doubleheader, Led by the L.A. Lakers @ Miami Heat, Delivers an Overall 2.2 HH Metered Market Rating, +57%  

NBA on TNT’s exclusive doubleheader coverage last night, led by the L.A. Lakers @ Miami Heat, delivered an overall 2.2 HH metered market rating (+57% vs. corresponding games in 2011). Game Onefeaturing the Heat’s 98-87 win, started the night and delivered an overall 3.0 HH metered market rating (+114%).     

  •  Game Two featured the Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz and delivered an overall 1.4 HH metered market rating (+8%).  
  • TNT NBA Tip-off presented by pregame show featuring Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith delivered an overall 1.8 HH metered market rating, (+64%).
Last night’s game delivered the following in their local DMA’s:
  • Los Angeles DMA averaged an 7.4 HH rating
  • Miami DMA averaged a 10.5 HH rating
  • Dallas DMA averaged a 3.6 HH rating
  • Utah DMA averaged a 3.0 HH rating
SourceNielsen Media Research. Arianna.  Based on metered market Live+SD quarter hour data. 1/19/12 (Lakers/Heat, Mavericks/Jazz) vs. 1/20/11(Mavericks/Bulls, Clippers/Trail Blazers).

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