Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Phil Simms is now unlistenable

It used to be that back in the day, CBS NFL analyst Phil Simms used to be the best in the business. Unbiased, crisp, decisive and willing to say what needed to be said. You know, the way Cris Collinsworth now is on Sunday Night Football on NBC.  But those days are long gone for Simms.

The latest entry in a career going the otherway is Simms' call of the Patriots/Broncos game Sunday in Denver. Sure, since CBS has Tim Tebow Mania firmly in their grasp as Simms and broadcast partner Jim Nantz have at least two in a row with "The Great One," including this Sunday's Denver/Buffalo "classic" that CBS will force feed to most of the Nation, it was typically a hype machine for Tebow.  That we expected, even though the Patriots dominated for the 41-23 victory after spotting Denver an early 16-7 lead.

Simms, a Super Bowl QB and MVP himself, made himself laughable when comparing Tom Brady to Tim Tebow, saying their motions and follow-throughs were almost identical. Really Phil?! Were you even watching the magically, mirror-induced split-screen CBS put together of the two QB's? Brady's ball was on a straight line while Tebow's flew off the screen. That was an easy one.

Secondly, when talking about Tebow's lack of interceptions, Simms opined that Tebow wouldn't throw them and it was good that he was throwing 20 yards over a receiver's head out of bounds or 10 yards short even when they were wide open.

Finally, what kills me about Simms is that he'll flip flop every week to cowtail to the latest "big-thing" in the league and never go out on a limb to show us why he's an expert of the game.  In fact, when talking about a pretty easy Brady TD in the second half, one that still wasn't called even with the linesman looking at Brady lying across the goal line with the ball, Simms couldn't even state the obvious or call for a challenge. Those are layups my friends. And still, Phil couldn't get that right.

Listening to the final quarter of the game, you might have thought the Broncos were winning had you not seen the score. It was all talk about Tebow and the Broncos.  And that's on the boys in the booth, not the Broncos. Only in the final 2:00 did they start to address the Patriots winning the AFC East and garnering the top seed in the AFC for the moment.

We get it. Every network media darling has to suck it up for Tebow for the ratings for their network.  You have the game, great.  But at least be honest about the product you're supposedly getting paid to analyze.

Well, at least we have Collinsworth, Mike Mayock and Brian Billick to listen to, right?!

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