Friday, December 09, 2011

NBA TV tips off Free Agency

From NBA TV- 

Notes from NBA TV’s Game Time Midnight Coverage of the NBA Free Agency Preview
 Friday, December 9, 2011
NBA TV’s Game Time
Vince Cellini (NBA TV host), David Aldridge (NBA TV/TNT reporter), Matt Harpring (NBA TV analyst), Sekou Smith (

NBA TV’s Harpring comments on the three-team trade involving New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul going to the L.A. Lakers but fell through tonight: “I don’t even know if this deal would’ve made the Lakers better.”

NBA TV’s Aldridge comments on Shane Battier joining the Miami Heat and the prospects for success: “I think it works if LeBron James plays power forward.”

Caron Butler comments after agreeing to a 3-year, $24 million deal to play with the L.A. Clippers: “I was looking for the best fit for me right now.”

Butler on the prospect of playing with Blake Griffin: “It’s going to be fun. It’s a highlight reel just waiting to happen night-in and night-out.”

Aldridge comments on the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard and whether or not he will be in Orlando through the entire season: “The Magic still believe there is a chance - a small chance - that Dwight will stay.”

Harpring comments on the Magic’s Dwight Howard: “I don’t think there is a chance Dwight Howard stays in Orlando.”

Harpring comments on the L.A. Clippers DeAndre Jordan: “There are things he does that you can’t teach.”

Aldridge comments on the L.A. Clippers DeAndre Jordan and other teams’ interest in signing him as a free agent: “There will be offer sheets put on him [but] most people believe the L.A. Clippers will want to keep that nucleus together.”

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