Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday night odds'n'ends

A few random thoughts to clear out of my head on a late Tuesday evening....

* Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul - IMHO I'm all in for that one! Maybe that could be the first domino in landing Dwight Howard to Boston?

* Bobby Valentine to lead the Red Sox - let's hope the ego has dissolved a little over the past nine years.  As far as in-game moves, he'll be fine.

* I'll give the PC Friars and Ed Cooley credit - some of these games early on are games they easily could've lost but they haven't. It's confidence building one game at a time that will serve the Friars well as the season progresses.

* Jim Boeheim's first press conference since his longtime assistant Bernie Fine got fired for alleged child molestation was definitely surreal.

* Austin Rivers can flat out play!

* Kenny Chesney and Steve Miller on CMT's Crossroads is a must see! Check it out on CMT or Palladia.

* I miss the BBC show Coupling!

* 60 degree days in November I will take everytime my friends!

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