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NFL Today on CBS preview Thanksgiving & Week 12

From CBS Sports -


The CBS Television Network continues its 52nd year broadcasting the NFL with coverage of THE NFL ON CBS on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24 (4:00 PM, ET) and Sunday, Nov. 27 (1:00-7:00 PM, ET) beginning with THE NFL TODAY, the Network’s one-hour studio show (3:30-4:00 PM, ET) and (12:00 NOON-1:00 PM, ET), respectively, live from THE NFL TODAY studio in New York City.

THE NFL ON CBS lead announce team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms call the action from the Thanksgiving Day game, Miami Dolphins-Dallas Cowboys, live from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  Lance Barrow is the coordinating producer and lead game producer and Mike Arnold is the lead game director.

Sean McManus is Chairman, CBS Sports, and serves as Executive Producer of CBS Sports’ coverage of THE NFL ON CBS.  Harold Bryant is Executive Producer and Vice President, Production, CBS Sports.

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(On Miami-Dallas): For the Miami Dolphins it’s them against the world and they are using it well. It’s that attitude they have that might be as big a thing going for them.  They are playing loose, free and as well as they can play.  When you evaluate the Dolphins you look at their three-game winning streak because that is the team you are playing right now.  The Dallas Cowboys don’t just chalk it up to a victory. It’s going to be rough. The Cowboys will have to play well to beat them.  The Cowboys are confident, but so are the Miami Dolphins. When you are confident you play to the best of your physical ability.  When you look at the Dolphins we know about Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush on offense, but people don’t realize they have a lot of really good defensive players and they can create problems. It’s a lot for both teams to deal with when they only have a couple of days to get ready for it. 

(On Dallas and Tony Romo): Tony Romo is healthy, confident and having one of those stretches like we have seen in the past where he just lights it up for four, five or six straight weeks.  He is in the middle of that right now.  We will see if Miami can disrupt that.  Miami is type of team that can because they are a little unconventional and have the talent.  Even though Miami is 3-7, NFL teams change so quickly.  It’s a big test for the Dallas Cowboys.

(On All-Iron MVP Trophy Awarded after every Thanksgiving Day game): We are going to try not to give it to a quarterback. We had the Bears game last week where fullback Tyler Clutts caught passes, blocked for the running back. A really good special teams player.  The long snapper went down and he came in and snapped the ball for the Chicago Bears.  We want that kind of guy.  I am not discriminating against the quarterback, but it’s easy for them to win these awards because they get the ball in their hands and get to throw it. We are hoping we get someone unusual – the type of guy who represents what we started the award for – someone who does a little bit extra and more then he is called upon to do. Maybe there will be a first.  Maybe we will give it to a coach this year. 

(On Miami): They’re a tough team to play right now.  They have a lot of confidence with three consecutive wins.  They’re playing very good defensively.  They’ve changed their philosophy defensively and it’s paying off for them.  They’re getting turnovers, a little more pass-rushing pressure and haven’t given up any touchdowns in their last three games.  Their quarterback play has been much more consistent as well and they haven’t been turning the ball over.  So that also is a big deal.

(On Miami being “spoilers” for rest of season): They are 100%.  There is a pride that develops within a football team and I don’t think any team exudes that more than the Miami Dolphins given all that they’ve already been through.  That pride has been tested each and every week and finally it has paid off when they got on this winning streak three weeks ago.  For weeks and weeks and weeks, all the players in that locker room heard was, ‘Suck for Luck.’  And each and every week the players would come out and say we don’t need to hear this.  It’s easy to think that words like pride, professionalism and playing hard for your coach could ring hollow, but that’s what football teams are about.  It’s all about pride.  It’s all about professionalism.  It’s all about picking yourself up, going to work and trying to work through the negative.  Even though it’s too little-too late for them to make the playoffs, their three-game winning streak speaks volumes about how they feel towards their coach and about theselves.  They can hold their heads high.  

(On how pivotal a game it is for Dallas): This game is huge for Dallas.  They are in the midst of their schedule where they are legitimately better than most of the teams that they are playing.  After stubbing their toe a few times early in the season, they recognize how important this game is for them in terms of the NFC East and where they stand.    

(On Cowboys QB Tony Romo): Nobody has had a longer road this football season than Tony Romo.  The amount of ridicule and criticism thrown his way early on in the season, I can only think of one player that has received more and that is Tim Tebow

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Following are THE NFL ON CBS assignments for Week 12, Week 13 and Week 14 (subject to change).

4:00 PM, ET :
·Miami @ Dallas                       Jim Nantz/Phil Simms

1:00 PM, ET starts:              
·Buffalo @ N.Y. Jets                Marv Albert/Rich Gannon                    
·Cleveland @ Cincinnati           Bill Macatee/Steve Tasker                    
·Houston @ Jacksonville          Kevin Harlan/Solomon Wilcots             

4:15 PM, ET starts:
·N. England @ Philadelphia      Greg Gumbel/Dan Dierdorf                   
·Denver @ San Diego              Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts                              

WEEK 13 – December 4
1:00 PM, ET starts:              
·N.Y. Jets @ Washington         Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts                             
·Kansas City @ Chicago          Kevin Harlan/Solomon Wilcots             
·Tennessee @ Buffalo               Spero Dedes/Steve Beuerlein               
·Oakland @ Miami                   Greg Gumbel/Dan Dierdorf                  
·Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh            Jim Nantz/Phil Simms                           
·Indianapolis @ N. England      Marv Albert/Rich Gannon                     

4:00 PM, ET starts:
·Baltimore @ Cleveland            Bill Macatee/Steve Tasker                    
1:00 PM, ET starts:              
·N. England @ Washington       TBD
·Oakland @ Green Bay            TBD
·Kansas City @ N.Y. Jets        Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts                             
·Houston @ Cincinnati             Marv Albert/Rich Gannon                    
·Indianapolis @ Baltimore         Bill Macatee/Steve Tasker                   

4:15 PM, ET starts:
·Buffalo @ San Diego               Kevin Harlan/Solomon Wilcots            

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