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NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes - Week 12

From FOX Sports -

Strahan: Suh Definitely Needs To Get Himself Under Control

Long: Suh Believes He is Above the Rules That Are Applied to Everyone Else

Glazer Reports NFL Commissioner’s Office Expected to Suspend Suh For One or Two Games

Bradshaw: “Jets Run Their Mouths Better Than They Play”

FOX NFL SUNDAY analysts Howie Long and Michael Strahan react to Ndamukong Suh’s ejection from Thursday’s game and Suh’s postgame comments after stomping on the arm of Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith.

Long:  “Suh’s comments after Thursday’s incident, which I believe were almost as damaging as his actions on the field, left all of us scratching our heads wondering who he is.  To me, he’s a bit of an enigma.  On the one hand he seems to be a really good guy.  On the other hand, he appears to be either incapable of understanding the consequences of his actions or he believes he is above the rules that are applied to everyone else.  At a very young point in his career, he’s at a crossroads.  How he handles himself from this point forward will in many ways dictate what kind of player he is both on the field and off the field.”

Strahan:  “You couldn’t pick a worse time to do something like that.  It was on Thanksgiving, the only game on TV and you pull something like that.  Off the field he seems to be a nice guy.  On the field he has a switch but he needs to figure it out quickly.  You always have a chance to get a guy back within the rules of the game.  If I was his teammate, I’d tell him, ‘you think you had it bad before, you’re going to have it worse now’ because opposing players know they can provoke you.  You really need to learn how to control yourself.”

Strahan on whether Suh is a dirty player:  “He’s had nine personal foul penalties in two years.  I think he’s aggressive and sometimes that can be interpreted as being dirty but he definitely needs to get himself under control.”

Former NFL VP of officiating and current FOX Sports NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira feels Suh is a dirty player and commented on what kind of punishment the NFL Commissioner will hand down to Suh:  “When I was the head of NFL officiating we looked at trends and trends were repeat offenders.  This guy has a rap sheet longer in a year and a half than most guys have in their whole career.  He has more fines than Howie Long had in 13 years.  I’m starting to think Howie was soft.  This guy is beyond being a dirty player.  He needs to be suspended for at least two games.  You have to send a stronger message than for a typical helmet-to-helmet shot.  This is a non-football act and a strong message needs to be sent to a young talented player.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY insider Jay Glazer reports on the action that the Commissioner’s office will take against Ndamukong Suh: “The Commissioner’s office is meeting this morning to decide what action to take against Ndamukong Suh.  Right now, they’re looking at a one or two game suspension.  As he accrues these fines, the Lions can be fined as well.  Once a team gets a certain amount of fines, their team ownership gets fined as well.”

Glazer reports that Lions teammates reprimanded Suh:  “The Detroit Lions players met with Suh on Friday and they got after him.  Especially guys like Kyle Vanden Bosch.  They told Suh, ‘we can’t have this, we can’t afford this.’”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on Indianapolis’ plans to draft a quarterback if the right player is available: “Peyton Manning came out of Tennessee and was the savior for the Colts franchise.  Now at the end of his career, possibly, I think he’s in charge of his future.  I think Andrew Luck comes in to be the starter.  Peyton would have a decision to make whether he wants to stay there or be traded.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on the Eagles playoff chances: “I don’t think the Philadelphia Eagles are done.  They are doing everything in Philadelphia now they should have been doing at the start of the season.  Don’t be surprised if the Eagles go ahead and win out the year and beat this New England Patriots team.”

Analyst Howie Long on the Raiders: “The Raiders are relevant again and that’s good for football.  One of the biggest tasks Hue Jackson had was changing the mindset of that football team and I think he’s done that.  Another addition was Richard Seymour.  A lot of people blinked and scratched their heads about what the Raiders gave up for him thinking if New England gave up on him, he must be done.  Richard Seymour has had a huge impact on that football team.” 

Long continued on what the Raiders need to do to beat the Bears: “To me, the whole game comes down to the front four.  The front four has to dominate the line of scrimmage.  With Cutler out, it will be Matt Forte.  If they can stop Matt Forte and dominate the running game and also special teams that will be a huge factor in today’s game.”

Hall of Famer Marcus Allen stops by the pregame set to discuss Bears RB Matt Forte: “He is the quintessential back when you talk about versatility.  He has speed, he has power, and he has grace.  I like the fact that he runs under balance.  He always has balance to make that move.  He has a nose for the end zone which is really important.  The Bears should rely on him more.  He’s underutilized in my opinion.  They should give him the ball.”

Analyst Michael Strahan added: “And also they should give him the money.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY insider Jay Glazer reports the Chicago Bears believe QB Jay Cutler will return at the end of this season after suffering a broken thumb:  “The good news is that it was a clean break.  I’m being told that the Bears actually believe Jay Cutler will be back for the end of the regular season.  They are hoping that he can come back for Week 17.  There are no plans right now to put him on injured reserve.” 

FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Jimmy Johnson believes the only team that can beat the Green Bay Packers are themselves:  “They get lackadaisical on defense with no sense of urgency.  As long as they’re gunned up and ready to go, there is no team that can beat them.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson & Co-host Terry Bradshaw on the San Diego Chargers’ next move, if any.

Johnson:  “Don’t get rid of anybody unless you know you can get somebody better.”
Bradshaw:  “I would not get rid of Norv Turner.  He has done too much and won too many division titles in San Diego.  I’d give him at least one more year.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw when asked if the Jets can run the table or if they only run their mouth: “I think they run their mouths better than they play.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson added: “They have to run the table if they’re going to make the playoffs.”

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