Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Week 8 Early Thoughts

A few thoughts on week 8...

* For one of the few times in the Patriots/Steelers series, the Steelers defense could match-up and adjust, thus holding Tom Brady to just 17 points and a loss. It gives them a quality win for a Pittsburgh team that had yet to beat a good team to date.

* A wake-up call perhaps for the Saints in St. Louis as the Rams pick up their first win of the season, even without QB Sam Bradford.

* Kudos to both the Giants and Ravens, who each turned ugly first halves into come from behind wins. A loss by either to Miami or Arizona at home would be disastrous.

* The Lions are back on track.

* Sorry Tim Tebow, you can't play the Dolphins every week.

* Frank Gore IS that good and IS in the MVP conversation.

* Houston has held it together just enough to take control of the AFC South and they should get WR Andre Johnson back in a week.

* Give the Bengals credit. They went into Seattle, one of the tougher road joints in the league and won with a rookie QB in Andy Dalton that is growing up before Cincinnati's collective eyes.

* After three weeks, the Redskins and Bills were both in the upstart category. After Buffalo's rout of the Redskins in Toronto Sunday, the Bills clearly showed they are the only ones left in that category.

* The Panthers and QB Cam Newton deserved a better fate Sunday than watching Olindo Mare missing a 31-yard FG to end it with a loss.

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