Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL Week 7 Early Thoughts

On a week where the 5-1 Patriots are off, here's what's going on for week 7 around the national Football League ...

* It took three and a half quarters, but Tim Tebow showed the NFL why some people are so high on him. It's called clutch and it's called winning. That's something the winless Dolphins wish they could say.

* Suddenly, the Lions are losers of two in a row and QB Matt Stafford needs an MRI on his injured knee and ankle. And for the Falcons, it's a team getting a win it desperately needed.

* Ho hum for the Packers as Aaron Rodgers has another 300+ yard day and 3 TD's and now still undefeated.

* Even in defeat, the Vikings found two very good things Sunday. Adrian Peterson is back and Christian Ponder can play in this league.

* The Wembley Stadium turf takes another as the Bucs Earnest Graham has a torn archilles tendon.

* Welcome back Carson Palmer! Three picks in relief and the Raiders get shutout at home against the Chiefs.

* Phillip Rivers pick a bad day to be off.

* Do you think Felix Jones is along who that Murray guy is now? DeMarco Murray rushed for a Cowboys record 253 yards against the Rams including his first touch, a 91-yard td run.

* The Redskins are who we thought they were - very average and a team that could not stop the run.

* Be thankful you didn't see any of the Browns and Seahawks.

* Huge step backwards for the Titans in a 41-7 loss to Houston as Chris Johnson continues to underperform.

* Who would've thought the Colts would be this bad?

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