Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL Week 6 Early Thoughts

What have we learned so far in Week 6 of the NFL season? Well...

* Jim Harbaugh gets really excited after a win! And there's nothing wrong with that at all. Check out the altercation below, courtesy of the NFL Network and NFL/FOX

* This loss to the 49ers by the Lions, in the long run, will be a good teaching lesson for head coach Jim Schwartz.

* The Falcons finally got back to doing what they should be doing - handing the ball off to Michael Turner (139 yards and 2 TD's). Not so ironically enough, the Falcons also got back into the win column with a 31-17 victory over Carolina.

* Very quitely, the Bengals keep winning and they're now 4-2.

* Keep an eye on the Troy Polamalu concussion. It will have a great impact on the Steelers if he's not there.

* Ho-hum, another 3 TD, 310 yard victorious day for Aaron Rodgers.

* The only thing the Packers did wrong was the classless and very strange finger gesture by AJ Hawk at his own bench after sacking Rams QB Sam Bradford. Surely, the Commish will be calling for a "donation."

* The Bills are a team you really want to get behind this season, but they can seem to get out of their own way. Two late interceptions by QB Ryan Fitzpatrick hand the Giants a 27-24 win.

* Rex Grossman is who we though he was. 4 INT's against the Eagles got him benched in Philly's 20-13 win in Washington.

We'll update later with the 4pm games!

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