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NFL Today on CBS - Week 7 Pregame Notes

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THE NFL TODAY previewed the Denver Broncos-Miami Dolphins match-up as the game becomes another opportunity for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to show he can play in the NFL, as well as for Denver to find out if he is the long-term answer at quarterback and can re-energize the franchise.  Deb Gelman is the producer.

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DAN MARINO:  It will be a sad day if the Dolphins lose and then you have half of that stadium cheering for Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  It's something as a player that would really upset me.  Looking at Tim Tebow –
the reason there's a lot of pressure on him; he was a No. 1 pick.  If he was a third- or fourth-round pick, he would have been more of a “project.”  John Fox and John Elway have to find out if he's the guy to step up in the pocket and make throws with accuracy, velocity as a high level in order for him to be their future. 

SHANNON SHARPE:  You heard him mention about passion and leadership and those things, that's fine and good.  It comes down to winning.  Guys follow guys who win.  He was a winner in college, and a lot of that's rubbed off with the fan support and even some of his teammates.  If he doesn't win now as a starter, it's going to fall on deaf ears.  In order for them to really get a true sense of whether this guy can play or not, they're going to have to put him in a system that's really comparable to what he played in Florida. 

BOOMER ESIASON:  You know what doesn't make any sense to me?  You have a second-year player who obviously has accuracy problems when he throws the football, and you trade away your best wide receiver.  That doesn't make any sense to me.  That's what Cam Newton has in Carolina.  He's got a bunch of veterans around him, good players making good plays.  The other thing, when I think about the Broncos, this team should be Brandon Marshall, Brandon Lloyd, Jay Cutler and Peyton Hillis, not what we're seeing today.

(On Raiders Coach Hue Jackson calling Carson Palmer trade greatest trade in football

SHANNON SHARPE:  I don't know if Hue Jackson was in the National Football League in the early '90s when the Dallas Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings, which started the Cowboys on their mini dynasty.  This trade happened for two reasons.  Andy Dalton has played better than the Cincinnati Bengals ever thought he would happen this early, and the Raiders have no confidence in Kyle Boller.  I thought they were a playoff team even without Carson Palmer on this football team. 

DAN MARINOCarson Palmer is 31-years-old.  I think this really sets up well for him and the Raiders.  If they can get a good four or five years out of him.  The thing about it, for Carson Palmer, they can run the football.  They're a very physical team.  He's a guy that can throw the ball down the field.  He's always thrown a good deep ball.  They've got three receivers that can get it.  It sets up really well for Carson Palmer. 

BOOMER ESIASON:  In my estimation, this is a coach that's making decisions above his pay grade, to be honest with you.  This is why general managers general manage and why coaches coach.  Coach wants a quarterback.  He wants him there now because he knows it's about self‑preservation in this league – having a good quarterback.  But what he gave up to get him?  I'm telling you right now, I don't believe that Al Davis would have done this deal.  This is all about Hue Jackson going after a buddy. 

BILL COWHER:  I totally disagree.  What are your options?  Whether you're a coach or you’re front office, are you going to give up the season?  He's has a playoff team now.  You’re going to be a year older a year from now.  What are your options?  I think it's a win‑win for both…It's about your options.  They had no other option right now because Jason Campbell is hurt.

(On New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez )

BOOMER: This is a huge game for the Jets.  They've already lost to the Raiders, the Ravens, and the Patriots.  Those are three AFC teams.  They cannot lose to San Diego today.  In my estimation, this is a big game for Mark Sanchez, who has regressed…Nobody is under more pressure than Mark Sanchez to come today and bring it and lead his team to victory. 

PHIL SIMMS: I absolutely do not agree.  Mark Sanchez is not regressing.  There are a lot of problems on the New York Jets.  Mark Sanchez is not one of them.  He can't block them.  He can't run with the football, and he can't get open as a receiver.  When opportunities are there, he has taken advantage of them.  He had no chance down in Baltimore to succeed.  That was a total beat down, as Boomer said.  No protection, no open guys to throw it to. 


(On HGH testing)
CASSERLY: The U.S. Anti‑Doping Agency offered to meet with the NFLPA to explain their testing procedures.  The NFLPA declined.  Here was the reason, not a real good one.  They said, we can't meet, it's during the season.  I don't think that's what Congress wanted to hear.  Sources on Capitol Hill have told me, both sides, the NFL and NFLPA, are heading back down to Capitol Hill.  At the last meeting, they were told if you don't want to come back here, one of the things suggested, maybe we ought to see if this antitrust exemption the NFL has is worth keeping?  With regards to De (DeMaurice) Smith, who missed the last meeting, he was told to be there or else.  Or else means we have a way to get people here.  It's called a subpoena.  Subpoenas will be issued if necessary.

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