Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL FOX Sunday - Week 7 Pregame Notes

From FOX Sports - 

Glazer Reports the NFLPA Instructed Players to Refuse HGH Testing

Terry Bradshaw:  Carson Palmer Is Not An Elite Quarterback

Jimmy Johnson: Minnesota Starting Christian Ponder Is The Right Move

Michael Strahan To Chicago Bears Management On RB Matt Forte: “Pay The Man!”

FOX NFL SUNDAY insider Jay Glazer reports that the NFLPA has instructed its players to refuse to be tested for HGH:  “The NFL has informed players that they want to come out tomorrow and start getting blood test samples for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) testing.  As a result of that, the letter that the NFLPA has sent to the league office is a cease and desist letter demanding that the league not move forward with any such actions.  In fact, the NFLPA has instructed players that if anybody shows up to take blood from you this week, to refuse.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on if the Oakland Raiders gave up too much for QB Carson Palmer:  “I don’t look at Carson Palmer as an elite quarterback.  This is his ninth year in the league and he’s only led the Bengals to two playoff games.  The last couple of years he hasn’t been as impressive, especially after he got injured and hurt his knee against the Steelers.  That’s two number ones for a 31-year-old quarterback.  I think that’s way too much.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson agrees with Minnesota’s decision to bench QB Donovan McNabb in favor of rookie QB Christian Ponder today:  “Christian Ponder could very well struggle because he’s going against the Green Bay Packers, the defending Super Bowl Champions.  However this without question was the right move.  It was the time to do it because Minnesota has to find out if this guy can be a franchise quarterback.  Is he going to be the quarterback of the future?  They’re going to be in position to get an outstanding quarterback in the draft if Ponder can’t play.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw added:  “I think he’s the answer.  Let’s not forget that Cam Newton threw for 432 yards against the Green Bay Packers.  They’re not a great pass covering defense.  This is the perfect time to start him.”

Analyst Johnson on the Green Bay Packers:  “Everybody is raving about Green Bay, but really they have been sloppy on special teams, their defense has given up a lot of passing yards and they need to get things a little sharper with San Diego coming up next week.  Look for them to lose a couple of games in the next two or three weeks.  They’re still the best in the league, but they’re going to lose a couple of games.”

Bradshaw on potential consequences if the Houston Texans blow their shot at winning the division this year without Peyton Manning playing for the Colts:  “If they don’t win the division this time, it very well could be the end of the Gary Kubiak era down there because it’s set up for him to win.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte wanting to be paid like one of the top backs in the league:  “He should be.  He accounts for over 46 percent of the Chicago Bears offense.  Pay the man Chicago Bears!”

Analysts Strahan and Johnson disagree on whether Denver trading away leading WR Brandon Lloyd hurts the chances of Tim Tebow to be successful. 
Strahan:  “No, not at all.  I think that move is inconsequential.”
Johnson:  “A quarterback is only as good as his supporting cast.  This is his supporting cast!”
Strahan:  “This is Tim Tebow, he relies on himself!”

Glazer on what it is like for a player [Saints TE, Jimmy Graham] to have his coach [Saints head coach Sean Payton] receive injury treatment in the trainer’s room at that same time:  “The last thing you want is your head coach in the training room.  It’s like your mom coming to your prom.” 

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