Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes - Week 6

From FOX Sports - 

Howie Long: If Tebow is a Successful NFL Quarterback, It Won’t Happen in Denver

Johnson: Jim Johnson Left Void Eagles Are Still Trying to Fill

Bradshaw: Lions Remind Me of My Young Steelers Teams

Strahan: Falcons Must Get Michael Turner Rolling to Contend

NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports that Broncos head coach John Fox is not willing to completely tailor their offense to Tim Tebow yet: “John Fox told me he can’t change the whole offense. He said ‘I love Tebow but we can’t completely change our offense. We’ll do some things differently but what about the other ten guys who are out there.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on whether Tim Tebow will be a successful quarterback in the NFL: “He will not be successful as long as they force him into this drop back pro-style of offense. Most coaches are hard-headed and don’t like to change but the only way he’s going to be successful is to put him in the shotgun. Don’t ever put him under center.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on the message changing the offense to fit Tebow sends to the rest of the team: “You have to wonder how many people want him to be successful. There’s only so much you can change in an offense, especially after a shortened off-season. All of sudden they have a new quarterback and everyone is yelling to change everything for him. How many players in Denver are really going to accept that? It’s a shot to your ego.”

Analyst Howie Long on Tebow’s biggest obstacle in Denver – the GM: “They underestimated his appeal. Tebow trying to fit into a conventional offense is a square peg into a round hole. Regardless of how successful he is during this stretch, if Tebow is going to be a productive NFL quarterback, it’s not going to be in Denver. The reason is the general manager. Could you imagine John Elway wanting to run a spread offense? That’s not the quarterback he envisions moving forward with this franchise.

NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports on teams vying for Brandon Lloyd as the NFL trade deadline nears: “The 49ers are the team that’s had the most talks with Brandon Lloyd since they lost their No. 1 receiver this week. Also the New England Patriots and this morning I heard that the Rams are in heavy talks with the Broncos. [Rams offensive coordinator] Josh McDaniels got a lot out of Lloyd last year when he was in Denver.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson what the coaching staff shuffle within the Eagles: “The problems Philadelphia is having right now really started when Jim Johnson passed away. There’s been a void ever since. Taking your offense line coach and moving him to defense when he’s never coached a defense weakened both sides. He wasn’t prepared for that job. [Eagles offensive line coach] Howard Mudd did a great job coaching offensive line for Peyton Manning but that’s not the same as for Michael Vick. It weakened both areas when they made that change.

Co-host Terry Bradshaw thinks this year’s Lions are reminiscent of his Steelers: “I think all of us, especially during this recession, have felt bad for Detroit. Entire neighborhoods are now ghost towns. But heck, Detroit is coming back. Can you believe Ford will spend $4.8 billion on upgrading factories, and plan to hire 5,700 more workers? As for today's undefeated Lions, they remind me of a young Pittsburgh team. In the late '60s, the Steelers were awful and drafted Mean Joe Greene. The next season, Pittsburgh was even worse and took some kid from Louisiana Tech named Bradshaw. Now in Detroit, the fans believe again. I'm not saying Suh and Stafford are going to the Super Bowl this season, but the Lions picked the right building blocks. Stafford even went to Bobby Layne's old Dallas high school, and old timers remember Layne was the Lions' quarterback when they won three NFL titles in the '50s. Layne was a character, and the Lions share his spunk. And there's nothing sweeter than seeing a team ignite an entire city. Detroit's been known as Motown and Hockey-town, but it goes by Lions-town now.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on how the undefeated Lions will matchup today against the 49ers: “The mark of a good team is being able to come from behind and we’ve seen Detroit do that this season. Sometimes you run into a team that’s not going to let you do that. If the Lions don’t get off to a better start and get behind in this game, the 49ers will keep them from coming back.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on the key to the 49ers success: “Alex Smith finally gets some love after six years. He’s been beat up, spit out and had everyone always yelling to get rid of him. When head coach Jim Harbaugh came in, he said, ‘this is my guy and I believe in him.’ It’s that belief and confidence that’s gotten Smith going. He’s operating with confidence and that came from his head coach. They finally have their No.1 quarterback playing like a No. 1 quarterback.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on the key to Atlanta’s offense: “You have to get Michael Turner involved. He’s like a bowling ball. If you drop a bowling ball it doesn’t go anywhere. You have to roll it and then you have a chance for a strike.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on what he expects from Tony Romo today against the Patriots: “You are measured as a quarterback by how well you play in big games. Tony Romo is a guy I turn on the television to watch, he’s exciting and in a different way than Tom Brady. The problem is when you put it on his shoulders he tries to do too much and he makes big mistakes. I think he has learned. I don’t think he’ll do that today against the Patriots.”

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