Friday, October 21, 2011

Bye Bye Theo!

And now this makes it official - Theo Epstein is gone from the Boston Red Sox as the team released this statement Friday night:

"The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs jointly announce this evening that, effective immediately, Theo Epstein has resigned from the Red Sox in order to become the new President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. The clubs also have reached an agreement regarding a process by which appropriate compensation will be determined for the Red Sox and that issue will be resolved in the near term. Both the Red Sox and the Cubs intend to hold press events on Tuesday, October 25 during which the Cubs intend to announce Mr. Epstein, and the Red Sox intend to announce his successor as General Manager. Out of respect for the World Series, both clubs have agreed to forego further comment until Tuesday, the next scheduled non-game day."

The two teams have still not yet agreed on who (or what) the Red Sox will receive as compensation.  Ben Cherington is expected to be named as Epstein's replacement as Boston GM.

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