Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fox Sports previews College Football Season

From Fox Sports -


FOX Sports Media Group’s lead play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson, lead analyst Charles Davis and studio analyst Marcus Allen along with FOX Sports Media Group Executive Vice President of Production Doug Sellars previewed FOX’s College Football coverage and the 2011 season on a press call this afternoon.
DAVIS ON NEBRASKA JOINING THE BIG TEN: “You can go back and find Nebraska alums from the ‘50’s that have always said that they wanted to be in the Big Ten. For the Big Ten itself, being able to spilt up, have two divisions a championship game should be a blast. A number of new rivalries will be created because anytime anyone plays Nebraska it becomes a big game on their schedule.”

ALLEN ON THE ISSUES THAT THE NCAA NEEDS TO ADDRESSS: “The state of football on the field is excellent but off the field there are tremendous challenges. There has to be major changes and we’re kidding ourselves if we think we don’t have to. There has to be something done to give guys an incentive to stay in school.  Schools are making a lot of money off of these young men and yes, they’re getting an education but there has to be something else. If you pulled back the curtain I’d think that every program is compromised in some way.”

DAVIS ON WHETHER TEXAS’ LONGHORN NETWORK GIVES THEM A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: “Only a select few schools will have the opportunity to have a network. Texas is one of them. Is it an unfair competitive advantage? That’s what you work out before in conference bylaws. I get some coaches being upset by high schools being on but I’m not sure it’s going to be that big of a deal once it settles. Everyone is getting TV everywhere.”

JOHNSON ON TEXAS A&M LEAVING THE BIG 12: “You get the feeling that with A&M leaving, Oklahoma has to make a decision if the Big 12 doesn’t act swiftly. Bob Stoops has talked about the potential of leaving for the Pac-12 not only because it’s a great conference but it’s a tier one academic school. Texas A&M leaving is causing a major ripple effect. There seems to be blood in the water and other conferences are going to try to pillage off the Big 12.”

DAVIS ON PRESEASON NO. 1 OKLAHOMA: “Like a lot of teams, they’re still searching for an identity. Bob Stoops spent the offseason telling the Oklahoma faithful that it’s time to win a championship. That shows there is urgency. The defensive line gave up a lot in the run game last year. That’s not normal for Oklahoma. If they can stop people on the ground, then we’ll have an Oklahoma team that’s in the national title mix.”

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