Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Decision is In: Mavs win NBA Title - Lebrontourage defeated!

Couldn't have happened to a better team - Lebrontourage is defeated tonight as the Mavericks take the NBA Finals and the NBA Championship with a 105-95 victory and a 4-2 series win!

Lovin' it!

The Mavs even overcame the obvious NBA slant to have Dirk Nowitzski and Tyson Chandler each with early foul trouble and the Heat getting to the line 33 times as opposed to just 18 for the Mavs.

Jason Terry scores 27 off the bench and now that tattoo can be proudly displayed!

Lebron James just 21 and Dwyane Wade with 17 for Miami. 11 turnovers combined for the duo as well.

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