Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lebrontourage takes Game 1 vs. Celtics

"A dirty shot," Glenn Davis said, adding, "We're awake. Most definitely we smell what's going on, the coffee is brewing. We'll be back Game 2 and it'll be a great game."

Well, let's hope the Celtics are awake and ready for game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semi-finals series against Lebrontourage Tuesday night in Miami.  Boston never really seemed comfortable in Sunday's game one, losing 99-90 in a game that saw the captain, Paul Pierce get ejected even though he was on the receiving end of what should've been two flagrant fouls by Lebrontourage's James Jones and Dwyane Wade.

A couple of things the Celtics can't repeat if they want to walk away from Miami at 1-1:

Score just 14 points in the opening period.

Let Wade go off for 23 1st half points, 38 overall.

Let Jones go 5-7 from behind the arc, netting 25 points overall.

Get a combined 12-33 effort from Pierce, Kevin Garnettt and Rajon Rondo.

Let Lebrontourage shoot 32 free throws while getting only 18 themselves.

Game 2 is Tuesday night in Miami.

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