Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shaq out indefinitely; won’t play tomorrow

Shaquille O'Neal won't play against the NY Knicks in game one of the Celtics series Sunday night in Boston. And who knows when he will play.

Here's today's latest statement on Shaq from team doctor Brian McKeon:

“This guy has been working his tail off - he’s worked so, so hard. Today we put him in a trial pre-game workout and it failed. It didn’t work. So we’re going to get back to work tomorrow and keep doing what we’re doing. Hopefully it will work soon."

"He’s actually made a progression every day. But the blood supply in his leg is so poor that it just takes time. I told Danny and the coaches that in the last 20 years this is one area of medicine where we have made no progress, because it just takes time."

“It’s the whole Achilles/calf construct.”

Check out the story from the Boston Herald: Shaq out indefinitely; won’t play tomorrow

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