Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celtics sweep the Knicks, 101-89! Welcome to Round 2!

A few quick thoughts now with the Celtics sweeping the Knicks today, 101-89. It's on to round 2, probably against Lebrontourage, who now leads Philly after today's Sixers win. For those of you new to TCN, we never call that team from Florida anything else other than "Lebrontourage!"

Celtics outrebound the Knicks, 53-42 - always a good sign for the Celtics.

Good minutes out of the bench:

Glenn Davis 14 points in 27 minutes

Nened Kristic 4 points, 5 rebounds in nearly 8 minutes

Jeff Green 5 points, 7 rebounds in nearly 17 minutes

Delonte West 5 rebounds in nearly 8 minutes

And how about KG picking up the offense! Kevin Garnett leads the way with 26 points to go with his 10 boards.

Looks like the Celtics/Lebrontourage series would start no earlier than next weekend.

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