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NFL Fox Sunday Pregame Notes - Week 17

From Fox Sports -

Glazer Reports on the Coaching Situations Around the League
Including Who Is In and Out in Dallas, San Fran, Minnesota, NY, Denver & Cleveland

Bradshaw: Ravens Have Best Shot at Taking Out the Patriots in the AFC

Long: 2010 Season Will Be Remembered for Redemption of Michael Vick

Johnson: Panthers Should Give Up on Clausen and Take Stanford’s Andrew Luck in the Draft

FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported on the future of head coaches for the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.

Cowboys Sticking with Garrett:  “Jason Garrett is going to end up being the permanent head coach in Dallas.  The Cowboys satisfied the Rooney Rule by interviewing their wide receivers coach Ray Sherman.  They’re also going to talk contract extension with Garrett for two reasons.  No. 1 the players responded to Garrett.  No. 2 is because of the potential lockout.  They wanted to stick with a guy that already knows the personnel.”

49ers Reach Out to No. 1 Choice:  “They’ve already reached out to their No. 1 choice and that is Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh.  If they can’t get Harbaugh, they’re going to look at several head coaches like John Fox, FOX Sports’ own Brian Billick, and Jon Gruden so they’re going to go through the entire gamut.  The players in the locker room that I’ve talked to say, ‘just give us someone who isn’t going to beat us down the way Mike Singletary did.’” 

Eagles Win Secures Frazier’s Job in Minnesota:  “Leslie Frazier will get that job.  Going into the Philadelphia game, I would say it was 50/50 but after the performance they had that night, the players and owners were happy with the outcome.  The owners know that there’s no drama with Leslie Frazier.”

Barring Another Embarrassing Loss, Coughlin Safe in NY:  “Tom Coughlin is safe unless there is another collapse today.  If there’s another collapse, he could be out and they will look at a guy like Bill Cowher or John Fox but I’m being told that even if the Giants miss the playoffs and they win later today, he’s still going to be the coach next year.” 

Elway Hits the Ground Running in Denver:  “John Elway’s first order of business is to get on a plane and fly down to the Orange Bowl as a guest of Jim Harbaugh.  Remember they’ve got the Stanford connection and Elway is going to work on that right away.  As I said last week, Elway has compiled a front office and head coaching list and they’ll interview Eric Studesville to suffice the Rooney Rule next Monday.”

Mangini Done in Cleveland:  “I’ve been saying for weeks that Eric Mangini is going to be out in Cleveland.  They’re going to look at some young assistants guys like Pat Shurmur with the Rams right now and look at a guy like John Fox.  There are rumors that Mike Holmgren is going to take that job but I just don’t see it happening right now.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson believes the Rams have the momentum to finish atop the NFC West:  “I was on the Seattle bandwagon early but as the year has gone on, Seattle has gotten worse.  St. Louis has gotten better every single week and they’re a much better team than Seattle right now.  Seattle has won two of their last nine games, beating Carolina and Arizona but that’s nothing to brag about.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw gives the Baltimore Ravens the best shot at beating New England: “The way the Ravens are running the football now, I believe that Baltimore will move on in the playoffs and I do believe that’s the best team to beat New England in New England.”

Analyst Howie Long reflects on the 2010 season:

On Brett Favre’s 2010 season:  “Simply put - Brett you’ve had a great run, given us thrills to last a lifetime but for goodness sake, Ulysses had a shorter journey home.  Go home my friend.  It’s time.”

On Michael Vick:  “To me, 2010 will be remembered for the redemption of Michael Vick.  Two years removed from Leavenworth, he’s a serious MVP candidate and had the sitting President support his second chance.  I hope his journey continues in the right direction so we don’t have to go back and rewrite what is 2010’s top story.” 

With Carolina guaranteed the No. 1 pick in the next NFL draft, analyst Jimmy Johnson thinks the Panthers should give up on Jimmy Clausen and look to the future:  “If you have a chance to get Stanford’s Andrew Luck, you never bypass a franchise quarterback.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on whether the Vikings should keep Joe Webb as their quarterback next season:  “Why not? He was a sixth round draft choice brought in as a wide receiver and now he’s their quarterback.  He gives the Vikings something positive and something for a Vikings fan to build on for next year.  I’m awfully impressed with what he did against the Eagles.”

Winners of the 2010 TERRY AWARDS – Bradshaw’s unique take on this season’s distinguished players and coaches.  This year’s Terry Awards go to:

NFC Coach of the Year: Atlanta’s Mike Smith

AFC Coach of the Year: New England’s Bill Belichick

NFC Player of the Year: Philadelphia’s Michael Vick

AFC Player of the Year: New England’s Tom Brady

Sophomore of the Year: Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman

Mr. Excitement: Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson

Young Terry Award: St. Louis’ Sam Bradford

Old Terry Award: Chicago’s Brian Urlacher

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh

Assistant Coach of the Year: New Orleans’ Gregg Williams

Really, Really Good Runner Award: Maurice Jones-Drew

Owner of the Year: Atlanta’s Arthur Blank

Most Disappointing Player: Washington’s Albert Haynesworth

America’s Team: United States Armed Forces

Under-Appreciated Cheerleaders: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team Leader: Warpaint Kansas City’s horse that leads the Chiefs on the field and rider Susie

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