Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 5 TV Play by Play Guys

While watching the Celtics/76ers game tonight, I got to thinking about what play by play guys are truly enjoyable to watch and listen to during a game.  Here's what the intrepid staff at TCN's come up with tonight as we include only guys who are doing the deed today, not all-time. 

NBA Basketball:
1. Marv Albert
2. Kevin Harlan
3. Mike Gorman
4. Dick Stockton
5. Mike Tirico

MLB Baseball
1. Dan Shulman
2. Dave O'Brien
3. Don Orsillo
4. Dave Sims
5. Michael Kay

NFL Football
1. Jim Nantz
2. Gus Johnson
3. Kevin Harlan
4. Dick Stockton
5. Greg Gumbel

NCAA Football
1. Brent Musburger
2. Verne Lundquist
3. Mike Patrick
4. Ron Franklin
5. Sean McDonough

NCAA Basketball
1. Gus Johnson
2. Jim Nantz
3. Mike Patrick
4. Dan Shulman
5. Kevin Harlan

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