Thursday, December 23, 2010

Should the NFL reseed for the Playoffs?

To seed or not reseed?   That is the hot button issue around the National Football League these days with the chance that the NFC West Division winner will at the very least, get in with a .500 record and possibly a 7-9 record.

Fans are in an uproar that a better, more deserving Wild Card team with more wins should have to go on the road in the First Round of the NFL Playoffs and what they deem to be an undeserving team.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look back at history at how this same scenario has played out since the NFL went to four divisions in each conference back in 2002.  It’s pretty even with the Division Winner winning 5 of 8 games, despite having the lesser record.   And yes, for all your Patriots fans, the Pats were one of those teams back in 2005 as the 10-6 Patriots topped the 12-4 Jaguars in Foxboro.

Here’s the rundown of games:

Jets 9-7 Division Winner beats Colts 10-6 Wild Card

Titans 12-4 Wild Card beats Ravens 10-6 Division Winner


Patriots 10-4 Division Winner beats Jaguars 12-4 Wild Card


Jaguars 11-5 Wild Card beats Steelers 10-6 Division Winner
Giants 10-6 Wild Card beat Bucs 9-7 Division Winner

Cardinals 9-7 Division Winner beats Falcons 11-5 Wild Card
Chargers 8-8 Division Winner beats Colts 12-4 Wild Card

Cardinals 10-6 Division Winner beats Packers 11-5 Wild Card

So, what should the NFL do?  Absolutely nothing!

The set-up is fine.   If you’re a solid, Super Bowl caliber team, you should be able to go on the road and win against a “lesser” team.  So please NFL, do not start reseeding teams 3-6 once we get past the regular season.  Keep things exactly the way they are!

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