Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Week 16 Late Game Thoughts

And now, he late games -

* The Packers are a dangerous team with QB Aaron Rodgers back at QB.  Clearly they, unlike the Giants, culd do some damage in he NFC Playoffs.

* No December magic for San Diego.  They get eliminated by the Bengals, giving the Chiefs the AFC Title.

* Despite the trouncing at Tampa Bay, Seattle gets to live another day and make the playoffs with a week 17  win over St.Louis.

* Another must-win for the Colts and another win for Indy.  The Colts can complete a 4-0 stretch and win the AFC South by topping Tennessee in week 17.

* After a 300-yard plus performance and a couple of TD's in Denver's 24-23 win over Houston, they'll be another love-fest week for Tim Tebow.

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