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NFL on Today Week 14 Pregame Notes

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JAMES BROWN: Obviously the cloud hanging over you and the questions about the pay for play. You said last night you strongly love Mom and Dad. Your Dad wasn't there. Did you talk with him and what did you say?
CAM NEWTON: Absolutely I talked with my father as soon as I got back to the hotel. It was a big thing that we got off each other's shoulders. Emotions were involved. I love my father. I'm going to say it again. And just seeing the joy on my mother's face when her son's name was called, that meant a lot to me.

JB: Final question, and I know you've been asked this before as well, but no way will this trophy be returned like that of Reggie Bush?  You're saying definitively, you've done nothing knowingly and willingly wrong in this at all?
NEWTON: Absolutely. I've done nothing wrong.  And this trophy is going back to College Park, Georgia, and making a little stop in Auburn, Alabama.

BOOMER ESIASON: One of the other things that came out of this whole thing is you were omitted on 105 of the 886 ballots for the Heisman Trophy. What do you say to those 105 people?
NEWTON: That's too many numbers for me at the time for me to grasp everything. But I really thank all the supporters that have been on my bandwagon from the start. You know, from the previous winners of the Heisman Trophy, they've been so supportive in my journey to get to this point. It meant a lot to me just to see everybody embracing me as one of their own. It's a special fraternity, as they say. And I felt loved.

SHANNON SHARPE: Cam, you’re a junior.  You win the Heisman.  You swept all the major awards at the banquet circuit this year. Have you thought about going pro? Is that in the back of your mind?
NEWTON: Honestly, right now I'm not even thinking about that next step of my life. I feel like I have a big monster to tackle on January 10th, and I'm going to try to take care of that before I even start thinking about things down the road.

BILL COWHER: Tell me what do you think that Auburn has to do and what has been the key to the success that you've had this year? What is the big key for this game if you're going to beat Oregon?
NEWTON: I think the big key lies in my line of scrimmage. Many games, people really don't see, you know, the behind the scenes effort that goes into us winning football games. Our dominant play at the offensive line. As many challenges as I have running lanes that are able to fit all of us in it. And Nick Fairley and his bunch are going to have a very key role in our win of this game.


(On Suspension of Washington’s Albert Haynesworth)

CASSERLY: Albert Haynesworth did not ask for an expedited grievance which would have been held this week.  Now the grievance will be held after the season is over. Speaking to his people, the reason he didn't ask for the expedited grievance is because if he won it, he would have to return to the team, practice, and go to meetings. Something he didn't want to do.  Here are some of the reasons he was suspended. First of all, he refused to talk to Mike Shanahan at the end of last week. Also, the main thing was he only wanted to play in a nickel defense in passing situations. That's only a few plays-a-game. He had been fined numerous times. Also his practice suffered going into the Giants game was poor. Again, game day, he didn't take part in adjustments either at halftime or on the bench, and also he was not attentive in meetings.
Furthermore, the Redskins will go after a portion of his signing bonus. That amount could be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, depending upon how the arbitrator interprets the contract. And finally, he skipped mini camp last year, not only did he get fined, but he also forfeited $9 million in guaranteed money in the future.  

(On arrest of Denver’s rookie cornerback Perrish Cox and whether he’ll face discipline by team)

CASSERLY: He'll be benched today. He will not dress for the game. He's going to be fined $23,000 by the Broncos.  That is the max they can fine him for missing a meeting and missing practice on Friday. No other discipline at this point. They'll let the League take it over from here and react after the League finishes their investigation.


(If you were a head coach, would you pick up Albert Haynesworth next season?)
BOOMER: I say no.  Simply, because you heard Charley say in the previous segment that he gave up $9 million guaranteed by not showing up to spring training. That says enough about this guy.  I don't want him on my team.
COWHER: The guy obviously, when his head is into it and he plays, can be a dominant player. I would give him a base contract, no up front money. Everything based on incentives, based on weight, based on being there on game day and based on production. He's going to have to prove that if he loves the game, then show me.
BOOMER: Given the amount of money he's been paid and what they've asked him to do, and the fact that he's not doing it, it could be the biggest embarrassment ever to put on an NFL uniform.
COWHER: I don't disagree. I would say I would have very little patience and would not have him be a disruption.

(On how long it will take the Broncos to recover from the Josh McDaniels era)
MARINO: Well, he's traded away all these guys. At least three or four years. And Tim Tebow, first round draft pick as a quarterback, is he going to be a guy that can be a first round quarterback in the NFL? I don't think so. And also, Kansas City is getting better.  San Diego is already pretty darn good. It's going to be a while before Denver comes back.
SHARPE: I agree…You trade Jay Cutler.  You trade Brandon Marshall.  You get rid of Peyton Hillis.  They’re in for long, long haul.

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