Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Fox Sunday Pregame Notes - Week 16

From Fox Sports -


Glazer Reports John Elway to Join Denver Broncos Organization in Exec Role

Long:  Garrett Must Beat Philly to Retain Head Coach Position in Dallas

Johnson: Sparano Deserves to Keep His Job

FOX NFL SUNDAY insider Jay Glazer reported that former Pro Bowl quarterback John Elway is close to a deal with his former team, the Denver Broncos:  “It looks like the next piece to the puzzle in Denver is going to be John Elway.  I think Elway will be the top executive there within the next two weeks.  I’m being told that Elway is in serious discussions but he’s also trying to get ownership as part of the deal.  He’s willing to pay for ownership and is actually putting together lists for potential GM and coaching candidates as well.  I think it’ll be a huge upset if he’s not the main guy there in the next two weeks.”

When asked if Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will retain his head coaching position next year, analyst Michael Strahan showed Garrett a vote of confidence:  “I know they lost the game last night but if you’ve seen the way the Cowboys have played under head coach Jason Garrett, they play a lot differently.  This is the team we expected to see so you can’t say he’s not doing a great job coaching.” 

Analyst Howie Long offered this on Garrett’s future:  “The only way he comes back is if they beat Philadelphia next week.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson was asked if the Miami Dolphins should fire head coach Tony Sparano:  “Absolutely not.  The problem with this team is not the coaching.  This offense doesn’t have enough speed or explosive players.”   

Last week, Jimmy Johnson supported Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to bench Donovan McNabb to find out if they have a backup quarterback in Rex Grossman. Johnson reacted to what he saw from Grossman last week:  “Without question, Grossman can be an outstanding backup quarterback.  As a backup he’s good enough to help you win those games.”  

Co-host Terry Bradshaw and analyst Jimmy Johnson shared their thoughts on the New Orleans Saints weaknesses.  
Bradshaw:  “They’re hot and cold offensively.  They got really hot and won five games in a row throwing the football but it’s always on the poor quarterback, they have no running game.” 

Johnson: “They also have to be able to stop the run on defense.”

Insider Jay Glazer reported what he is hearing about the futures of Vikings interim head coach Leslie Frazier and the 49ers coaching staff: 

Glazer on Frazier:  “At first I thought it was a long shot but suddenly Frazier has really grown on them so right now I think it’s a long shot for him not to be named head coach.”

Glazer on 49ers coaching staff even if they win the NFC West:  “When you talk to the assistant coaches, they say they’re gone even if the 49ers make the playoffs.  They think they’re out of there.”
Analyst Michael Strahan comments on the frenzy in Washington D.C.:  “I’m not sure that the Redskins regret bringing in McNabb but I don’t think this is what they thought they’d get.  They brought in a guy they thought was their franchise quarterback and a guy that they thought was their franchise head coach and right now it’s just a messy situation.”

See select playoff picks by FOX NFL SUNDAY analysts below:

Bradshaw:  AFC Playoff teams: Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Colts, Ravens, Chiefs
Long: AFC Playoff teams: Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Jaguars, Chiefs, Ravens
Strahan:  NFC playoff teams: Falcons, Bears, Eagles, Rams, Saints, Giants
Johnson:  NFC playoff teams: Falcons, Eagles, Bears (and only Howie cares about the NFC West)

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