Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jets: Alosi ordered the Code Red, errr, Wall!

The NY Jets never learn.  Instead of just letting the Sal Alosi tripping incident quietly go away, they've ratched it up today by suspending the strength coach indefinitely, saying Alosi alone "ordered" the wall of five players and himself to help stop Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll. Here's the full story from ESPN.

And in the process, Jets special team guru Mike Westhoff accuses the Patriots of doing the same thing the Jets have done, "the wall," in the past.

Here's what Westhoff had to say to Chicago's ESPN 1000 Radio affiliate, courtesy of Pro Football

“A number of teams do it,” Westhoff said. “There is a pretty good team up north that lines their whole defense up when they do it, so it’s something that just kind of happened.”

Asked if he’s saying the Patriots line up players to impede punt coverage teams, Westhoff elaborated. “Well, if you watch them, their defense when the opponents’ punt team is out there,” Westhoof said. “They’re up there pretty close to the line so it looks like they are trying to do it. Now are they doing anything illegal? Are they tripping anybody, heck no. I’m not saying that. That’s not the point. But, yeah, they’re lined up there. Is it making a difference? I don’t know. I really don’t know, because to tell you the truth before this happened I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.”

If nothing else, it lets us bring up one of the greatest confrontations in movie history: Cruise/Nicholson from "A Few Good Men."

Something tells me that we haven't heard the last of this one! There's no way that a strength and conditioning coach would act alone in telling 5 inactive players to form a wall. Yet, with head coach Rex Ryan standing just a few feet away, that's what the Jets are trying to make us believe.

Sorry Rex, we're not buying it. You did it and got caught. Time to take the punishment.

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