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ESPN Week 13 Sunday Countdown Week 13 Pregame Notes

From ESPN -

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown Notes and Quotes: Week 13

ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown host Chris Berman and analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson previewed today’s NFL action. Some excerpts:

An AFC East title battle: Ditka (Patriots) and Jackson (Jets) in the boxing ring, pre-fight hype of the 9-2 Jets versus (9-2) Patriots…

Jackson: “We are the Jets. We are a no-nonsense football team that plays well at the line of scrimmage. We believe in running the football and we believe in knocking the quarterback down. Everybody knows what we’re going to do; we just want to do it better than everybody else.”

Ditka: “We are the New England Patriots and anything you can do, I can do better. Anything you can do, I can do better than you.”

Jackson: “I like playing coach Belichick. I don’t have the credentials that he has, but what I have is confidence. I translate that to my football team. We fear no one!”

Ditka: “Nobody in the coaching business works harder or comes up with better ways to take advantage of what the other team is doing and that’s what Belichick is going to do.”

Jackson: “How can your quarterback be the best quarterback in the league when he wears Uggs?”

Ditka (wearing Uggs): “What do you have against Uggs? Look at this, they’re pretty darn comfortable!”

A feature on one of the oldest, most basic and most effective roads to recovery the "cold tub."

Carter took a plunge in a cold tub, live during the show: “It’s trying to get that edge. Your body’s trying to recover. You’re constantly beating up your body. The ability to recover…this right here is one of the foolish ways to do that.”

Leon Washington, Seahawks: “The first time I ever did it in high school it made me cry”

Terrell Suggs, Ravens: “It gets like Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio cold in there. We have player temperatures. There’s my cold, then there’s Anquan Boldin cold and then there’s Ray Lewis cold.”
Ray Rice, Ravens: (on Ray Lewis): “He sits there like a champ. The cold tub is probably one of the reasons why he’s been around so long.”

Karlos Dansby, Dolphins: “It’s a must!!…Five minutes a day. I think five minutes a day will get you five years.”

On Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and if there is too much on his shoulders?...

Johnson: “Too many excuses…You keep hearing people all the time, when he gets his players back. Really? Who is he missing?...No. 18 isn’t playing well, he’s just not. It’s not an indictment of his career, we all know what he can be and who he is, but let’s stop trying to make these excuses that they don’t have enough players.”

Jackson: “He is struggling, they’re not playing well. They can’t get to the playoffs if he doesn’t play better.”

Carter: “Peyton Manning is the best player in the league, so you’re never put in the position where there are never enough players around him. You’re the best…At the press conference tonight, I don’t want to hear, ‘Well, maybe if we get a few players back.’ You’re the best player in the league.”

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels: Is he in over his head?

Ditka: “I think coaching is about a lot of things, X’s and O’s we know that’s important. I think people are more important. How you handle your people, how you relate to your people and how you make your personnel decisions and that’s where he’s had a problem.”

Jackson: “The defensive coordinator really responsible for that 6-0 start is now in Miami….now you have Brady Quinn, I don’t know if he can play pro football. You’ve got the greatest collegiate player in history in Tim Tebow, I don’t know if he can play pro football. And you got caught cheating in the last two weeks.”

Carter: “As a young coach, you have to be careful how you wield your power…If you mismanage that power and you try to wield your power too strong, then guys, you won’t get the best out of them and that’s what’s happening in Denver.”

On Ben Roethlisberger’s ankle and playing despite injury…

Jackson: “You start getting into, ‘Well, if I don’t play well, it’s because of my foot. If I play real well, then I’m John Wayne coming out on the field.’”

On the AFC contender that most needs home-field advantage in playoffs…

Jackson:When you think about New England, they do not lose at home and the Jets do not lose on the road…If you have to go to Foxboro then you are going to lose.”

Johnson: “New England…they need that hostile environment at home. They need that crowd noise.”

Carter: “I’m going to take the Jets…I believe the power of that fan base and that fan base and that crowd playing in the championship game is enough to supersede any other variable that we see.”

On the Chicago Bears Defensive Line…     

Jackson: “Israel Idonije on the right end, Julius Peppers on the left end and Brian Urlacher in the middle of the field. I think right now, there is no group better or more aggressive than the Chicago Bears.”

On who will win the NFC East: Giants or Eagles?

Johnson: “I think the Giants will still make the playoffs, but I think the NFC East will go to the Philadelphia Eagles because of Michael Vick.”

Ditka: “That Michael Vick bandwagon, I jumped on that train a long time ago. No quarterback has made an impact on their football team like this kid has.”

Jackson: “There is something wrong with the Giants when it comes to their defense, nice front four, but the best part of their defense, or at least one of them is in this (ESPN) building right now and that’s Antonio Pierce.”

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