Sunday, December 26, 2010

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown Pregame Notes - Week 16

From ESPN -

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown Notes and Quotes: Week 16

ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown hosted by Chris Berman and analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson previewed today’s NFL action. Some excerpts:

On the Shanahans’ and Washington Redskins handling of Donovan McNabb…
Johnson: “Donovan McNabb has played not great, bad at times, helped them win some games at times. But when you look at things with the Shanahans’  - I like to say Shanahans’ – because both father and son have been awful this year…The way they are handling this situation with Donovan McNabb, it’s ridiculous. When will it stop? Enough is enough….It didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, now just part ways, and let him go.”
Jackson: “This has been a debacle for a guy that you thought perfectly fit your system. Traded for him. …We have to go back to the premise of he’s not smart enough to pick up our offense. He’s not in shape enough to run our offense. He is benched for Rex Grossman at the end of the game. He’s now been made third team. When you look at a guy that has a resume like Donovan McNabb and who has been consistent down the line as good for an organization as McNabb has been for Philadelphia and now Washington, I find it shocking the treatment that he has received from this coaching staff.”
Ditka: “You guys said the Shanahans’, I call in the shenanigans with what’s going on over there…You cannot put people under the bus. He was rolled under the bus, period. Donovan McNabb was made a scapegoat for something that was not his fault. This football team underachieved all year long.”
Carter:Donovan McNabb and his agent, made a bad decision signing that fake contract decision. That makes it worse…That whole hocus-pocus contract thing was a bad deal.”
Berman: “At Washington they had that miracle win to beat Dallas…They had something, it wasn’t like it was 0-8 out of the shoots. This one smelled all year long.”

Ditka: “I believe Tom Brady is the best player in the NFL and I believe Michael Vick is the MVP for the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s more important to his football team.”
Carter: “I think Tom Brady is MVP. When you look at what he’s done with the cast of guys he has on that offense, Tom Brady.” 
Johnson: “I expected Tom Brady to play this way, I didn’t expect for Michael Vick too. Michael Vick is my MVP.”
Jackson: “Vick most exciting. Best player in the league, Tom Brady.”

On whether the Giants can recover from loss versus Eagles?
Johnson: “Every time Tom Coughlin – back page, front page, side page – out. No contract, Cowherd in…he finds a way to win.”

If you could give the Jets or Bears one gift what would it be?…
Ditka: “They can’t give the ball up, turn the ball over – either team.”
Johnson: “I’d give the Bears home-field, win the game and get home-field.”
Carter: “I’d give the Jets a pass rusher because they haven’t had one this year.”
Jackson: “I just want to see good tackling. It’s the most fundamental element of defensive football.”

On whether it’s fair that NFC West winner will host a playoff game?...
Jackson: “No. The rules are the rules, and the NFC West is not always going to be down. Yeah, it’s intriguing to look at this and think we might have Atlanta, Chicago, Philly, New Orleans, Giants, Packers-Tampa Bay, boy what a playoff that would make. Key(shawn) has explained to me a number of times the Seattle Seahawks or St. Louis Rams could actually be in the Super Bowl, which I’m sure just makes Park Ave., feel great.”
Carter: “All we’ve been talking about all year is the adjustment we make in the NFL. The penalties, the celebration, where you can hit the quarterback, the seeding in the playoffs are no different. Change it!”
Johnson: “Arizona went to the Super Bowl at 9-7.”
Ditka: “You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game.”

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