Friday, December 10, 2010

An awesome, spontaneous moment in Washington, DC

Talk about your surreal moments in politics my friends!  President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton together in the Press Room.  Yet, that's not the whole story.

The two had a private meeting to talk about Obama's latest tax deal with the Republicans and the former Prez was there to endorse it in what was supposed to be a private meeting.  Clinton, however, wanted to endorse it publicly, so the two, after grabbing Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to unlock the Press Room, held an impromptu presser.  Yet still, that's not the whole story.

During the presser, Obama said he had been keeping the First Lady waiting to long, so the former President stayed to answer questions just as if the last 10 years had not interrupted his two-term stint in the White House.

It's one of the moments you don't see in Washington.  Impromptu, unscripted and totally Clinton. 

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