Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Things I Think on a cold Friday Night

1. I'd love to be a weather guy since they NEVER have to be right! Can't wait to see the flip-flops this weekend on the snowstorm!

2. I'm not a Knicks fan, but I am becoming a fan of how they play.

3. I'm not a Lebrontourage fan nor am I fan of his or their game.

4. The Big East will be divided into two separate football/basketball conferences, both run by "The Big East" in the next two years.

5. If I had to listen to one NFL analyst these days, it would be Cris Collinsworth.

6. Here's hoping we see more of what we got out of Congress this week in the future. I'm not talking about the bickering, I'm talking about at the end of the day, they actually make a decision that benefits the American people.

7. George Strait's "The Breathe You Take" puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it.

8. I love to watch hockey, but everytime someone starts to talk about the NHL or the Boston Bruins on sportsradio, I instantly change the dial.

9. Mike Shanahan should be ashamed of himself the way he's handled his first season in Washington. First, Albert Haynesworth and now Donovan McNabb. Shameful, indeed!

10. Mila Kunis...WOW!

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