Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Top 5 Disappointing Boston Sports Losses

OK, now with the Bruins latest collapse fresh in our memories from Friday, we give you our top 5 most disappointing Boston sports losses.

1986 Red Sox World Series Games 6 & 7 vs. Mets
While most blame Bill Buckner for this one, I'm still ripped at Rich Gedman for non-chalantly trying (and I use that term loosely) to block Bob Stanley's "wild pitch." Yet still in game 7, the Red Sox had a 3-0 lead, sound familiar?!

1986 Super Bowl XX Patriots vs. Bears
Lin Dawson tears up his knee and Stanley Morgan drops a sure TD pass in the first series. It all goes downhill from there with the Pats losing 46-10. Still to this day, this is the only game that has given me an actual headache.

1978 Red Sox vs. Yankees Playoff Game
A 14.5 game lead in July leads to us seeing Bob "Beetle" Bailey, Frank Duffy and a concussed Dwight Evans go meekly down the stretch while Carl Yastrzemski's pop-up ends it in the ninth, 5-4. How Lou Piniella makes that play in right that stops Rick Burleson in his tracks at second base instead of advancing to third with one out amazes me. Of course, Jim Rice flies out and we don't get the tying run. Our entire school bus owes our bus driver, a Yankees fan, a pack of gum for this one.

1987 Celtics vs. Lakers Game 4 Magic Johnson's Baby Hook
Ugh! Larry Bird had just given the Celtics the lead with a jumper and we have to witness Kevin McHale and Robert Parish flayling at Magic Johnson's baby hook to win the game and the series eventually when the teams head back to LA.

1979 Bruins vs. Canadiens Game 7 Stanley Cup Semi-Finals
The story sounds so familiar doesn't it! A third period too many men on the ice penalty leads to a goal with less than four minutes to go. It did here as Guy Lafleur ties in and Yvon Lambert wins it in overtime in a game that should have brought the Bruins the title in the next round. Truly, one of my earliest sports disappointments.

After that, we hope you still have a good weekend!

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