Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memo to Olympic Critics

A quick note to all those "critics" out there that every two years bash whatever network, this year NBC, on their coverage of the Olympics. Stop your bitching!

Most of the country could care less if NBC (or any other network) delays an event to maximize ratings in their coverage. Nor, could they care less if there is a "live" bug on the screen. They watch it as it goes along. It seems like just those in the media, of which I am one but never cared on the delay issue or not, truly care.

Remember, the USA/Russia game in 1980 was on tape delay - I knew the score early evening - and yet, was still riveted to watch every second when I got home. Yes, on tape delay on ABC.

If you want what you call true, real-time coverage, don't watch it at all and just stay online all day and get the results there. Or, grab a backdoor feed from another country who has fewer athletes.

If not, sit back, relax and enjoy NBC's coverage!

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