Monday, November 23, 2009

Rex is C-RYAN again!

Jets head coach Rex Ryan is crying again! This time, he says the Patriots disrespected his team by throwing a deep pass from Brady to Moss in the final moments of the Pats 17-point win over the Jets. I had no problem with the pass for no other reason than I needed the fantasy football points with both Tom Brady and Randy Moss on my team. How's that for full disclosure!

Here's the NY Post article from Mark Cannizzarro.

From Cannizzarro's post:

I asked him directly if he felt disrespected by the play call and Ryan, with no hesitation, said, “Yes. It was It was surprising.’’

Ryan then somewhat took Bill Belichick off the hook on the matter, saying, “Belichick … I don’t even know how much he had to do with it more than that might have been something that Brady and Moss wanted to do.

“We need to stop them anyway, so no biggie. But I was surprised and I did feel a little disrespected.’’

So sad indeed! In fact, now Ryan is going to take more control of the offense too. Good luck!

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