Monday, May 11, 2009

Travesty! NHL rescinds Scott Walker suspension

Are you kidding me! The gutless NHL has rescinded the one-game suspension of Scott Walker, meaning he will be allowed to play in the Hurricanes game 6 Tuesday night against the Bruins!

So, the NHL will just fine Walker $2,500 for sucker punching Aaron Ward Sunday night. Why not just give him a public slap on the wrist and tell him it's not ok. It's no wonder the NHL is a joke and has fallen off the map as a major sport. They've deemed Walker's attack on Ward not to be a sucker punch. Tell that to Ward, who's having tests on his face today to determine the full extent of a possible orbital bone fracture.

If NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmen had any sack, he would overrule Colin Campbell and his latest decision. Of course, we know he won't.

This one could get ugly Tuesday night in Raleigh as the Bruins, literally, try to stay alive.

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