Friday, October 31, 2008

NFL Week 9 picks

Time to deliver a few NFL picks for this week 9.

Abbie's Week 9 picks
Colts over Patriots
Bills over Jets
Broncos over Dolphins
Chiefs over Bucs
Giants over Cowboys

Week 8: 4-1
Season: 27-13

Celebrity Picks: Uncle Chris
Patriots over Colts
Bucs over Chiefs
Broncos over Dolphins
Packers over Titans
Bears over Lions

Mama's Week 8: 1-4

Papa's Week 9 picks
Patriots +6.5 over Colts:
Pats keep it close; Colts get a must-win contest

Browns -1.5 over Ravens:
Derek Anderson and the offense get better in this one

Jets +5.5 over Bills:
Brett Favre rides the roller coaster once more - Bills without 3 starters (Schoebel/Reed/Butler)

Bucs -9 over Chiefs:
No LJ again for Chiefs - Bucs "D" rolls

Cowboys +8.5 over Giants:
NFC East war ends up in tight Giants win

Week 8: 3-2
Season: 21-18-1

Good luck in Week 9.

Red Sox favored in 2009; A funny Score!

Today, the Phillies are celebrating the 2008 World Championship today in Philly. So, what should we do in New England? Well, look forward to 2009, of course! has Red Sox Nation feeling better too today as they are the favorites to win the 2009 World Series. Here's the full list.

Boston Red Sox 3/1
Chicago Cubs 5/1
LA Angels 5/1
Philadelphia Phillies 6/1
New York Yankees 6/1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10/1
Chicago White Sox 10/1
New York Mets 12/1
Milwaukee Brewers 15/1
Minnesota Twins 15/1
LA Dodgers 15/1
Toronto Blue Jays 20/1
Detroit Tigers 25/1
Florida Marlins 30/1
Houston Astros 30/1
St. Louis Cardinals 30/1
Cleveland Indians 30/1
Atlanta Braves 30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 40/1
Colorado Rockies 40/1
Texas Rangers 50/1
Cincinnati Reds 50/1
Oakland Athletics 50/1
San Francisco Giants 80/1
KC Royals 100/1
Baltimore Orioles 100/1
Seattle Mariners 100/1
San Diego Padres 100/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 200/1
Washington Nationals 300/1

You're probably wondering what this picture's all about, huh? Well, today I took my daughter Abbie to her Mama's work (my former work too at Citadel Broadcasting) for a Halloween Party. This is what I found when I took a look in the old Score (Sportsradio the Score) bullpen.

Very appropriate and funny at the same time!

Happy Halloween!

The Friday Feel-Good

I can't believe it's already time for our second installment of our latest feature here on "The Crowe's Nest!" But yes, it's time to feel good all over again. Since it is Halloween, we'll give you some smokin' costumes to turn that frown upside down!

Angelina Jolie - "Lara Croft"

Paris Hilton - "Police Officer"

Halle Berry - "Catwoman"

WWE Diva Melina - "Title Belts"

Keep sending those suggestions!

Sports on TV this weekend

Let's get your weekend kicked-off with some TV viewing, sports-wise, for ya:

DirecTV Schedule
Games at 1:00 pm ET Ch. SD Ch. HD
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills 704 704-1
Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals 705 705-1
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns 706 706-1
Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings 707 707-1
Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears 708 708-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs 709 709-1
Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams 710 710-1
Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans 711 711-1
Games at 4:00 pm ET Ch. SD Ch. HD
Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos 712 712-1
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants 713 713-1
Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks 714 714-1
Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders 715 715-1

CBS & FOX Network Coverage

NBC Sunday Night Football - New England at Indianapolis - 8:15pm

Monday Night Football - Pittsburgh at Washington - 8:30pm

College Football Coverage

College football: Wofford at Appalachian State, ESPN2, 8 p.m.
NBA: Chicago at Boston, ESPN, 8 p.m.
NBA: San Antonio at Portland, ESPN, 10:30 p.m.

College Football Coverage
115-pound world championship bout, WBC/WBA champion Cristian Mijares vs. IBF champion Vic Darchinyan; super middleweights, Andre Dirrell vs. Victor Oganov, at Carson, Calif., Showtime, 9 p.m. (same-day tape on West Coast)
NASCAR Nationwide Series: O'Reilly Challenge, ESPN2, 3:30 p.m.

NFL Football CBS / Fox coverage
College football: East Carolina at Central Florida, ESPN, 8:15 p.m.
NASCAR Sprint Cup: Dickies 500, ABC, 3:30 p.m.
Running: ING New York City Marathon, NBC, 3 p.m. (same-day tape)

It's Friday!!! Happy Halloween, MLB Free agency and more!

Happy Halloween!!!

Yes, for the first time in about 11 years, I actually will get to enjoy Halloween. For the past 10 years, I've been working into the night, so I missed all the action. Tonight, my wife and I will take our daughter Abbie out for his first trick-or-treating. She'll also be making her last collections for her Change Bandits Team to help the kids at Hasbro Children's Hospital. If you're still interested in donating, but haven't yet, you can do it online at Abbie's Change Bandit website.

Now, onto the news of the day -

* - 65 players have filed for free agency in Major League Baseball. Jason Veritek, David Ross, Alex Cora and Manny Ramirez are among them.

* - Sean McAdam of the Boston Herald reports that Tim Wakefield will be asked back for a 15th season with the Red Sox.

* - There's momentum building behind the neutral site World Series. ESPN's Peter Gammons likes the idea and tells Mike and Mike about it this morning.

* - USC head coach Pete Carroll enlists Will Ferrell to pull a huge prank on his team.

* - Barack Obama has kicked off three major newspapers off his plane for the final days of his campaign to make way for "more friendly" reporters. Ironically enough, those three papers (NY Post, Washington Times, Dallas Morning News) all endorsed John McCain. Ah, the power of censorship and access my friends!

* - UNC's Tyler Hansborough is out indefintely for the unanimous #1 pick in the polls.

* - New NY Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni is endeering himself to his fans already with some profanity-laced comments from the bench.

* - tells us that Isiah Thomas wasn't breathing when police came to his house after a 9-1-1 call earlier this week.

Coming up later, we'll have the latest NFL picks, your sports TV weekend coverage and of course, the "Friday Feel-Good!"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview with Bill Engvall

The holiday season is upon us and TBS is giving us a two-episode gift from "The Bill Engvall Show." On Saturday, November 15, Bill Engvall and Nancy Travis are back as husband and wife for back-to-back new episodes starting at 8pm.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to talk with the star of the show, comedian Bill Engvall, through an email interview. Here's our chat:

TCN: In the episode, "Honey Do," you switch roles with Susan when she starts to do your jobs around the house. Have you ever faced that situation in real life and if so, how did you handle it?
BE: Oh yeah, in fact in my real life house, my wife and I completely switch the duties. She pays the bills and stuff and I do a
lot of the cooking and shopping.

TCN: Are you truly the "handyman" in your house?
BE: I do some of the handywork, but I figured out a long time ago
that there are professionals for a reason. I have no problem calling
someone to have the job done right.

TCN: Right now, I'm a Mr. Mom with my 17-month old daughter, any
advice with trying to balance both "honey do" lists?
BE: I learned from my wife, you have to prioritize. Literally make a list of things you have to do and list them in order of importance. The one thing I will tell you is don't worry if you don't get them all done. The world won't come to an end.

TCN: In "The Night Before Christmas," you have to face the kids not
wanting to stay at home for your family Christmas Eve traditions. What Christmas traditions do you enjoy?
BE: Well now that my real kids are older it's harder, but I still tell them that the dogs can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve and they tell me what they have been thinking. We still put out milk and cookies. The Engvalls are pretty much saps when it comes to x-mas.

TCN: Now that you've done "The Bill Engvall Show" for a couple of
seasons, what's the biggest surprise you've encountered both good and bad?
BE: Well the good is that I have been amazed at how close this family has gotten. It really feels like a family. On the bad side, I guess it would be how much pressure is on me to make this show a success. I dont just mean the ratings but making sure that everything is right. But with that pressure comes a whole lot of fun too.

TCN: You get to travel the road with Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff
Foxworthy on the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour," are either of them really
smarter than a 5th grader?
BE: I am going to take the fifth on that one, no pun intended.

TCN: On our blog, "The Crowe's Nest," we always end the interview
with the shameless, self-plug. So, what would you like to share with our readers about something we may not know about you or something you're working on lately?
BE: I finished filming a movie with Billy Ray Cyrus called “Baitshop” and it is a funny, clean family movie that a buddy and I wrote a few years back. It is out on DVD and would make an excellent stocking
stuffer for anyone in your family.

Thanks to Bill and the fine folks from TBS for setting up this interview. We will also share out conversation with Nancy Travis coming soon!

You can see full episodes of "The Bill Engvall Show" right here on

Randy Cross 1st half grades; FOX World Series ratings; NBA TV''s 1st ever Fan Night Match-up

It's grading time in the NFL. From CBS Sports, we get Randy Cross and Bill Cowher. Plus, the ratings are good in Boston and Providence for game 5 of the World Series and the Celtics deliver a first for NBA TV.

Here are the details as first up, it's Randy Cross and his first half grades.

(First Half Report Card) Offensive MVP: Clinton Portis; Defensive MVP: Joey Porter; Coach of the ½ Year: Dick Jauron…(Buffalo): Trent Edwards is the real deal. The defense believes they can stop anyone and Dick Jauron has quietly and calmly done the best coaching job of early 2008. The next two weeks, all in the division, the Jets and at New England are “show me” games that will determine out-right control of the AFC East…(New England): This will be a playoff team by years end but keeping pace with the Bills may prove to be tough. The Patriots need to get in touch with their old “no stars” approach from earlier this decade…(NY Jets): The Jets have all the consistency of an 8-8 football team and that’s with Brett Favre playing fairly well. If he goes below 50-50 any given day on touchdowns and interceptions they have serious issues…(Miami): This team is a year away from making serious noise but I expect them to make life miserable for teams not only in this division but anyone on their schedule…(Pittsburgh): Mike Tomlin has seamlessly added to the mix a renewed swagger while keeping all the traits of what has always set this team apart. Short of a medical Armageddon, the Steelers are still clearly the class of the AFC North…(Baltimore): If this defense can hold up for another 10 games the Ravens stay in the hunt, but a couple of injuries and 2008 could get real long, real quick…(Cleveland): Was that Monday against the World Champs from New York or Sunday against the Jags the real you or just a bad tease?...(Tennessee): On defense the Titans are oppressive, persistent and down right nasty. You owe it to your football viewing pleasure to see the raw power of this defense. And when you do, concentrate on the defensive line – a pack of carnivorous predators who race each other every down to the ball…(Jacksonville): The Jags are one of the leaders in the clubhouse for “Under Achievers” of the first half…(Denver): Somebody has to be in first place among this so far motley crew in the AFC West. Every defense in the division is on pace to give up about 400 points for a season. That has to be some kind of record…(Oakland): Like Mom always said, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.’ I’m not going to go against my Mom…(NY Giants): Not flashy just real solid football is their calling card. They are a reflection of their head coach Tom Coughlin and quietly, still the best team in the NFL…(Washington): Enjoy the high right now because it isn’t going to last the year…(Dallas): Tony Romo comes up huge the rest of the way in the regular season…(Chicago): Chicago is the second best team in the NFC North behind the Packers…(Detroit): I’ve been on teams this bad. Anyone who survives a season like this and sees the next decade is either extremely lucky or one of the top players at their position in the NFL…(Tampa Bay): Despite not making enough plays to beat Dallas on Sunday, the Bucs are still the team to beat in the NFC South…(Atlanta): Atlanta is the NFL’s feel good story of 2008 after going through a largely self-induced ”Nightmare on Peachtree Street” last season. It isn’t realistic to think this team can win a playoff spot this season, but you would be hard-pressed to convince anyone in the Falcons locker room that this isn’t their season…(New Orleans): The defense is average and the running game is erratic but as long as they have Drew Brees at quarterback and Sean Payton calling plays, they can beat anyone…(Arizona): This is the best team in a sorry NFC West division…(Seattle): This is no way for a great coach and a quality person like Mike Holmgren to leave the NFL…(San Francisco): Right now the Bay Area is where football goes to die. When it comes to the prospects for the two NFL franchises, the “Black Hole” isn’t a part of the Oakland Coliseum stands, it is a spot equidistant between the Raiders and 49ers towards which they are both sliding.

Meanwhile, Bill Cowher will tackle the top 12 WR's on this Sunday's NFL Today.

In MLB news from FOX, World Series game 5 gives the network a Wednesday night win!

19.8 Million Viewers Watch Conclusion of 2008 Fall Classic
World Series Earns FOX Four Prime Time Wins
Series Beats Other Nets Prime by 33%

Philadelphia – The exclamation point was placed on the 2008 World Series last night with the Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in the conclusion of Game 5, giving the Phils this edition of the Fall Classic four games to one. It is the Phillies second World Championship ever, the club's first since 1980. Baseball history was made when severe weather conditions in Philadelphia forced Game 5 to be suspended on Monday. Though originally scheduled to conclude Tuesday evening, poor weather forced the game to be resumed last night at 8:40 PM ET with the Phillies coming to bat in the bottom of the sixth with the score tied 2-2.

The conclusion of Game 5 earned an 11.9/18 (19.8 million viewers) last night on FOX according to Nielsen Media Research, and combined with the game’s first five and a half innings on Monday, produces a nine-inning rating of 9.6/14 (15.8 million viewers) for the entire game. Game 5 was the highest-rated and most-watched game of the 2008 Series (the Monday portion of Game 5 posted an 8.2/12, 13.2 million viewers). The 9.6/14 for Game 5 is -7% lower than the last World Series Game 5, also a series-deciding contest, a 10.3/18 for Cardinals-Tigers in 2006, but one started and completed on the same night.

“This World Series got off to a solid start last week and was poised to build momentum as we expected it to,” said FOX Sports president Ed Goren. “The rain delay on Saturday and suspended game on Monday, combined with only going only five games, obviously worked against the Series reaching its maximum viewership potential, but even with that, FOX was No. 1 most nights, posted some of its best nights in many weeks and was No. 1 last week in prime time.”

- The conclusion of Game 5 powered FOX to an easy prime time win among Households, Total Viewers, and in every meaningful Male and Adult demographics. Among Adults 18-49, the game, pregame, post-game and 8:00 PM Barack Obama paid program, combined to average a 5.0 rating. CBS was a distant second with a 3.0, followed by ABC (2.4) and NBC (2.3). FOX also easily captured the night among Total Viewers with 15.5 million viewers. CBS was again second with 11.9 million viewers.

- Driven by poor weather that forced Game 3 to begin on Saturday at 10:06 PM and conclude on Sunday at 1:47 AM, and the first-ever suspended World Series game on Monday, the 2008 World Series averaged an 8.4/14 nationally (13.6 million viewers), -17% in rating and -14% in audience from the last five game series (2006, St. Louis/Detroit - 10.1/17, 15.8 million). Despite the bad weather related-luck, the 2008 Fall Classic was down just 1% in terms of total rating points vs. a year ago (42.3 vs. 42.7), and that measure is a closer reflection of how the World Series contributes to FOX's overall prime time success.

- The World Series once again proved to be a force in prime time earning FOX four wins in the key A18-49 demographic (Games 1, 4 and both Game 5s). The five games of the 2008 Series ran for a combined 17+ hours, yielding to FOX the equivalent of a full season’s worth of rating points from a top twenty show. The 8.4/14 averaged by the World Series is also +33% higher than the 6.3/10 averaged by all prime-time programming this season-to-date on ABC, CBS, and NBC.

- The 2008 World Series gave FOX some of its highest-rated nights in many weeks. Game 1 was at the time FOX ’s highest-rated Wednesday night in 22 weeks. Game 2 was FOX’s best Thursday night in 28 weeks. Despite a 90-minute rain delay, Game 3 gave FOX its best Saturday night in 24 weeks. Game 4 provided FOX’s top Sunday night in 38 weeks, stretching back to Super Bowl XLII. The first five and a half innings of Game 5 on Monday produced FOX’s best Monday night average in 23 weeks, and the conclusion of Game 5 surpassed Game 1 to rank as FOX’s best Wednesday night in 23 weeks.

- This is the first time in history that the World Series has failed to reach a Game 6 in five consecutive years, with the last coming in 2003.

- Philadelphia notched a spectacular 51.8/69 for the conclusion of Game 5 as the city earned its first major sports championship in 25 years. Tampa/St. Petersburg followed with a 32.4/45. Viewing in Philadelphia for last night’s decisive game peaked at a 54.5/73 at 10:00 PM ET as Brad Lidge fanned Eric Hinske to make the Phillies baseball's 104th World Series champions.

- Boston posted an impressive 19.0/27, tops among the non-home markets with Orlando, Providence (both 15.8), Ft. Myers (15.6), West Palm Beach (15.4), Charlotte (15.0), St. Louis (14.5) and New York (14.3) rounding out the top 10 ratings for last night’s conclusion of Game 5.

- Philadelphia averaged 36.3 for the five-game series with Tampa/St. Petersburg scoring a 28.4. Florida markets Orlando (12.7), Ft. Myers (11.4) and West Palm Beach (11.1) followed. Other markets posting strong average ratings throughout the series include Minneapolis (10.8), St. Louis (10.7), Charlotte (10.4), Milwaukee (10.2) and Seattle (10.1).

Finally, the Celtics and Rockets win the first ever Fan Night for NBA TV.

NBA TV Announces First Ever Fan Night Matchup featuring the Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets

NBA TV announced its first ever Fan Night matchup which will feature the Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets and air this Tues., Nov. 4. The game won in a landslide 60% fan vote on Coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET with NBA GameTime studio show, followed at 8 p.m. ET by NBA TV pregame show presented by, featuring studio host Ahmad Rashad and analysts Chris Webber and Gary Payton. Game coverage tips off at 8:30 p.m. ET from the Toyota Center in Houston.

Also premiering on NBA TV is The Beat, a weekly roundtable show featuring NBA beat writers from newspapers across the country that will join host Marc Fein and TNT Insider David Aldridge to give viewers an inside scoop of hot topics and news from around the league. The Beat will air every Tuesday prior to Fan Night programming with the first episode debuting this Tues., Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. ET featuring Fein, Aldridge, writer Rob Peterson and San Antonio Express-News writer Mike Monroe.

The network’s coverage of NBA action continues tonight, Thurs. Oct. 30, with Legends Night as NBA TV televises historical footage from its archives and showcases the legendary Boston Celtics with game footage, interviews and features, airing from 7 p.m. – 2 a.m. ET. NBA announcers Rick Kamla and Steve Smith return to the NBA TV studio on Fri., Oct. 31 for NBA GameTime, the live studio show that tracks all the NBA action from across the league.

NBA TV’s first live game coverage premieres on Sat., Nov. 1 with a doubleheader featuring the Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons at 7:30 p.m. ET followed by the Portland Trail Blazers @ Phoenix Suns at 10 p.m. ET. Kamla and Smith will be on-hand for the Pregame Show at 7 p.m. ET, the Postgame Show presented by Hyundai and NBA GameTime to conclude the evening.

On Sun., Nov. 2, Andre Aldridge and Eric Snow will tipoff the evening with the Pregame Show at 5:30 p.m. ET, followed by the Milwaukee Bucks @ New York Knicks at 6 p.m. ET. Aldridge and Snow will conclude the evening with the Postgame Show presented by Hyundai and NBA GameTime.

Manning back to CBS / Danielson on Georgia vs. Florida

CBS Sports has announced that Archie Manning will be back in studio with them for this Saturday's 3pm College Football Today pregame show before the Georgia/Florida game.

Speaking of the world's largest tailgate party in Jacksonville, here's CBS analyst Gary Danielson's thoughts on the game he'll be doing with Verne Lundquist Saturday.

(On Hype of Georgia-Florida):

When we finished the game last year I said to Verne Lundquist, ‘I can’t wait to do this game next year. It’s going to be amazing because both teams will be ranked really high.’ As you go through the off-season everybody said this would be one of the three biggest games of the year…Ohio State-USC, Texas-Oklahoma and Georgia-Florida. And you wonder since this hype started early in the year, would it live up to it? It has and it’s even bigger than we thought because both teams are playing their best football right now.

(On Georgia’s celebration last year):

What it did was entrench both sides in to this rivalry. It’s so intense. It give so much more meaning and luster to the game. The rivalry was kind of fading a bit. Georgia was feeling like the little brother getting sand kicked in their face the whole time. They drew the line in the sand and said no more, ‘You might beat me, but we aren’t backing down ever again.’ For the Georgia fans, it means everything. For the Florida football team it means everything because they used this as motivation all off-season. Now we will see what it means. This is why SEC football means so much to everyone because things like this happen. This will live in history forever down here. It’s what makes this conference and these rivalry games so much fun to watch.

(On Tim Tebow Being 100% healthy):

Tim Tebow was a little bit nicked early on and no one talked about it. Urban Meyer didn’t even tell us. They kept it well hidden that he had a little bit of a hyper-extended knee that he hurt early in the season. I wondered why he wasn’t running like last year. He didn’t seem the same. He was more of a finesse runner than a power runner. Urban Meyer has told us that he is finally 100%. We will see the real Tebow.

(On the two best quarterback in the country):

I really believe for half the schools that don’t run the spread, you cannot find a quarterback in the country that can beat out Matthew Stafford. For the other half of the schools that do run the spread, I don’t think you can find a quarterback in the country that could beat out Tim Tebow. This week we have the perfect spread quarterback facing off against the perfect pro-style quarterback. They are the two best quarterbacks in the country.

Pats Awards & Fines, MNF Election Eve with Obama & McCain

There's a lot of Patriots news today including fines, awards and good news at practice.

* - Vince Wilfork gets fined $35,000 by the league for "aggressive" behavior. At least he didn't get suspended.

* - Two awards for the Pats as Jerod Mayo gets the Rookie Defensive Player of the Month and Stephen Gostowski is named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month.

* - Ellis Hobbs returns to practice, according to the Boston Globe's Christopher Gasper.

* - The Colts get dealt a severe blow to their secondary as Marlon Jackson's season is probably over with a knee injury suffered in practice on Wednesday.

* - As if we didn't already know, the NY Times tells us that head coach Bill Belichick is both loved and hated by the players around the league.

Elsewhere, ESPN's Chris Berman will interview both John McCain and Barack Obama on Monday. The interviews, done separately, will air at halftime of the Steelers/Redskins game.

In MLB news, Ken Macha will not be on NESN next season. That's because reports out of Milwaukee have him getting the Brewers managerial gig. That's great news for a great guy who deserves another chance after getting screwed in Oakland. 3pm presser in Milwaukee, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

Coming up later, we'll have an interview with comedian Bill Engvall from the TBS "Bill Engvall Show."

Things to be happy about...

It's Thursday and everyone's mind is getting set for the weekend. So, I offer up a few things I'm happy about today -

* - I'm happy the World Series is over so I don't have to fall asleep while trying to stay up to midnight to watch a game I have mild intest in to begin with. BTW: Congrats to the Phillies although I have no idea what Joe Maddon was doing last night with JC Howell.

* - I'm happy that DirecTV has given us Comcast Sports Net New England in High Def 24/7. As always, a great job by DirecTV.

* - I'm happy that Tuesday is almost here and Election Day will be upon us. No more ads. I'm begging ya, no more ads!

* - I'm happy that Grey's Anatomy is on tonight along with CSI! Here's a Grey's preview in case you can't wait. Thanks to Grey's Anatomy News for the link!

* - I'm happy that the Bruins are off to a good start at 5-2-3. They play in Calgary tonight.

* - I'm happy for those of you who like Christmas music and have AOL. They are streaming a variety of Christmas music stations for you right now!

* - I'm happy I don't live in St.Louis where WMVN 101.FM has already made the on-air switch to holiday music. After the holidays, they will go all sports.

* - I'm happy that Feel-good Friday is just one day away!

Keep sending your feel-good Friday requests and submissions my way by email right now!

Peyton Manning's New Mastercard Commercial

Let's be honest, the Colts and Peyton Manning aren't themselves this season. This Sunday, they get the marquee match-up of Week 9 against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football on NBC. One place that Peyton is still priceless though, is when he's the pitchman for Mastercard. Well, he's got a new one and it's funny again! Check it out!

Since we're in Peyton-mode, let's give you some classics!

"Cut that Meat"

"Sign my melon"

"Shake it off Johnny"

Damn, he's good!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good night for TNT - Celtics and Lakers spell R-A-T-I-N-G-S

From TNT late this afternoon -

TNT Enjoys Double Digit Ratings Growth for NBA Opening Night

TNT’s exclusive NBA Opening Night coverage on Tuesday, Oct. 28 delivered slam-dunk ratings, household and key demo growth across the board for the network’s NBA doubleheader. TNT’s two games featured the Cleveland Cavaliers at the defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics (8 pm ET), followed by the debut of 2007-08 NBA #1 draft pick Greg Oden and the Portland Trailblazers at the defending Western Conference Champion LA Lakers.

The two games saw a 12% rise in ratings (1.7 U.S. Rating vs. 1.5 last season) and a +14% increase in households (1,914,000) over TNT’s 2007-08 exclusive Opening Night doubleheader featuring the Portland Trailblazers @ San Antonio Spurs/Houston Rockets @ LA Lakers in the same time slots.

TNT’s doubleheader also delivered 29% growth on Total Viewers (2,579,000)and over 22% growth on all key adult demos including Adults18-34 (+36%, 961,000), Adults 18-49 (+37%, 1,608,000), Adults 25-54 (+32%, 1,373,000), Men 18-34 (+29%, 707,000), Men 18-49 (+27%, 1,143,000) and Men 25-54 (+22%, 969,000).

Fox Market-by Market NFL Sunday

As promised, here's the market-by-market rundown of who's getting what this Sunday for the NFL from FOX Sports. Also, news on the FOX Pregame Show and tonight's World Series game 5 tonight.

Giants-Steelers on FOX is Week’s No. 1 Show; NFL on FOX National Game Now Top Show on Television; World Series Game 5 Resumes Tonight on FOX: Phillies Come to Bat in the Bottom of the Sixth Tied 2-2

GIANTS-STEELERS ON FOX IS WEEK'S NO. 1 SHOW -- Sunday’s (10/26/08) NFL on FOX national matchup between the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers propelled the network to a 13.8/27 (22.3 million viewers) national ratings/share, according to figures released by Nielsen Media Research. The game ranks as the top-rated and most-watched program of the week across all day-parts, and improves FOX’s National Game average to 13.7/27 (22.1 million viewers), the No. 1 program in all of television.

The NFL on FOX’s National 13.7/27 average is up +5% over last year’s 13.1/26 season-to-date, +1% better than CBS’s 2008 National Game (13.5/26) and +40% higher than NBC’s prime time Sunday Night Football (9.8/16).

Sunday’s presentation of THE OT, FOX Sports’ NFL double header postgame show, earned an outstanding 8.2/14 (13.3 million viewers) from 7:30-8:00 PM ET. That’s up +49% over last year’s 5.5/10 and ranks as the most-watched program in the 7 PM–8 PM ET time period, beating CBS’s 60 Minutes by 4% (12.8 million viewers), ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Video’s by +54% (8.6 million viewers) and NBC’s Football Night in America by +410% (2.6 million viewers).

Season-to-date, The OT on FOX is averaging a 7.4/13 (11.7 million viewers), up +10% over last year (6.7/12).

Schedule Subject to Change/All Times Eastern

Tonight - Game 5 conclusion 8:30 / 8:37 PM
Thursday - Game 6* 8:00 / 8:29 PM
Friday - Game 7* 8:00 / 8:29 PM
* If necessary

NFC EAST RIVALS CLASH AS COWBOYS TAKE ON GIANTS – The NFL on FOX presents a doubleheader on Sunday Nov. 2 with seven matchups. Game action kicks-off at 1:00 PM ET as Kerry Collins and the undefeated Tennessee Titans host the Green Bay Packers. In Chicago, NFC North rivals meet as Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears welcome Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions to Soldier Field. Jeff Garcia and the Buccaneers travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. Also, Kurt Warner heads back to St. Louis to lead the Cardinals against the Rams. At 4:15 PM ET fierce rivals meet when the Cowboys battle the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. Also in the late window, Donovan McNabb and the Eagles strive to keep pace in the NFC East as they do battle with the Seahawks in Seattle. Meanwhile in Oakland, young QB’s Matt Ryan and JaMarcus Russell face off as the Falcons take on the Raiders.

Coverage begins at 12:00 PM ET with America’s most-watched pregame show, FOX NFL SUNDAY. Co-hosts Terry Bradshaw and Curt Menefee join analysts Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan to provide insightful opinions on the NFL. NFL Insider Jay Glazer breaks the latest news from the newsroom. Weather forecaster Jillian Reynolds and comedic prognosticator Frank Caliendo also contribute. In this week’s show, reporter Pam Oliver sits down with the Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress talks about his roller coaster season on and off the field. Also Coach Johnson pinpoints weaknesses and the best way to attack the defense of the undefeated Tennessee Titans.

Following doubleheader coverage, former national championship-winning head coach Barry Switzer joins America’s No. 1 football show to exclusively unveil the latest BCS college football standings and wrap up the day’s NFL action on “The O.T.”

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans - 1pm
Announcer Kenny Albert
Analyst Daryl Johnston
On-Field Analyst Tony Siragusa
MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Houston, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, Tulsa, Washington, West Palm Beach

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears - 1pm
Announcer Sam Rosen
Analyst Tim Ryan
Sideline Reporter Chris Myers
MARKETS INCLUDE: Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis

Tampa Bay Bucs at Kansas City Chiefs - 1pm

Announcer Ron Pitts
Analyst Tony Boselli
Sideline Reporter Charissa Thompson
MARKETS INCLUDE: Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams - 1pm
Announcer Thom Brennaman
Analyst Brian Billick
Sideline Reporter Rob Desir
MARKETS INCLUDE: Phoenix, St. Louis

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants - 4:15pm
Announcer Joe Buck
Analyst Troy Aikman
Sideline Reporter Pam Oliver
MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Detroit, Fort Myers, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Tampa, Tulsa, Washington, West Palm Beach

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks - 4:15pm
Announcer Dick Stockton
Analyst Brian Baldinger
Sideline Reporter Laura Okmin
MARKETS INCLUDE: Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle

Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders - 4:15pm
Announcer Matt Vasgersian
Analyst JC Pearson
Sideline Reporter Nischelle Turner
MARKETS INCLUDE: Atlanta, Oakland

STRAHAN: COWBOYS MUST PROTECT “SITTING DUCK” QB AGAINST GIANTS D – FOX NFL SUNDAY rookie analyst and future Hall of Fame DE Michael Strahan looks at this weekend’s huge Cowboys/Giants game and sees the performance of Dallas’ offensive line as key to Sunday’s division showdown. “The reason why Tony Romo is out is because they couldn’t protect him. Without Romo, who throws extremely well on the run, you have a quarterback back there who is a sitting duck and that’s not going to fair well against the Giants who pride themselves on getting a lot of sacks. If they can’t protect Brad Johnson, the Cowboys don’t stand a chance.”

LONG: WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WITH SINGLETARY – FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Howie Long reacts to 49ers interim head coach Mike Singletary’s fiery postgame press conference following his benching of tight end Vernon Davis. “The message has been relayed crystal clear to the rest of the football team, the coaches on the staff and people in the organization. If you ask him a question he’ll give you an honest answer. When you come up under coaches like Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka, you’re going to speak honestly. If the team responds well and wins some football games he’ll be praised for his honesty and candor.” with a relaunch of broadband games

Yes, a ton of releases today. Here's another one on the new look for the Broadband delivery of games. Launches Revamped NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND Service as Stand Alone Product to Deliver a Full Season of Live, Multi-Game Action

NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND to provide unprecedented access to watch multiple live games at once and on-demand viewing

NBA Digital today announced that for the first time ever fans can subscribe to a full season of live NBA game webcasts directly on with NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND. The enhanced subscription service will provide fans with access to 40 live NBA games online each week. A special free preview is available now for all fans.

NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND on will allow fans to follow their favorite out-of-market teams and players throughout the league. This year’s package will feature a new mosaic video player, allowing fans the ability to watch multiple out-of-market games at the same time and an on-demand archive that makes games available for 48 hours.

NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND was previously only available to fans as an extension of NBA LEAGUE PASS, the regular season digital cable and satellite television package providing fans with NBA live games outside their local market. Fans that subscribe to the NBA LEAGUE PASS television service will continue to receive access to NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND at no additional cost to their subscription.

“NBA Digital is committed to providing fans with the most innovative and comprehensive coverage of the game they love by offering more options to follow their favorite teams and players throughout the season,” said Bryan Perez, SVP and GM of NBA Digital. “Whether it is on television or online, NBA LEAGUE PASS puts the viewing experience in the hands of fans across the country. NBA LEAGUE PASS and NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND will offer new features and free previews to fans.

NBA LEAGUE PASS offers access to televised NBA LEAGUE PASS out-of-market games and the broadband webcasts on

NBA LEAGUE PASS Stats Central is a television channel dedicated to displaying real-time updates including scores and stats of every game.

A free preview is now available with early bird pricing of $169.00.

NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND offers access to webcasts of out-of-market games online at

A new mosaic video player will allow fans to watch multiple games simultaneously.

The broadband channel makes games available for 48 hours via a special on-demand archive.

A “Free Preview Presented by NBA LIVE 09” is now available with early bird pricing of $84.95.

NBA LEAGUE PASS and NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND excludes access to games on national networks and the local, in-market network. Additional information is available on

The 2008-09 season marks the inaugural year of the NBA’s partnership with Turner Sports to manage the NBA Digital portfolio which includes NBA TV,, NBA LEAGUE PASS, and NBA TV will offer a full line-up of 96 live games beginning on Sat., Nov. 1 with a doubleheader starting at 7:30 p.m. ET featuring the Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons followed by the Portland Trail Blazers @ Phoenix Suns. To launch the new season, a free preview of NBA TV is now available, allowing cable and satellite distribution partners the opportunity to showcase NBA TV to all of their viewers during this time.

TNT Notes from Tuesday's NBA Celtics/Lakers win on opening night

Here's what you missed on TNT if you didn't watch the Celtics Opening Night victory over the Cavs.

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by
Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley

Smith on the experience of getting your NBA Championship ring: “For a lot of us, it was the first time that we’d seen (a championship) ring, so you’re comparing it and talking about it. More than anything else you look down and say, ‘This guy next to me did everything that he could physically possibly do to help me win this and his guy to my left (did everything he could do).’ It bonds you for life.”

Barkley on the Boston Celtics repeating another championship season: “I think it’s going to be very difficult for two reasons – one, you want to know if they have that same hunger, clearly they were on a mission last year. Secondly, they are going to miss James Posey.”

Smith: “Fighting complacency (is key to the Celtics’ repeating). It’s not your best players – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have been All-Stars – they have seen a lot of success, they’ve gotten a lot of admiration, they’ve had a lot of press clippings. But your sixth, seventh and eighth man…those are the guys that are not used to that kind of stardom and all of sudden they get commercials...The complacency of your guys who have never been stars and are now stars (is what you have to be concerned about).”

Philadelphia 76ers forward Elton Brand appeared on the show via satellite.

Brand on how he measures success this year with the 76ers: “A successful season for us is getting further than the first round because that’s what they did last year without me. We’re a young team, we’re growing. Of course the Boston Celtics are the measuring stick and an upper echelon team and that’s where we want to get to, but we have a lot of growing to do. They had three All-Stars players come after not making the playoffs and come with some hunger and some fervor to win, so we have to get that same intensity. And I think we can get it, it just might take some time.”

Brand on leaving the Clippers: “It’s still kind of surreal seeing those guys on the team and I’m not on the team. Free agency came and when I opted out my intentions were of course to be there but once we tried to make the deal happen it kind of turned the corner and my agent David Faulk and I had to look outside for some other offers. I think they’ll be fine out there with Baron and adding Camby and Al Thornton and Cuttino Mobley. Coach (Mike) Dunleavy is going to have those guys ready, but all that’s in the past and I’m ready with Coach (Maurice) Cheeks and my Sixers team to put that chapter behind me.”

Barkley on the Phoenix Suns: “I think the Phoenix Suns are going to be better than people realize. If Terry Porter gets them to play a little defense they are going to be better…It’s time for Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudemire to take their game to the next level.”

Barkley on the Houston Rockets: “(The Rockets) could be really good or it could blow up. Ron Artest is the big variable.”

“You know who people are sleeping on? Rafer Alston. He had his best pro year last year and they had a great stretch without Yao Ming and if Tracy McGrady goes down for six or seven games Ron Artest is the only guy I know who can get 20 points and stop a guy from getting 20. You can’t name me three guys who can do that.”

Barkley on the Philadelphia Sixers: “I think (the Sixers) are going to be a lot better (since they got) Elton Brand, but a lot of teams in the East got better, also. I think it’s going to be tough for him realistically to get past the first round of the playoffs.”

Johnson on the new faces in Milwaukee Bucks: “There’s a new team there in Milwaukee, with Richard Jefferson there now and Scott Skiles as the new coach.”

Barkley: “Yeah, but the same ugly results.”

TNT’s John Thompson interviewed Boston Celtics guard Paul Pierce.

Pierce on sacrificing for the betterment of the team: “I said hey, I’m going to take less shots if that’s going to make us a better team, so be it. I sacrificed a lot of things that I’ve done offensively and directed (it) towards the defense because that’s what this team is all about, the defense. It took a lot of sacrificing, I had to bite my tongue on a lot of things and had to hold back a lot of times. It was hard.”

Pierce on people expecting him to be a selfish player: “That’s what people expected me to do, since day one – the draft. I was the tenth pick and I’ve been out to prove people wrong and that’s pretty much what I’m all about. (People say) ‘Paul is not going to work. Kevin (Garnett), Ray (Allen), but Paul’s not going to do it.’ I hear it, I hear the whispers…but I knew what I could sacrifice.”

Smith on picking a repeat of last year’s NBA Finals: “The NBA Finals are going to be the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets. It was a throwback with the Finals last year (featuring the Lakers and the Celtics), we’ve got another throwback Finals again.”

Barkley: “I’m going to go with the Cleveland Cavaliers against the L.A. Lakers. I think LeBron James is on a mission. That’s why Paul Pierce was crying (during the ring ceremony), because he has to guard LeBron.”

Game 1: Cleveland Cavaliers (85) @ Boston Celtics (90)
Announcers Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello; with Craig Sager reporting

Miller on Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James: “If I had any criticism of LeBron James’ game (it would be for him) to become a better jump shooter. I think he’s getting ready to turn the corner into that Michael Jordan area of dominating the league.”

Miller on Celtics guard Paul Pierce: “Everyone was worried that Paul Pierce’s emotions were going to take over, it’s good to see that he’s found his game in this first game for the Celtics.”

Miller on Cleveland Cavaliers guard Mo Williams: “(Mo Williams) was on a team in Milwaukee that didn’t have to play defense, they were mostly concentrated on playing offense. Coming (to Cleveland) is going to be somewhat of an adjustment because Mike Brown is a defense-oriented coach.”

Halftime - Johnson, Smith and Barkley

Barkley on the Cavaliers: “I like Cleveland, they’re my pick to win the East, but I don’t like Mo Williams and Delonte West starting together. They’re too small and Mo Williams is a point guard who shoots a lot, they need to have another shooter in the game, like a (Aleksandar) Pavolvic or a (Wally) Szczerbiak, they’ll have a faster tempo…it will also widen the floor for LeBron (James).”

Smith on Trail Blazers center Greg Oden saying the season opener is no different than the preseason: “You can’t treat the preseason like the regular season, it’s a totally different animal…I remember every year bring so excited the first night, especially on the road. I would go by and knock on all the rookie doors (in the hotel) and say, ‘This is the first day of your life because now you’ve arrived.’ It’s a different game the first game of the regular season.”

Miller on the Celtics/Cavaliers match-up: “There is no love lost between these two teams. Anytime you’re locked in a series with a team and it goes seven (games), ‘chippiness’ always comes to the surface…Paul Pierce has always relished going against the face of the NBA right now, LeBron James.”

Miller on guarding Cavaliers forward LeBron James: “I’ve been on that island before, guarding LeBron James, and he’s much better now than he was his rookie year when I was going against him. When you give him options to go either baseline or middle, he is too tough to guard.”

Miller on Celtics forward Paul Pierce: “I always thought that Paul Pierce was going to the Hall (of Fame), but now he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer with a championship.”

TNT’s Craig Sager interviewed Celtics coach Doc Rivers during the fourth quarter.
Doc Rivers on what the ring ceremony means to him: “It meant a lot, it is emotional. For me, it’s 24 years that I’ve been in this league and we’ve been chasing that. Paul Pierce, the same thing and all the fans, too. It’s emotional, but now we gotta play.”

Fratello on Doc Rivers: “You have to be happy for a guy like Doc Rivers. (During the 2006-07 season the Celtics) had just 24 wins and the pain and suffering of that season, the last year of his contract coming up last year. What do they do? They turn it around (and) wind up with 66 wins and he gets rewarded this summer with a three year contract. Great job by Doc Rivers.”

Miller on the pressure shooting of Cavaliers forward LeBron James: “If (LeBron James) is going to take that next step, he’s got to improve his jump shot and as much as he gets fouled he needs to go to the free throw line and make pressure free throws.”

CBS well represented in Pro Football Hall of Fame nominations

From CBS Sports -


Shannon Sharpe, Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, Randy Cross and Steve Tasker Among
133 Players, Coaches and Contributors to Make Preliminary List of Nominees

As evidence of having the best and strongest NFL broadcasting lineup on television, CBS Sports has five of its NFL analysts on the preliminary list of nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2009.

Among the list of 133 nominees of former players, coaches and contributors, five former players work as analysts for CBS Sports’ coverage of THE NFL ON CBS and its NFL pre-game show, THE NFL TODAY.

Looking to join CBS Sports’ other Pro Football Hall of Famers and analysts Dan Marino, Dan Dierdorf and Dan Fouts, are first-year eligible candidate and studio analyst for THE NFL TODAY, Shannon Sharpe, studio colleague Boomer Esiason, as well as THE NFL ON CBS’s lead game analyst Phil Simms, Randy Cross and Steve Tasker.

Here's the full list of nominations.

Fox Sports Net announces College Hoops sked

OK, college hoop nuts! We gave you the lineup for CBS last week, now we tell you what's in store for FOX Sports Net this season.



LOS ANGELES – FSN, the cable television home to men’s Pac-10 and ACC basketball and women’s ACC, Pac-10, SEC and Big 12 women’s basketball, is pleased to release its 2008-09 college basketball schedule, featuring more than 100 games, including 62 in High Definition.

With those 62 games in HD -- a 50% jump in the number of games televised in HD versus the previous season -- FSN is the place to get the clearest view of the best college basketball talent in the country. All games from FSN’s popular ACC Sunday Night Hoops franchise, plus every Pac-10 men’s postseason game as well as 34 of 38 Pac-10 men’s regular season games will be seen in HD.

FSN’s schedule is chock-full of men’s national powerhouses Duke, UNC, UCLA, plus talented players aspiring to make deep postseason runs on teams such as Wake Forest, Clemson and Miami in the ACC and Pac-10 up-and-comers Arizona State, Washington State, USC and Oregon.

On the women’s side, FSN showcases the best in the game as title contenders and perennial Top-15 teams Stanford, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, UNC, Duke, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State take to the hardwood.

FSN begins its season on Monday, November 24 6:30 EST with back-to-back games from the Paradise Jam, the preseason tournament from the U.S. Virgin Islands that features a strong eight-team field, led by preseason Top-five squad Connecticut, ACC riser Miami and Big Ten power Wisconsin

Plus, throughout the year, FSN televises special in-season action, such as Stadium Shootout and the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series, featuring Washington State vs. Baylor, two teams that should find themselves in the top-25, as well as Oklahoma State against Washington, Nebraska at Arizona State and Kansas State taking on Oregon.

Defending National Champion Kansas makes an appearance on FSN, as the Jayhawks take on Pac-10 power Arizona on December 23 at 10:30 EST. Overall, FSN airs 123 basketball games, offering FSN’s fervent fans more than 300 hours of fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat college hoops action.

FSN’s men’s ACC games are handled by announcers Tim Brando and Ron Thulin, analysts Mike Gminski and Dan Bonner and sideline reporters Jenn Hildreth and Debbie Antonelli. Pac-10 coverage is called by veteran play-by-play announcers Ted Robinson and Barry Tompkins, with analysts Marques Johnson and Dan Belluomini.

On the women’s side, Thulin and Antonelli handle the ACC games; Dave Neal and analysts Antonelli, Carol Ross and Teresa Edwards call the SEC contests; and analyst Mary Murphy joins announcer Jim Watson for Pac-10 coverage.

FSN 2008-09 College Basketball Schedule
(all times eastern)

Monday, November 24
6:00pm Paradise Jam Consolation Game: Teams TBA
8:30pm Paradise Jam Championship Game: Teams TBA

Saturday, November 29
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #1: Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series -
Colorado at Stanford

Sunday, November 30

6:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #1 in HD: UNC Asheville at North Carolina

Thursday, December 4
11:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #2 in HD: Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series -
Oklahoma St. at Washington

Saturday December 6
11:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #3: Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series - Baylor at Washington St.

Sunday, December 7
2:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #4 in HD: Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series -
Nebraska at Arizona St.
6:00pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #2 in HD: Florida at Florida St.
8:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #5 in HD: Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series -
Kansas St. at Oregon

Sunday, December 14
2:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #1: Tennessee at Texas
4:00pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #3 in HD: Wright St. at Wake Forest
6:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #6 in HD: Arizona vs. Gonzaga at

Friday, December 19
11:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #1: Duke at USC

Saturday, December 20
2:00pm Stadium Shootout #1 in HD: Louisville vs. Minnesota at
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
4:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #7/Stadium Shootout #2 in HD: Arizona St. vs. BYU at University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Sunday, December 21
3:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #2: Kansas at UCLA
5:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #4 in HD: Pittsburgh at Florida St.
7:45pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #5 in HD: Clemson at Miami

Monday, December 22
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #8 in HD: Georgia Tech at USC

Tuesday, December 23
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #9 in HD: Kansas at Arizona

Sunday, December 28
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #2: Arizona St. at Nebraska
5:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #6 in HD: Virginia at Georgia Tech
7:45pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #7 in HD: Rutgers at North Carolina
10:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #10 in HD: Texas Tech at Stanford

Friday, January 2
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #11: UCLA at Oregon St.

Saturday, January 3
4:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #3: Washington St. at Washington

Sunday, January 4
3:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #12 in HD: UCLA at Oregon
5:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #8 in HD: Boston College at North Carolina
7:45pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #9 in HD: Virginia Tech at Duke
10:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #13 in HD: Arizona at Stanford

Thursday, January 8
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #14 in HD: Oregon St. at Arizona St.

Saturday, January 10
2:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #15 in HD: Oregon at Arizona St.
4:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #3: Oklahoma St. at Iowa St.

Sunday, January 11
3:30pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #4: Washington at Cal
5:30pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #5: USC at UCLA
8:00pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #10 in HD: North Carolina at Wake Forest
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #16 in HD: UCLA at USC

Thursday, January 15
9:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #17: Washington St. at Oregon St.
11:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #18 in HD: Arizona at UCLA

Saturday, January 17
2:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #19 in HD: Washington St. at Oregon
6:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #6: USC at Arizona St.

Sunday, January 18
2:00pm SEC Women’s Basketball #1: Georgia at Florida
4:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #4: Texas A&M at Oklahoma
6:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #7: Stanford at Cal

Thursday, January 22
7:00pm SEC Women’s Basketball #2: Vanderbilt at Georgia
9:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #20 in HD: UCLA at Washington St.
11:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #21 in HD: USC at Washington

Saturday, January 24
12:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #5: Kansas St. at Kansas
2:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #6: Baylor at Texas Tech
4:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #22 in HD: UCLA at Washington
9:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #7: Iowa St. at Nebraska

Sunday, January 25
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #8: Texas at Oklahoma
5:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #11 in HD: Virginia Tech at Miami
7:45pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #12 in HD: Georgia Tech at Clemson

Thursday, January 29
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #23 in HD: Cal at UCLA

Saturday, January 31
3:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #9: Nebraska at Colorado
Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #9: Arizona St. at Washington
11:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #24 in HD: Cal at USC

Sunday, February 1
2:00pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #13 in HD: Virginia at Duke
4:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #10: Texas at Baylor
Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #10: UCLA at Stanford

Thursday, February 5
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #25 in HD: Arizona St. at Oregon

Saturday, February 7
12:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #11: Kansas St. at Baylor
2:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #12: Kansas at Missouri
Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #11: Oregon at Arizona
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #26 in HD: Washington St. at Cal

Sunday, February 8
1:30pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #13: Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #12: Stanford at Washington
5:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #27 in HD: Washington at Stanford
7:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #14 in HD: Maryland at Georgia Tech

Thursday, February 12
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #28 in HD: USC at Arizona

Saturday, February 14
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #14: Texas Tech at Nebraska
3:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #29 in HD: Oregon at Washington
5:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #30 in HD: Stanford at Cal
11:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #13: Cal at Stanford

Sunday, February 15
1:00pm SEC Women’s Basketball #3: Florida at LSU
3:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #14: Arizona at USC
5:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #15 in HD: Duke at Boston College (2.25)
7:45pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #16 in HD: North Carolina at Miami (2.25)
10:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #31 in HD: USC at Arizona St.

Thursday, February 19
11:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #32 in HD: Washington at UCLA

Saturday, February 21
12:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #15: Texas at Texas A&M
3:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #33 in HD: Washington St. at UCLA
9:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #15: Oregon St. at Cal

Sunday, February 22
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #16: Iowa St. at Kansas
3:00pm SEC Women’s Basketball #4: Georgia at Auburn
5:00pm ACC Women’s Basketball #1: Duke at Maryland
7:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #17 in HD: Wake Forest at Duke
10:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #34 in HD: Arizona at Arizona St.

Saturday, February 28
3:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #35 in HD: Wildcard - Teams TBA

Sunday, March 1
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #17: Texas A&M at Kansas St.
3:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #16: Wildcard - Teams TBA
5:00pm ACC Women’s Basketball #2: North Carolina at Duke
7:30pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #18 in HD: Maryland at North Carolina St.
10:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #36 in HD: Oregon St. at Oregon

Thursday, March 5
8:00pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #18: Oklahoma St. at Texas A&M
10:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #37 in HD: Wildcard - Teams TBA

Saturday, March 7
1:00pm ACC Women’s Basketball #3: Tournament Semi #1 - Teams TBA
3:30pm ACC Women’s Basketball #4: Tournament Semi #2 - Teams TBA
Pac-10 Women’s Basketball #17: Wildcard - Teams TBA
5:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Basketball #38 in HD: Wildcard - Teams TBA

Sunday, March 8
1:00pm ACC Women’s Basketball #5: Tournament Final - Teams TBA
3:30pm Big 12 Women’s Basketball #19: Oklahoma at Texas
6:00pm ACC Sunday Night Hoops #19 in HD: Clemson at Wake Forest

Wednesday, March 11
9:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament First Round #1 in HD: Teams TBA
11:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament First Round #2 in HD: Teams TBA

Thursday, March 12
3:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Quarterfinal #1 in HD: Teams TBA
5:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Quarterfinal #2 in HD: Teams TBA
9:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Quarterfinal #3 in HD: Teams TBA
11:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Quarterfinal #4 in HD: Teams TBA

Friday, March 13
12:00pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal #1: Teams TBA
2:30pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal #2: Teams TBA
6:00pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal #3: Teams TBA
8:30pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal #4: Teams TBA
9:00pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Semifinal #1 in HD: Teams TBA
11:30pm Pac-10 Men’s Tournament Semifinal #2 in HD: Teams TBA

Saturday, March 14
1:00pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Semifinal #1: Teams TBA
3:30pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Semifinal #2: Teams TBA
9:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Tournament Semifinal #1: Teams TBA
11:30pm Pac-10 Women’s Tournament Semifinal #2: Teams TBA

Sunday, March 15
1:30pm Big 12 Women’s Tournament Final: Teams TBA
9:00pm Pac-10 Women’s Tournament Final: Teams TBA

NBC touts Pats/Chargers Sunday night

The marquee match-up of the weekend shows up on Sunday night football with NBC's Pats/Colts game from Indy. Yes, even without Tom Brady, the hype machine is in full force!


This game becomes more intriguing without Tom Brady, not less.” – “Football
Night's" Collinsworth

It feels like the whole world has been flipped upside down with the Colts
fighting for their playoff lives.” – "Football Night's" Collinsworth

NEW YORK – Oct. 29, 2008 – "NBC Sunday Night Football," in its third season as
the NFL's premier primetime package, heads to Indianapolis as the Colts (3-4)
host their AFC rival the New England Patriots (5-2). Al Michaels (play-by-play),
John Madden (analyst) and Andrea Kremer (sideline reporter) call the action.
Coverage on NBC begins at 7 p.m. ET with "Football Night in America," with Bob
Costas (host), Cris Collinsworth (co-host) Keith Olbermann (co-host), Dan
Patrick (co-host), Jerome Bettis (analyst), Tiki Barber (analyst) and Peter King

COLLINSWORTH ON COLTS: "It feels like the whole world has been flipped upside
down with the Colts fighting for their playoff lives. I still feel like they
have a seven, eight, nine-game winning streak in them. It's been proven that it
doesn't matter what seed you are, you just have to get in. This is a
championship team that I could see making a big run, and this is the game that
could propel them."

COLLINSWORTH ON MATT CASSEL: "He's gotten better and better each week. Bill
Belichick and the Patriots have done a great job of nurturing him. I am real
interested to see him this week. It's a step up in competition, against a
big-time quarterback in what's sure to be a playoff atmosphere. I think because
of that, this game becomes more intriguing without Tom Brady, not less."

COLLINSWORTH ON PATRIOTS: "It's a tribute to this franchise that they are ready
for any contingency. They lose Brady and a quarterback who essentially hasn't
played since high school steps in and they keep on winning. And it's not just
Brady. They've lost [Laurence] Maroney and [Sammy] Morris as well. Nothing seems
to stop them."

PATRIOTS-COLTS IN PRIMETIME: Both the Colts and Patriots are making their second
2008 appearance on NBC "Sunday Night Football." In the first week of the season,
the Colts lost to the Chicago Bears and are now 5-3 overall since the NFL's
premier primetime package moved to NBC in 2006. The Colts ninth "NBC SNF"
appearance is the most for any franchise surpassing the Dallas Cowboys. The
Patriots are 3-3 overall on "Sunday Night Football," including a 30-10 loss to
the Chargers in Week 5. Each team has one more SNF game scheduled this season;
Indy travels to San Diego in Week 12 (subject to Flex) and the Pats host Seattle
in Week 14 (subject to Flex). New England leads the overall series 42-26. Last
year, en route to a perfect 16-0 regular season, the Patriots defeated the Colts
24-20 in Indy to improve to 9-0.

Rosenthal, who was named 2007 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year by the Fantasy
Sports Writers Association, picks his fantasy sleepers for Week 9.

1. Chad Pennington vs. Broncos: Pennington's revival is for real; he's second in
the league in yards-per-attempt. If he can average 300 yards against the Bills
and Ravens, he's going over the mark at Denver.

2. Kyle Orton vs. Lions: Six quarterbacks who have faced Detroit this season
have enjoyed career best passer rating numbers.

3. Tim Hightower at Rams: The changing of the guard in Arizona's backfield
starts now.

4. Justin Fargas vs. Falcons: The Raiders are a different team at home and
Fargas is getting all the carries.

5. Greg Camarillo at Broncos: Pennington's new Wayne Chrebet will load up
receptions against a weak Denver secondary

("NBC Sunday Night Football" kickoff, 8:15 p.m. ET preceded by "Football Night
in America," 7 p.m. ET)

Sunday, Nov. 2 – New England at Indianapolis
Sunday, Nov. 9 – New York Giants at Philadelphia
Sunday, Nov. 16 – Dallas at Washington (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Nov. 23 – Indianapolis at San Diego (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Nov. 30 – Chicago at Minnesota (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Dec. 7 – New England at Seattle (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Dec. 14 – New York Giants at Dallas (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Dec. 21 – San Diego at Tampa Bay (Flex Week, Teams Subject to Change)
Sunday, Dec. 28 – Flex Week – teams TBA

Houston, we have a problem!

This is one of the nastiest things I've ever seen!

During last night's Houston/Marshall game, Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards breaks his leg going for a TD pass. Check it out on You Tube.


News of the Day: Celts celebrate, Wilfork fined, Bruins win again!

Plenty of news to kick off our Hump Day today.

We start in Boston where the Celtics got their rings and raised Championship Banner #17. A very emotional day indeed. Watch it here from TNT Sports.

A nice win considering the emotions of the night by the C's. Celtics Blog has your full recap of the victory over the Cavs, 90-85.

Meanwhile, game one for Greg Oden is a disaster. No points in 13 minutes and a sprained foot after coming down on Derek Fisher's foot.

The Bruins get back-to-back 1-0 shutouts on the road. Tuesday night's victim: Vancouver!

Pro Football's Mike Florio is reporting this morning that the Pats Vince Wilfork will be fined, not suspended for his hit on Jay Cutler in the Broncos game.

Ken Griffey, JR will not return to the White Sox next season, according to SI and ESPN.

Get ready for the Obama TV onslaught tonight. It's a 30-minute infomercial, with a live element at the end of it, that's on NBC, MSNBC, FOX, CBS and Univision. Obama will also be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. All this as his campaign is taking untraceable donations to skirt the dollar value limit already in place. The race, BTW, is done to 2 in the Gallup Poll and 3 in the Rasmussen Poll.

The Boston Globe and The Crowe's Nest fav Amalie Benjamin has news on the Red Sox staying in Fort Myers for Spring Training.

The Globe also has news on the Pats Sammy Morris and his knee injury NOT being season ending.

We could see the end of the baseball season tonight as the Phillies and Rays resume Game 5 of the World Series (8:30pm on FOX after Obama). It's 2-2 in the bottom of the 6th and the Phils could be partying by 10pm! Expect a pinch-hitter to start since Cole Hamels is up first for Philly. The Rays may start with David Price or Grant Balfour, but remember, the Rays spot in the lineup for the pitcher comes up fourth in the 7th.

Finally, the whole Isiah Thomas saga gets weirder by the minute! Read more from Fox Sports.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NFL Week 9 & College Football This Weekend

The distribution maps are out for this weekend's NFL Games. Thanks to The and Awful Announcing for the help!

CBS 1pm & 4pm Games
NY Jets @ Buffalo

Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

Houston @ Minnesota
Dick Enberg, Randy Cross

Baltimore @ Cleveland
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

Jacksonville @ Cincinnati
Gus Johnson, Steve Tasker

Miami @ Denver (4:00 PM)
Greg Gumbel, Dan Dierdorf

FOX 1pm Games
Green Bay @ Tennessee
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

Detroit @ Chicago
Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan

Arizona @ St. Louis
Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick

Tampa Bay @ Kansas City
Ron Pitts, Tony Boselli

FOX 4:15pm Games
Dallas @ NY Giants
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

Philadelphia @ Seattle
Dick Stockton, Brian Baldinger

Atlanta @ Oakland
Matt Vasgersian, J.C. Pearson

We'll have a full breakdown of markets later in the week.

As for college football, here's your TV viewing for ya:

7:30pm - South Florida at Cincinnati - ESPN

12pm games
Wisconsin at Michigan State - ESPN
Northwestern at Minnesota - ESPN2
Air Force at Army - ESPNU
Michigan at Purdue - Big Ten Network
Central Michigan at Indiana - Big Ten Network
West Virginia at Connecticut - Big East Network

12:30pm games
Miami at Virginia - Raycom
Kansas State at Kansas - Fox Sports Net
Auburn at Mississippi - Raycom

2pm games
San Diego State at Wyoming - The MTN
Tulsa at Arkansas - Arkansas Sports Network PPV

2:30pm games
Pittsburgh at Notre Dame - NBC
Fresno State at Louisiana Tech - KAIL

3pm game
Hawaii at Utah State - ESPN Plus
Arkansas State at Alabama - CTSN

3:30pm games
Georgia vs Florida (Jacksonville) - CBS
Iowa at Illinois - ABC
Florida State at Georgia Tech - ABC
Iowa State at Oklahoma State - ABC
Oregon at California - ABC
Temple at Navy - CBS College Sports
Clemson at Boston College - ESPNU

4:30pm game
North Texas at Western Kentucky - ESPN Plus

6pm game
Brigham Young at Colorado State - The MTN

6:30pm game
Washington at USC - Fox Sports Net

7pm game
Tennessee at South Carolina - ESPN2
Louisville at Syracuse - ESPNU
Boise State at New Mexico State - KTVB/Aggie Vision

7:45pm game
Nebraska at Oklahoma - ESPN

8pm games
Texas at Texas Tech - ABC
Texas Christian at Nevada-Las Vegas - CBS College Sports
Alabama-Birmingham at Southern Mississippi - CSS
Tulane at LSU - TigerVision PPV

9:30pm game
Utah at New Mexico - The MTN

10pm game
Arizona State at Oregon State - Fox Sports Net

8pm - East Carolina at Central Florida - ESPN

Ainge's extension, Series game 5 postponed to Wednesday, Wilfork meeting with NFL Commish

A few news and notes for our Tuesday midday. Since the C's are champions and open tonight, we'll give them top billing.'s Jeff Goodman reports that Danny Ainge gets promoted to President and gets an extension.

Your other Celtics gameday links can be found on the great place for C's news: Celtics Blog.

If you're looking for an NBA preview, just check out "The Crowe's Nest" TNT preview.

The Inside Track Girls from the Boston Herald tell us that Cole Wright is the Sports Desk replacement for Hazel Mae on NESN.

Vince Wilfork is in NY this afternoon to meet with the Commish about a possible suspension for hitting Jay Cutler and some extracurricular activities with the Broncos. Pro Football has more.

BREAKING NEWS: AP has just reported that there will be no game 5 of the World Series tonight. It'll be on Wednesday night at 8:30pm on FOX. Game 6 would be Thursday and Game 7 on Halloween Friday night. FOX loves it so now, it can air "House" and "Fringe."

Speaking of the World Series, the umps have admitted their second mistake of the Series, this time the blown tag call at third base in the first inning of game 4.

More later when needed.

Let the NBA season begin!

It's opening night in the NBA tonight and that means party time in Beantown. The Boston Celtics will get their rings and raise banner number 17 at the TD Banknorth Garden this evening. Their opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers, won't be watching the ceremonies though. According to the Akron Beacon Journal (and on the website)

The Cavs and King James plan to be all business and the C's enjoy the party and then play the game.

You can see it all on TNT starting at 7pm. Comcast Sports Net New England will also have a pregame special at 7pm, but the game itself is only on TNT.

Before then, maybe this will tide you over with some excitement from the title run from last season.

Or maybe some history will do the trick today!

One last one: the top 10 postseason plays from the C's!

Enjoy the party!

Suspended in Philly!

Now, before we get to the analysis of what went down in Philly last night for the suspension of game 5 of the World Series, including a dramatic, on-the-spot new rule by Bud Selig, let's give what the rulebook has to say about such situations:


(c) A suspended game shall be resumed at the exact point of suspension of the original game. The completion of a suspended game is a continuation of the original game. The lineup and batting order of both teams shall be exactly the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules governing substitution. Any player may be replaced by a player who had not been in the game prior to the suspension. No player removed before the suspension may be returned to the lineup. A player who was not with the club when the game was suspended may be used as a substitute, even if he has taken the place of a player no longer with the club who would not have been eligible because he had been removed from the lineup before the game was suspended.

1980-2006 rule

Rule 4.11 (d): A called game ends the moment the umpire terminates play. EXCEPTION: If the game is called during an uncompleted inning, the game becomes a SUSPENDED game in each of the following situations:

(1) The visiting team has scored one or more runs to tie the score and the home team hasn’t scored.

(2) The visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead and the home team has not tied the score or retaken the lead.

Prior to 1980 rule

Rule 4.11(d): A called game ends the moment the umpire terminates play. EXCEPTION: If the game is called during an uncompleted inning, the game ends at the end of the last previous completed inning in each of the following situations:

(1) The visiting team scores one or more runs to tie the score in the uncompleted inning, and the home team does not score.

(2) The visiting team scores one or more runs to take the lead in the uncompleted inning, and the home team does not score or re-take the lead.

Now, onto what Bud Selig and MLB did last night. With a downpour in the fifth inning, the Phillies leading 2-1 and the game not official, they let the game continue. That, says Selig, was after the Philly groundscrew said the field was ok. Then, after the Rays tied it in the top of the 6th, the game was put in a rain delay and then subsequently suspended.

In a post-rain delay presser, Selig admitted that even if the Phillies were winning after the game was official yet had not completed the full nine innings, he wouldn NOT have let the game be put in the win column for them. Thus is the new rule. In regular season play, the game would be called and the team leading would win. Yet, not in the World Series. Selig's new rule put that in motion last night.

I agree with Bud in that the clinching game of the World Series should not be anything less than a full nine. My only beef is did the two teams know that before last night's game. If not, they should have. That decision alone could've led to the managers making different decisions had they know they would have to play the full nine despite the weather conditions. Rays manager Joe Maddon thought they would be playing a full nine. A lot of the Rays players said afterwards they thought they had to score a run in the 6th or the game and Series was over. Phils closer Brad Lidge said he had no idea about going nine.

Gordon Edes from Yahoo Sports has a good read on the night.

So, hopefully, we get to finish game 5 tonight starting at 8pm on FOX. Will we? We simply don't know since we can't predict the weather and MLB won't put a starting time on the resumption of play. They tell us to standby and wait for their decision. After all, tonight's forecast is for more rain and temps in the 30's. Winds will be gusting to 40MPH. Now, that's baseball weather! You can track it all day from The Weather Channel.

As the Commish said last night, "we'll wait until Thanksgiving if we have to."

Let's hope it doesn't come to that now!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Danyelle Sargent oops! WNBC in trouble with NFL

Just like most people out there, the Seahawks/49ers game didn't garner much attention until 49ers head coach Mike Singletary's legendary blast of Vernon Davis. Well, there's another reason the game's in the national spotlight. It's because of this UNAIRED clip of FOX sideline reporter Danyelle Sargent interviewing Singletary on the sidelines asking him about his "mentor" Bill Walsh and a phone call between Singletary and Walsh once he was named head coach. Watch the clip right here from You Tube.

Well, several problems with this one. Walsh, of course, was not Singletary's mentor since he played for the Bears. And, oh yeah, Walsh is dead.

Anyway, the NFL and FOX are now going after WNBC for airing the clip on Mike Francesca's Mike'd Up Show on Sunday night. They are stating that since the clip didn't air on the FOX broadcast and instead aired on a "open feed," it shouldn't have been aired.

Mike Florio from Pro Football has more.

John Ryan from the San Jose Mercury News has more too!

FOX WS Game 4 Ratings

With the Phillies game 4 win over the Rays, FOX is hoping the all-day NFL/MLB combo leads them to its highest Sunday night rating since the Giants/Patriots Super Bowl.
Here are the details from FOX:


Phillies Victory Should Propel FOX to Highest-Rated Sunday Night Since Super Bowl XLII

Philadelphia – Game 4 of the 2008 World Series recorded a series-high 9.3/15 household rating/share, with an average audience of 15.5 million viewers, last night on FOX, and is projected to deliver the network its highest-rated, most watched Sunday night since Super Bowl XLII last February, according to figures released today by Nielsen Media Research.

- Last night’s game was down just -11% in rating (vs. 10.4/18) and -4% in average audience when compared to the last non-decisive World Series Game 4, which was played in 2006 (Cardinals-Tigers). Ratings were in fact up among Men 18-34 (+4%) and Adults 18-34 (+2%) and flat among Adults 18-49. Game 4 rated -26% lower than last year’s Game 4 (12.6/21, 20.9 million), which spiked as the Red Sox completed a four-game sweep of Colorado.

- While a national 7-11pm prime time average for FOX is not available, ratings for FOX from 8-11pm averaged a 5.6/15 among A18-49 and 16.1 million total viewers, both well ahead of second-place ABC (3.9/10 and 11.6 million respectively from 7-11pm). FOX’s figures will only improve when the 7-8pm hour, most of which is a very strong NFL overrun, is factored in.

- The first four games of the 2008 World Series have averaged an 8.0/14 nationally (13.0 million viewers), down -25% from last year’s 10.6/18 (17.1 million) for a four-game sweep, and -21% vs. the first four games of 2006 (10.1/17, 15.7 million), however FOX still has a chance to surpass last year on total rating points. Last year’s four-game Series cumulatively produced 42.7 national rating points, while this year’s has totaled 32.7 points. While most observers focus on average rating, total rating points is a closer reflection of how the World Series contributes to FOX's overall prime time success.

- Philadelphia led all markets for Game 4 and posted a Series-high 39.0/54 as the Phillies closed to within one game of their first World Series championship in 28 years. Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg notched a 27.5/41 to place second. Seattle ranked third (13.4), followed by Charlotte and Orlando (both averaging 13.2), with West Palm Beach sixth (13.0). Other markets posting above average viewership for Game 4 include Minneapolis (11.8), Milwaukee (11.6) Phoenix, Salt Lake City and St. Louis (11.4).