Saturday, August 30, 2008

Checking in with Tina Cervasio

I was lucky enough to catch up with MSG's Tina Cervasio through email the other day (before the Josh Beckett diagnosis on Friday). Check out my electronic conversation right here and I hope you enjoy finding out what the former Red Sox/NESN hottie's been up to lately.

TCN: As we head down the stretch into September for MLB's playoff race, do you think the Tampa Rays and can hang on to win the AL East or do you think the Red Sox will come back to claim the division?
TC: This all depends on what Dr. James Andrews says about Josh Beckett's elbow. I was shocked when I heard the news Thursday. I'm writing this email before the "diagnosis" comes out. This White Sox Series is important for the Red Sox. On that note, I really do think the Rays will hold on to this thing by the slightest margin ... but with that ... I also feel strongly that the Red Sox will go to the Post Season as the Wildcard. (Hey, if you can't win the AL East again, at least the Yankees aren't winning it anymore.)

TCN: What went wrong with the Yankees this year?
TC: Injuries, situational hitting, too much faith in their young pitching, which totally backfired in their faces over the first 1/3 of the season (see, Hughes, Phil; Kennedy, Ian) Think about it ... They have those two guys AND Melky Cabrera in Triple-A ... the exact tri-fecta the Twins wanted for Johan Santana. On the flip side ... look how well Justin Masterson has developed and how important Jed Lowrie has become to the Major League Club. I digress. I also forgot one other thing that went wrong with the Yankees this year. Madonna. I love her work, but her name shouldn't be in Sports Pages.

TCN: How do you handicap the American League as we head towards the playoffs?
TC: I don't think Minnesota can last. The Angels are scary. I can't imagine the White Sox lasting through the Post Season, but they've gotten this far with some pretty consistent production, and they can rack up those runs. Rays are not battle tested, even when it comes to a race down the stretch ... so they can still bite it, and fall out of this. I believe that adversity, and challenges are something the Red Sox are used to, they've endured before, and they can do it again. Wild Card, Schmile Card: Remember 2004? Just get to October, then everyone's 0-0. Did I mention the Angels are scary?

TCN: Jets or Giants - who's going to have the better season?
TC: The Jets will have a better season than they did last year, I think Favre will help, he can get a team down the field ... the Jets couldn't do that the last few years. But I do bleed Blue: Giants will have a better season. (but I highly doubt they will repeat ... so the Pats are safe! hehe)

TCN: What do you miss most about New England?
TC: Because of my crazy schedule I was relegated to pretty much just Boston. Although trips to Maine and some visits to N.H. always kept me in an overall New England State of Mind. I loved walking through Boston, you can't do that in New York without getting annoyed at all the people. I was obsessed with weekly visits to Charles Street when I was home or had family in town. Whether it was a mom & pop market to get some veggies, or to shop for clothes in a boutique, or for a quaint meal. Charles Street is a beautiful reflection of New England to me. Historic, with lots of personality. And I do Dream of Fenway every so often, so I don't have to "miss" it!!

TCN: What's the best thing about being back in New York?
TC: This is where I'm from. I just got right back to work! No transition period, no "getting to know" this new sports reporter period. My entire family is in the area, so after missing two years of weddings, births, deaths, birthdays, holidays, it's good to be able to attend lots of family gatherings. My job is also entirely different. I have two days off a week, like normal people. Although, they are sometimes separated (Sunday/Wednesday or Saturday/Tuesday), and I've only traveled twice since April. That leaves me the freedom to do other things, like go to games for fun! Spend time with my husband, play golf, go to shows in Manhattan, see my friends for dinner or visit them and their kids. Go to the beach! (my in-laws live on the ocean), and I do call the "World's Most Famous Arena - Madison Square Garden" my office. So I feel privileged.

TCN: Give the readers of "The Crowe's Nest" one thing they probably didn't know about Tina Cervasio...
TC: I'm training for the New York City Marathon, on November 2nd for the Garden of Dreams Foundation . Who knows, I may tackle Boston next! Check out my fundraising page: http:/

Thanks again to Tina Cervasio and we'll be posting more of these in the near future.


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