Friday, February 29, 2008

Samuel to Eagles

Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel will sign with the Eagles today, that according to Derrick Gunn from CSN Philadelphia. Derrick will join us on the Beat today at 3pm. Samuel is set to meet the media at 4:30pm. We'll carry it live on the Score!

Elsewhere, WR Donte Stallworth will visit the Browns while CB Randall Gay heads to New Orleans to see the Saints.

Friday...snow on the way!

It's Friday morning and yes, the Pats made their move once free agency began last night. No, not Asante Samuel. No, not Randy Moss. But Kelly Washington is back! Good deal for the Pats as he was the unsung hero on special teams all year long. Before the midnight deadline, the Pats inked Tedy Bruschi to a multi-year deal (as we noted last night).

Pats on the move on Friday include Samuel visiting the Eagles. They, along with the Bucs and Saints are the front-runners for his services. As for Moss, nothing doing as of 8:30am, but Sid Hartman writes that he's a lock to stay in New England.

Elsewhere, my Jets are still chasing G Alan Faneca from the Steelers while they did make a move sending a third and fifth round pick to Carolina for DT Kris Jenkins. They'll get a conditional pick back from New Orleans once that deal is official sending LB Jonathan Vilma to the Saints today.

The Dolphins sign WR David Kircus and G Justin Smiley. They'll host QB Josh McCown and LB Calvin Pace on Friday.

Expect a flurry of moves today and then it'll quiet down after a few days. We'll keep you posted all day long the Score.

Talk about your karma games last night at the Garden. The Penguins, fresh off trading for the hottest commodity on the market: Marion Hossa taking on the red hot Bruins back at home. The B's hit hard and come out to a quick 3-0 first period lead and Tim Thomas (yes, the Score's Tim Thomas - every Wednesday at 5pm on the Beat!) stones the Pens the rest of the way for a 5-1 victory. And how about this, Hossa suffers a sprained MCL during the second period and did not return. How would you like to be in Pittsburgh, having just traded four players and a pick for Hossa and you may have nothing to show for it as there's no extension of his deal past July. If you're a Pens fan, here's hoping Hossa is OK or those Stanley Cup dreams you had 24 hours ago may be a thing of the past.

Sam Cassell may be a Celtic by Monday. Cassell got bought out on Thursday but first must clear waivers before signing with Boston. The Nuggets and Mavs may have interest as well. If Sam I Am does sign with the C's, he will be eligible for the playoffs as he was waived before the March 1st deadline.

This one comes from the stupidity department: a noose was found near the former home of Golf Channel analyst Kelly Tilghman. Yes, she of the "lynching" comment regarding Tiger Woods last month. Aren't you just glad that for once in the past few weeks, the stupidity department doesn't include Roger Clemens?!

Coming up on the show today: we're live at the Pizzatola Center for Brown vs. Princeton hoops and Fox's John Czarnecki (the Czar!) breaks down the latest on NFL Free Agency. Join us three on the Score!

Oh yeah, the snow. 3"-6" expected by Saturday morning. Ugh!

Back with more throughout the day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday night update

Lots of news on this Thursday night as the Bruins are pasting the Penguins right now 4-0 in the 2nd period at the Garden.

Tedy Bruschi has re-signed with the Pats on a multi-year deal. Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald has the details.

Junior Seau played the majority of last season with an injured rotator cuff, according to the Associated Press.

Sam Cassel gets bought out by the Clippers. After clearing waivers, he should be heading to the Celtics.

Bobby Knight has a new gig at ESPN. He'll be an in-studio analyst for Championship Week and the NCAA Tournament starting March 12th.

NFL Free Agency begins at midnight tonight. Should be a sleepless night around the league as lots of activity will happen very quickly.

Thursday morning update

OK, let's get it out of the way. Another bad loss for the URI Rams last night at George Washington. Down 49-25 at the half, the Rams lose their fifth in a rown and six of their last seven, 85-68 . The RPI's down to 66 and it's not looking good to be dancing three weeks from now. It's becoming clearer and clearer that the Rams will have to win the A-10 to make the NCAA Tournament. URI head coach Jim Baron joins the Beat today at 6pm to talk all about the latest free-fall.

It's time to hit the field today for the first time of 2008 for your World Champion Boston Red Sox. Yes, I absolutely love saying that. It's a double-dip of collegiate action for the local nine as they take on Boston College and Northeastern today. No TV for either since the Bruins/Penguins take up NESN's time tonight in what should be a great matchup with Marion Hossa coming to town. But, alas, back to baseball. Here are the lineups for today's action, courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Red Sox vs. Boston College (1:05 p.m.)
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Mike Lowell, 3B
5. Jason Varitek, C
6. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
7. Julio Lugo, SS
8. Bobby Kielty, RF
9. Brandon Moss, LF
P -- Josh Beckett (Kyle Snyder)

Red Sox vs. Northeastern (6:05 p.m.)
1. Coco Crisp, CF
2. Alex Cora, 2B
3. J.D. Drew, RF
4. Manny Ramírez, DH
5. Sean Casey, 1B
6. Chris Carter, LF
7. Doug Mirabelli, C
8. Jed Lowrie, SS
9. Keith Ginter, 3B
P -- Justin Masterson (Craig Hansen, Michael Bowden)

Our first TV coverage comes Friday against the Twins at 7pm. We'll keep you posted on today's action all day long on the Score.

With little to dispute in spring training, here's what your lineup should look like March 25th in Japan against the A's:

CF Ellsbury
2B Pedroia
DH Ortiz
LF Ramirez
RF Drew
3B Lowell
1B Youkilis
C Veritek
SS Lugo

If the Sox don't want to put too much pressure on Jacoby Ellsbury too soon, I can see them putting Pedroia/Youkilis at the top of the line-up and shifting Ellsbury down to the 9th spot in the order.

On the pitching front, it looks like our first time to see Bartolo Colon on the mound will be March 9th against the Dodgers (on NESN). Should be interesting as it's a no-risk, high reward deal with Colon.

Wednesday's action took place at the White House. President Bush was clearly on his game with a great array of one-liners. His best was aimed at Manny Ramirez, who wasn't at the festivities just as in 2005. "Sorry ... Manny Ramirez isn't here, I guess his grandmother died again," Bush joked. If you missed it, check it out on the Sportsbeat page.

On tap on TV tonight:
7pm CBB: Notre Dame vs. Louisville (ESPN)
7pm NHL: Bruins vs. Penguins (NESN)
8pm "American Idol - Results Show (FOX)
8pm NBA: Dallas vs. San Antonio (TNT)
8pm "Lost" (pop up episode ABC)
8pm "Survivor - Fans vs. Favorites" (CBS)
9pm "Lost" (ABC)
9pm "Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC)
9pm "Don't Forget the Lyrics (FOX)
9pm CBB: USC vs. Arizona (ESPN)
10pm "Eli Stone" (ABC)
10pm "Lipstick Jungle" (NBC)
10:30pm NBC: Heat vs. Lakers (TNT)
12am "Big Brother After Dark (Showtime 2)

Three words for Roger Clemens: what could've been. Hubris and pride, along with a lot of stupidity have put you on the doorsteps of a criminal investigation that could land you in prison for perjury. Now that the Oversight Committee, both Democrats and Republicans, have signed off a further inquiry by the Department of Justice, there's little chance he won't go be indicted. If the Rocket had just come clean from the start, none of this would be happening. Yes, your image would be tainted some for taking HGH and steroids but at least you wouldn't be facing jail time. It seems to me that this time Andy Pettitte has come out to be the superior one in this matchup.

The Soundtrack of the Day comes in the form of this Red Sox tribute courtesy of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen...

More later....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's the day

Major League Baseball is back today! Yes, we actually get to have games on the field after an off-season built on steroids, HGH and Clemens vs. McNamee. Here's the rundown of the games:

1:05 p.m.

1:05 p.m.

1:05 p.m.

1:05 p.m.
Lake Buena Vista

White Sox
3:05 p.m.

3:05 p.m.

7:05 p.m.

If you're still looking for more steroids talk, there's more Congressional discourse on Capitol Hill as members of all the major sports are on oath talking about their pursuit of the drug free sportsworld.

If you're wating for Sam Cassell to come to Boston, there's still no buyout by the Clippers. So, stay tuned as yes, the Clips and Donald Sterling are still cheap.

Bruins with a dominating 4-0 shutout of the Ottawa Senators on NHL Trading Deadline Day. Kudos to the B's for not trading the farm without an extension for Marion Hossa. If you want to see Hossa, listen to Bruins goalie Tim Thomas (fresh off last night's shutout) today at 5pm on the Beat as you'll have a chance to win Bruins/Penguins tickets after the interview.

A tough day for Pats fans as Rosie Colvin and Oscar Lua get cut, saving the Pats some valuable cap room, while news of Kevin Faulk getting busted for marijuana possession makes news. Just two days until NFL free agency and what looks like a Randy Moss extension in Foxboro, according to Sean Jensen.

At ESPN, Sean Salisbury is out! No surprise here as he's had several run-ins with the higher-ups due to his on-air rocket shots at John Clayton and his unique cell phone picture taking capibilities. Cris Carter takes over in Bristol.

Hey, don't forget Providence College fans, PC Athletic Director Bob Driscoll joins the Beat today at 3pm to talk about the expectations for the Friars. Listen all day long on the Score!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Hossa

No, Bruins fans, no Marion Hossa. He goes to the Penguins!

Things you didn't know

I had to post this one from ...

"Seriously, I would really want to grab Scarlett's breasts. She's got beautiful ones."

- Natalie Portman on her Other Boylen Girl co-star

Is it worth it?

So, the NY Times reports that a letter has been drafted to start the process to look into a criminal investiagtion into whether Roger Clemens lied during his hearings on Capitol Hill back on February 13th. OK, after we hold our collective breaths on the validity of the story given the Times track record the pats week, let's look at the merits of the case.

First things first: I think we can now all agree he lied. That to me is not the overall goal to show if the Rocket lied. My question is, much like in the Barry Bonds case, is it worth the millions of dollars in actual dollars, court time, man hours and the such in order to take down one person who's trying to cover up that they used steroids and HGH to further his baseball career?

IMHO, it's not even close. By taking down Clemens and Bonds for perjury, are you going to stop the flow of steroids, HGH and whatever may be the drug of today and tomorrow? I say no maam! You will have some vindication and the glow of taking down a big name, I'm sure. But hasn't that already happened? Haven't Clemens and Bonds already lost their legacy and their good names? Haven't they already been taken off their lofty posts?

Look at it like your two-bit drug dealer who's dealing $10 drugs every now and again. He's not the guy you're going to invest millions of dollars to take down. He might be a pawn in the bigger game, but he doesn't stand alone. You don't waste years trying to take down one drug dealer.

In all of justice, lawyers and prosecutors continue to ask themselves: is the juice worth the squeeze? If it is, you move forward. If not, you cut bait and run.

I'm not advocating running away from the performance enhancing drugs in sports, I'm just saying let's take another approach. We can't change the past or spend time taking down those who cheated the past. You have to look forward and try to put your best plan in action.

It's what we all tell our kids. You've made the mistake, now let's admit there's a problem and plot a course to change the problem into a positive. Congress, the Department of Justice, Major League Baseball and the players, owners and management now can look at themselves right now and say: are we worried about the past or the future? If it's the future they are truly concerned with, then there is hope.

Take all the resources you're going to take in the Bonds and Clemens persecution and put them into education, testing and a chance to save the sports you claim you want to change. Include the players you want to charge with perjury, those who came forward that they cheated, those who have performed cleanly and yes, those trainers who dealt the dirty needles filled with steroids. Let them all tell their stories.

But don't stop there. Complete the education with harsh reality. Start it in the high schools and straight up through the big leagues, a one-strike policy if you cheat. Over the top, yes. A must, absolutely!

Start clean, no pun intended, and move forward! The Presidential election is all about change in 2008, if major league baseball doesn't feel that same sentiment, then we're all losers.

Back with more later...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday afternoon update

On tap tonight on TV:
7pm CBB: Marquette vs. Villanova (ESPN)
7pm Women's CBB: Connecticut vs. LSU (ESPN2)
7pm NHL: Philadelphia vs. Buffalo (Versus)
9pm CBB: Texas vs. Kansas State (ESPN)
9pm WWE Raw (Maria's Playboy shoot! - USA)
10pm NBA: Celtics vs. Clippers (Comcast)
11pm CBB: Gonzaga vs. Portland (ESPN2)

Soundtrack of the day comes from 38 Special and for the URI Rams: "Hold on Loosely."

Oscar morning

The best part of Oscar night, or by the time they were over is this. Jimmy Kimmel's response to his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman's video with Matt Damon. This is f'n laugh-out loud funny!

Elsewhere this morning, the Rays are interested in signing Barry Bonds. Make's all the sense in the world. The guy can still provide offense in the middle of the lineup with BJ Upton, Carl Crawford and Elijah Dukes. He won't come at a too hefty cost, maybe up near 9 million a year. Plus, there won't be alot of scrutiny down in Tampa.

If you're wondering where Sunday's loss for the URI Rams to St.Joe's leaves them? Well, it sits them at 57 while St.Joe's takes over the Rams previous 43rd spot. The Rams are falling fast. We'll talk about it today on the Beat with's Jerry Palm at 4:03pm.

Just a quick update for now. I'll update more later.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sox sign Colon

According to ESPN, the Red Sox have signed former Angels pitcher Bartolo Colon to a minor-league deal. And just in case you've forgotten what terrific shape Colon is in, just check him out.

Oscar night

In lieu of the soundtrack of the day, here's an ode to the Oscars and Jack Palance.

Francona deal done

See, nice guys don't always finish last. Red Sox manager Terry Francona gets a three-year extension today, complete with options for the 2012 and 2013 seasons as well. The deal, announced officially by the Sox Sunday, is for a reported nearly four million per season.

It's another sign of the the Red Sox doing the right thing. I expect them to handle the Manny Ramirez option years just as easily. If Manny produces, as expected during a highly motivated 2008 season, he'll get the first option picked up. There's no need for the Sox to pick up the option right now as they hold all the cards. Keep Manny motivated and it will help all sides in 2008.

Elsewhere today, the URI Rams are in a must win today against St.Joe's at the Ryan Center. The Rams badly need to drop the losing skid, dropping their past two at home to Xavier and UMass, and get back on a roll to cement their NCAA Tournament Bid. The problem, if the Rams don't take care of business today, is that UMass, Dayton and St.Joe's will be on the bubble with them with the same lack of quality wins as URI but having beat the Rams of late. Dayton could do themselves wonders today if they upset Xavier.

Watching the final minutes of Louisville/Pitt and the Panthers have just pulled to within one with 21.6 seconds left. It's nice to see a close Big East game after watching Providence College get whalloped last night by 27 at West Virginia. The Friars were in it in the first half yet couldn't compete in the final 20 minutes.

Elsewhere in the Big East today, Syracuse could use another Sunday surprise if they can topple Notre Dame on national TV on CBS.

Update: Cardinals hang on to beat the Panthers 75-73.

If you missed the Memphis/Tennessee #1 vs. #2 match-up last night, you missed an Instant Classic. The Vols come from behind to cinch their first number one ranking ever in men's basketball. And you probably missed head coach Bruce Pearl's fun time with ESPN's Erin Andrews at the end of the first half: watch it here.

More later.....

Friday, February 22, 2008


That's right, it's snowing on this Friday morning. Mid 20's and about 4-8" of snow before it's done Saturday morning is what we're looking at in Southern New England. It's not exactly how I like to get my weekend started.

The Bruins must really like going the extra mile. Another shootout last night in Florida and yes, thankfully, another two points. It didn't look good down 4-2 midway through the 3rd period, but Zdeno Chara and Phil Kessel bring the B's back to send it to overtime. Then, when Alex Auld snuffed Olli Jokinen for the final round of the shootout, the B's find themselves with 68 points and in 6th place in the Eastern Conference. Up next: Tampa Saturday night.

At the Ryan Center, another disappointing night for the Rhody Rams. Up 86-82 with 2:18 to play, UMass rips off a 10-0 run to cement the Rams 7th loss, 98-92 and put another pin in the NCAA Tournament hopes for URI. It's the Rams third straight loss and drops them to just 6-6 in the A-10 Conference. URI's RPI is now at 43, dangerously close to that top 50 line, with a strength of schedule of 98. We'll talk about the loss with Jim Baron today on the Beat starting at 3pm.

It's an important weekend for the Brown Bears. The two-day roady begins tonight at Columbia and then Saturday night at Cornell. A sweep and the Ivy League title hopes are still alive. Listen to both games live on the Score with Scott Cordischi and Russ Tyler.

Another day and another claim of wrongdoing in Spygate. The NY Times with the lastest story, which I really deem their second non-story in two days, brings up the Pats taping the Bucs back in the preseason of 2000. That's according to a former player who would not reveal his name. What's with the Times and the anonymous sources these days! Anyway, it's a non-issue since Belichick has already admitted he's been taping since he got to Foxboro in 2000. To me, it all boils down to if Matt Walsh has any tapes of the walkthrough against the Rams before Super Bowl XXXLI, then the Pats are sunk.

BTW: the coin flips for the drafts are out. The Falcons will now pick #3, Raiders #4 and Chiefs #5.

The NBA giveth and the NBA taketh. The Cavs get Joe Smith, Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West to help out Lebron James take on the Pistons and Celtics in the East on trade deadline day. Well, they'll need them as the Cavs will be without Daniel Gibson for six weeks with a bum ankle.

Soundtrack of the day comes early, courtesy of Taylor Swift's "Our Song."

Back with more later.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No tag for Moss

The Patriots have chosen not to franchise Randy Moss. Could be a long-term deal is already in the works, though. Can you say wink-wink, nudge-nudge?!

Lebron James gets Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West and Joe Smith as help in a 3-team, 11-player blockbuster deal at the NBA deadling today.

At Indiana, Friday looks like D-day, or more like F-day as in you're fired for Kelvin Sampson. Our buddy Jeff Goodman at Fox Sports has the update.

On tap tonight

A big night on the boob tube:

7pm URI vs. UMass (ESPN2)
7pm Pitt vs. Notre Dame (ESPN)
7pm Duquesne vs. Xavier (Fox Sports Ohio)
7:30pm Bruins at Panthers (NESN)
8pm "Lost" (last week's pop up version - ABC)
8pm "Survivor - Fans vs. Favorites" (CBS)
8pm Heat vs. Rockets (TNT)
9pm "Lost" (ABC)
9pm "Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC)
9pm Michigan vs. Minnesota (ESPN)
10:30pm Sonics vs. Blazers (TNT)
10:30pm Oregon State vs. UCLA (Fox Sports Net)
11pm Oregon vs. USC (Comcast)

Thursday afternoon

Hey, there actually will be an afternoon update! Thanks to our great engineering staff here at work, we can now access the site to give you the latest. Great job by the boys!

A quickie update right now: Manny Ramirez spoke today and says he wants to stay in Boston but won't ask for an extension. The ball is now firmly in Theo Epstein's court on this one. Read more from the Boston Globe and check out the Beat at 3pm as we check in with ESPN Radio's Mike Salk live from Spring training in Ft.Myers.

No Celtics deal yet. No franchise tag for Randy Moss yet either.

We'll keep you posted!

McCain responds

Senator John McCain has addressed the NY Times story from today raising issues on his ethics:

"I'm disappointed in the story and it's not true," said McCain to start his presser moments ago. "At no time have I ever done anything to betray the trust of the country."

Deadline Day

It's Trade Deadline Day in the NBA. Don't expect the Celtics to be active unless something just falls into their lap or Sam Cassel gets waived by the Clippers. The C's aren't in the best of moods these days after dropping the second straight to start the second half of the season last night in Golden State. Baron Davis drained a jumper to send the Celts to a 119-117 loss. The good news is that Kevin Garnett looked like more of his normal self with 17 points and 15 boards. Phoenix and Shaq Diesel is up next on Friday night.

As for everyone else on deadline day, ESPN's Marc Stein checks in with the possible deals.

On the NFL front, 4pm is the deadline to put the franchise or transition tags on players. In Foxboro, expect Randy Moss to get the franchise tag to keep him in Foxboro. We'll keep you posted on the Score all day long.

Shame on the NY Times for it's John McCain "bombshell" in this morning's paper, citing Senator John McCain handed out favors to lobbyist Vicki Iseman and had a "close relationship"with her throughout his political career. The shame comes in the fact that it is now a story out in the political landscape with enormous ramifications even though the story itself has very little confirmation from any named sources.

Sen. McCain will address it in a 9am presser. You can hear it on Imus in the Morning on AM 790 the Score. The NY Times story was held once in late 2007 but now comes out at a time when the McCain camp has all but wrapped up the Republican nomination.

It's one thing if it's the "Star" coming out with a story on Gary Hart, but this is the NY Times. The bastien of journalism in this country is usually not the place for gossip and innuendo. So now, the question for all of us: is there an ulterior motive? We all know that most journalists in the country lean toward the Democratic mantra. It's just the way it's always been. It's the same way in Hollywood. How else do you think all the celebrities just happen to be on the Dems' side? I trust you, it's the great logo.

The one question on everyone's mind on the Republican side this morning should be, what if it's true or will be damaging enough to the McCain camp that they are no longer a viable option to win the White House in November. If you think he can't win, how do you give him the nomination at the convention? And if he can't win, who's the guy? Could it be Mitt Romney coming in to save the day four years earlier than he thought he would be just two weeks ago.

This one could have very damaging legs.

I'll be back later in the day with more, providing I can access at work. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday night

Yup, you guessed it - BLOCKED by websense again at work today. The powers that be are working on it, so hopefully Thursday it will be fixed.

So, it's 8:30pm, Little Miss Abbie is off to bed (thanks to her Auntie Laurie and cousin Kayla for watching her while Mama's at book club) and I'm going back and forth between American Idol and Big Brother.

It's my first time to watch AI this season. Alaina Whitaker sounded (and looked) great! So far, three female singers in and she's the one to beat so far.

Over on BB, Jen and Ryan are a couple but on opposing teams. I'm hoping the house votes Jen out since she's the more annoying of the two so far in just a couple of weeks of the couples at the BB Condo.

As for the news of the night, it looks like the NFL and Matt Walsh will be talking soon. Let me put it on the record before Walsh says anything - if he has videotapes of the walkthrough of the Rams before Super Bowl XXXLI, then the Patriots should be severly punished. I know, the Patriots will try the "he was acting on his own and not on our behalf" defense. To me, it doesn't really matter. He was your employee at the time and you're responsible. Based on his previous warnings regarding further evidence to head coach Bill Belichick, NFL Commish Roger Goodel would have no choice but to suspend Belichick for a year.

Now, if Matt Walsh has nothing, he will be shown for the fraud that he truly would be. Speaking of Walsh, have you checked out his wedding day pictures with all of the memorabilia. Check them out on the Sportsbeat Photos page.

Our Soundtrack of the Day comes from Kelly Clarkson - "A Moment Like This."

8:40pm Update - Parker and Jen have been voted out of the Big Brother house. THANK YOU housemates. So, now with Jen out of the picture, will Allison try to put the moves on Ryan? Hmmmmmm.

A couple of questions before we sign off tonight -
1)Should the Dolphins take a flyer on Keyshawn Johnson if he wants to come back? Absolutely! Tell me what receiver they have right now is better than Key!

2)Coco Crisp says he would ask for a trade if Jacoby Ellsbury wins the starting centerfielder's spot for the Red Sox. What would you give up to get Crisp if you were a general manager in major league baseball? My guess here is a middle reliever or maybe a starting pitcher if packaged up with a Julian Tavarez type deal.

3)Would American Idol be the same without the infamous Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell sexual tension? Ha ha ha, let's hope we never find out!

8:50pm update - If you watched Amy Davis on Idol with the sound down, she did great. Enough said as she'll need some help after a pourous performance of Patsy Kline's "Where the Boys Are."

9pm update - Alexandrea Lushington just rocked the house with "Spinning Wheels." It's one of those rare times where I disagree with Simon.

9:15pm update - Kady Malloy can sing, but horrible choice of song with "Groovy Kind of Love."

9:20pm update - Asia'h Epperson - finally, someone let's loose and has some fun with this competition. Best of the night so far!

9:40pm update - "The total package" Syesha Mercado easily slides into round 2.

9:50pm update - The tatoo artist, Cary Smithson has a great voice even though i can't relate to the song. Clearly all the talent has been left to the end of the show tonight.

The final word of the day comes from the full scene of "ESPN's Mike and Mike" on "Guiding Light" today. Watch it here, courtesy of AOL Fanhouse.

Ciao til Thursday!

Hump Day!

I'm back for a Hump Day edition. Sorry about no afternoon entry on Tuesday. Here's the deal: we couldn't access the site to update. It's that simple. We kept getting "blocked by websense." Hopefully, the situation will be rectified when I get to work later today.

As for the news of the day:

Will Manny Ramirez report on time today down at Red Sox Spring Training? Or will we get a ration of excuses as to why Manny's not there or where he is? To me, I don't care as long as Manny's ready to go on March 25th in Tokyo against the A's. We'll have a full report with ESPN Radio's Mike Salk today at 6pm on the Beat.

Tough start for the Celtics last night in Denver. They did get Kevin Garnett back, but they lost to the Nuggets, 124-118. Garnett with just 4 points in 20 minutes as he comes back from that abdominal strain. Did you see that sick behind the back fake for the 3pt play by Rajean Rondo in the third quarter? Oh my! Somewhere though, Cordischi is smiling with the fact that Carmelo Anthony got the win! BTW: NBA trading dealine is Thursday and the C's are hoping the Clippers let go of Sam Cassel, who would love to come east for a title run in Boston.

On the other side of the country, the Bruins lose a 2-0 edge in the final minute of regulation only to pull out a 3-2 shootout victory over Carolina. B's goalie Tim Thomas will join us today at 5pm to discuss and give you the chance to win Bruins/Senators tickets as well.

It's February 20th and NCAA Tournament chances are growing and bursting with each passing day. Get the latest on URI's dancing chances today at 5:30pm with ESPN's Joe Lunardi on the Beat.

So, Mike and Mike (Greenberg and Golic for the uninformed) hit "Guiding Light" today. Everywhere across America, soap opera wives are cringing! Check out the behind the scenes epic right here.

NCAA news: Kelvin Sampson will be suspended and then fired by Indiana for the alleged five major violations the University now faces. Expect it all to come down before Saturday's game at Northwestern. Violations aside, the Hoosiers are having a fantastic year, going 22-4 with wins over Purdue and Ohio State in the past week. Might this controversy be the sugar that stirs the drink and motivates them in the NCAA Tournament?

Did you see who showed up to WWE Raw the other night? Lindsay Lohan and Floyd Mayweather, who now has one-on-one date with the Big Show!

On tap tonight:
7pm North Carolina at NC State (ESPN HD)
7pm Marquette at St.John's (ESPN2 HD)
7pm South Florida vs. Cincinnati (ESPN U)
8pm American Idol (Fox)
8pm Big Brother: 'Til Death Do Us Part (CBS)
9pm Lakers vs. Suns (Shaq's Phoenix debut - ESPN HD)
9pm Kansas State vs. Nebraska (ESPN2 HD)
10:30pm Celtics at Warrios (Comcast)
Back later, I hope, with more news and the soundtrack of the day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday morning

A few leftovers to start your Tuesday morning back to work:

First up, Andy Pettitte. So, let me get this straight. If you know why you're doing it in your heart and you're just trying to get back on the field, it's ok to use HGH. Pettitte says he knows it was stupid to use it, went against Brian McNamee's advice and said it didn't even help him the first time he used it back in 2002, but still did it again in 2004.

I know, there are those of you out there who will point to the fact that HGH wasn't banned by MLB until 2005. Yet, still it's illegal to use HGH without a doctor's prescription, something Pettitte clearly did. So, let's take the fact that you don't consider yourself a cheater completely out of the equation. You are just like everyone else. You only came forward because you got caught. The fact that you are now getting a free pass only speaks to how well people liked you before this all came out.

Do not sugarcoat it just to make yourself feel better and justify it. It's OK Andy. You cheated, you admitted it once the "man" had the goods on you and now, let's all move forward.

As to Pettitte's good friend, Roger Clemens. Let's keep one thing in mind when it comes to whether there will be a perjury charge. Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart were all nailed with perjury charges as matter to testimony in on-going investigations and grand jury testimony. Neither of those are at thand in the Clemens investigation by the Mitchell Report. The distinction is very key.

"Curt from the car" is at it again. Finally, Schilling addressed the media Monday at spring training. He claims he can do nothing but do what the team says to try to get better. I just love the fact that the conversation Monday was an invite-only presser. NESN, the Boston Herald and CBS-4 were the lucky few invited to the dance.

Have you seen the latest "Dancing with the Stars" line-up? Oh how forgettable it is. Jason Taylor from the Dolphins, Adam Caroola, Marlee Matlin, Mario, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Seles, Steve Guttenberg, Penn Jillette, Cristian De La Fuente and Marissa Jaret Winokur. I don't even know who those final two are!

Did you see where Lindsay Lohan was at WWE's Raw last night? Maybe she'll be part of a proposed Celebrity Battle Royale at Wrestlemania in Orlando next month.

Primaries today in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Will the March for Barack Obama go on or will the latest plagarism scandal hurt him?

Today on the Beat at 3pm on the Score: ESPN Radio's Mike Salk checks in from Red Sox spring training and the smoking hot Jamie Little breaks down Nascar for us. Check out her pic, as well as the rest of the week's lineup for the Sportsbeat here.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Soundtrack of the Day

In honor of Andy Pettitte's presser this afternoon (heard LIVE on the Score), we give you Chicago's "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" for our soundtrack of the day.

Monday afternoon update

Lots of news going on for this holiday Monday.

Curt Schilling and John Henry addressed the media down at Red Sox spring training today. No bombshells of any sort. Let's just suffice it to say that you can see Schill isn't very optimistic on the current course of treatment for rest and strengthening by the team. We'll talk to Mike Salk from ESPN Radio today and every day this week live at 5:03pm on the Beat.

Andy Pettitte addresses the media in just 15 minutes. We'll carry it live on the Score. Expect Pettitte to get all this out of the way once and then "try" to move on. I do say "try" because we all know the New York press all too well and how they handle "no comment."

The Mavs and Nets deal is at the NBA's hands to approve once Keith van Horn agrees to a new deal to come out of retirement.

The Clinton and Obama camps are going at it as to whether Barack Obama plagiarized off his good buddy Deval Patrick.

On tap tonight on TV:
4pm PC vs. Georgetown (ESPN2 HD)
7pm URI vs. Xavier (Comcast)
7pm Syracuse vs. Louisville (ESPN HD)
9pm WWE Raw (USA Network HD)
9pm Texas A&M vs. Texas (ESPN HD)
12am Big Brother After Dark (Sho 2)

Coming up later, the soundtrack of the day!

Monday morning

Happy President's Day! Well, at least most of you out there will have today off to end the long holiday weekend. Yours truly will be hard at work today on the Beat as Scott Cordischi broadcasts live from the Ryan Center for the URI/Xavier game tonight. It's almost a must win game for the Rams as they truly need the quality win, even despite the fact they already have 20 wins. Listen all day long on the Score.

At least the Clemens/McNamee saga won't be the only sports scandal that will have diametrically opposing views. The Patriots, via Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli, vehemently deny ever taping the Rams walkthrough back before Super Bowl XXXVI. Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe is all over the story. Let the games begin in another he said, he said saga.

From the do we really care department: The East topped the West at the NBA All-Star game last night New Orleans. The Celtics Ray Allen poured in 14 late to lead the East with 28 points. He gets robbed in the MVP vote as fans vote in LeBron James (27 points). I took in all of about a minute of this one and the only thing I took away: man are those uniforms hideous. Or, as my wife pointed out: they looked like they pooped their pants. How's that for a visual on a Monday morning!

Also on the NBA front:
* - Doc Rivers says it's 50-50 that Kevin Garnett will play Tuesday in Denver.
* - The Mavs and Nets are close again on the Jason Kidd deal. It's always great to see Keith van Horn back in the league are a year and a half vacation!

Great finish to the Daytona 500 Sunday as Ryan Newman flashes by Tony Stewart on the last lap to ride home the checkered flag. I'm a little disappointed in Dale Earnhardt, JR's 9th place finish, but after all it still is a Top 10 finish in race one. I just expected more from the man who was in the top 5 most of the way. BTW: Fox easily does the best coverage of Nascar, outpacing ESPN/ABC, NBC/TNT and Speed. I could do with a little less Gopher-cam though. The view is great, but I'm not entirely sold on the Gopher!

Andy Pettitte meets the media today for the first time since his disclosure of using HGH, via his father and trainer Kelly Blair, back in 2004. It will be very interesting to hear Pettitte's remarks, if any, on what his best friend, Roger Clemens testified to in Congress last Wednesday. We'll play it for you on the Sportsbeat today at 3pm.

Quickie results from the WWE's "No Way Out" ppv last night in Las Vegas:
Elimination Chamber winners: Triple H and the Undertaker
WWE Championship: Randy Orton retains the title on a DQ over John Cena
World Championship: Edge squashes Rey Mysterio, JR - Big Show returns to beat up on Mysterio only to be saved by Floyd Mayweather, JR, who bloodies BS
Ric Flair's career continues by beating Mr. Kennedy

More coming up later today....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday morning

It's early on Saturday and lots to get to as we start this President's Day weekend.

What's up with league commissioners not wanting to fully investigate things these days? Bud Selig never wanted to "fully" investigate steroids in baseball until Congress made him with the Mitchell Report. Roger Goodel destroyed evidence before "fully" investigating the Patriots spygate scandal. Now, that decision and not talking to former Pats video assistant Matt Walsh is coming back to bite Goodel in the ass. Even David Stern is not immune as he will not "fully" investigate whether there was some shady business going on between the Nets, Mavericks and Jerry Stackhouse on putting him in the Jason Kidd deal and then letting him go back to Dallas after being let go by New Jersey.

Is it really that hard to take some time and talk to all parties involved and make a decision. No, no, no. In today's age of let's respond immediately and get to a quick resolution, there's no room for that. We need an answer six seconds after something happens. If we don't, something is a miss or someone's hiding the truth. Well, it seems like by responding so quickly, just the opposite is happening in that by answering now, a cover-up is suggested. Just ask Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA).

Speaking of the Spygate, so I guess a walkthrough is worth $100 million, huh? Former Rams player Willis Gary is suing the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick for allegedly taping the Rams' walkthough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans, a game the Pats won 20-17. Although I'm not a Patriots fan, I'm begging Mr. Gary to please just go away with the silly suit.

Good news as the Panthers Richard Zednik has been released from a Buffalo hospital less than one week after having his carotid artery severed when a teammates skate opened a gash on his neck during Sunday's game with the Sabres.

The back and forth bickering continues between Roger Clemens' camp and Congress. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), who chairs the Oversight Committee responsible for the hearings, says he now regrets having the proceedings and only did so because Clemens wanted it. For what it's worth, Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin labels that assessment "absurd." I am foolish or what? If the chairman of any committee doesn't want to have a hearing and feels that written depositions are enough, is he really going to be bullied into doing it? Give me a break!

Count me as one who would take a chance on Alge Crumpler, the four-time Pro Bowl tight end that was released by the Falcons Friday.

I didn't get a chance to get to the soundtrack of the day Friday, so I'll make up for it with two today. First up, it's "Yes We Can" by Will I.Am

And second up, it's "Happy Birthday" from N-Sync since after all, it's my wife's 32nd birthday today. Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday morning update

Time to kick-off the President's Day long weekend for most. Don't worry, the Beat goes on as we are live both Friday and Monday. More on that later but first let's get you up to date on this morning's news.

It looks like a big 'ol boo-boo by the government and the media last night. Breaking news early in the evening suggested that Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids just one month after breaking the all-time home run record in 2001. Alas, the government made an error in a filing to the courts as they meant to refer to a November 2000 test that was previously disclosed in an early affidavit. Oops! Not that anyone needs to pile on to Barry Bonds although I do find it funny that it's a breaking news box when it happens, yet only a random story buried in with others when it's an error.

Kobe Bryant has a tear in his pinky ligament. The NBA expects him to start in Sunday's All-Star game in New Orleans. The Lakers would like him to skip the game.

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) is pressing full steam ahead on Spygate. Just like the Clemens hearings, I wish Congress would be more productive with their time and our money! Mr. Specter, with all due respect, please go back to the job you were elected to do.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the students, faculty and family at Northern Illinois for the senseless tragedy which has now resulted in the deaths of seven and 16 injured on campus.

Coming up today on the Sportsbeat at 3pm on the Score, we'll talk to Congressman Stephen Lynch from Massachusetts. He delivered some of those questions to Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Also, ESPN's Buster Olney joins us to break down everything baseball and Jamie Silva from Boston College tells us what it's like to train for the NFL Combine which he will attend next week. Listen online all day on the Score.

I leave you with this question; would you care if all this cheating happened in sports (it's seems like it's everywhere these days) and you didn't know about it or would you rather have a one-strike policy for all sports, players, owners and coaches alike, where if you cheat, you're out for life?

I leave it for your thought and discussion. Email me what you think.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day news

Afternoon news update:

Zach Thomas will be released by the Dolphins. Might Bill Belichick give him a look to try and make the team just as he did with Junior Seau?

Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield have made their way to Ft.Myers for the opening of Spring Training.

Mavs and Nets still looking at a Devean George roadblock in sending Jason Kidd back to Dallas. Expect this one to get resolved by day's end, IMHO.

TV on tap tonight:
7pm NC State at Boston College (ESPN HD)
7pm Rutgers at West Virginia (ESPN2 HD)
8pm Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites (CBS HD)
8pm & 9pm Lost (ABC HD)
8pm Heat at Bulls (TNT HD)
9pm Celebrity Apprentice (NBC HD)
9pm TNA Impact (Spike HD)
9pm Michigan vs. Iowa (ESPN HD)
9pm Fordham at UMass (ESPN2 HD)
10:02pm Eli Stone (ABC HD)
10:30pm Mavericks at Suns (TNT HD)

Soundtrack of the day - "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf

Thursday afternoon

Perception is reality. That's the age-old statement, no matter what field you're in or what subject matter you're talking about. Although it may not always be true, it is full-hearted in the world of public opinion. Don't believe me? Just ask yourself the following questions:

When the Mitchell Report came out, didn't you automatically think that Roger Clemens took steroids?

Did that opinion change at all when Clemens held his Houston press conference?

Barack Obama is the best speaker and motivator, so he must be the best candidate right?

John McCain is the Republican nominee, so he can't possible be more in line with the Democrats than with Mitt Romney, can he?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel destroyed evidence in the Spygate case involving the Patriots, so he must be covering something up, right?

Reality at any given moment is a fragile thing. Opinions and fact change very fluidly these days. What you think at 9am could drastically change by 3pm. It's the news cycle in which we live in these days. Find it out, put it out and change it later.

So, now we're left to ponder, what is next. Would America be better off leaving the Clemens/McNamee and Spygate sagas in the rear view mirrors? Would sending Roger Clemens (and Barry Bonds for that matter) really do the nation a service? I'm not so sure.

Now, I'm not saying that Clemens, if what he's alleged to have done is true, shouldn't be punished. But should we spend millions of dollars of taxpayers money to get there. I, for one, say know. Take the millions of dollars and manpower spent trying to track Clemens, McNamee and Bonds and put it into the education of today's kids, parents and coaches.

Truly, we could reach many more of our nation's youth with information and yes, including some of these athletes who have gone down the wrong road in hopes of gaining an edge.

Let's stop looking for the quick, instant gratification. Let's once and for all start looking at the big picture and the future of this country. Let's start thinking about the reality of what we want our homes and neighborhoods to be instead of the perception that yes, we got a big fish and everything will work itself out.

More later...

Thursday morning

Today will be (hopefully) a Clemens-free day!! But that doesn't mean it will be Senatorial-free. As you may already know, Wednesday was Washington, DC day for NFL Commish Roger Goodel as well. One of the nuggets he told Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) was that the Patriots taped the defensive signals twice against the Steelers in 2004. You might remember the Pats got wooped in the first regular season meeting, 34-20 but then came back to get revenge in the AFC Championship game. Now, Specter is offering Matt Walsh, the former Pats video assistant who says he has more information on Spygate, full indemity if he complies legally by telling the truth and returning any "product" he may have taken with him when he left the Patriots organization.

The good baseball news is that today marks the first day of spring training for the Red Sox in Ft.Myers as pitchers and catchers report.

On the college hoops front, we'll talk to URI head coach Jim Baron today at 6pm on the Sportsbeat about his team's OT loss to Temple last night.

At Indiana, today could be Kelvin Sampson's last day on the job for the Hoosiers and it probably should be. Sampson now has Indiana facing five major violations after Sampson violated his own probation due to his own misgivings at Oklahoma. The Hoosiers gave him an opportunity and this is how he repays them?! Indiana should let Sampson go immediately, tell the NCAA they will not give up on postseason this March and deal with any sanctions the NCAA may levy for next season when they won't have as strong a team as they do right now, which is 19-4 after last night's 68-66 loss to Wisconsin.

Congrats to the Celtics and Ray Allen! The C's knock off the Knicks and send Allen to the All-Star Game this Sunday in New Orleans.

Bruins cap off a 2-0 Boston night, topping the Penguins in Pittsburgh 2-1 behind a solid night from Tim Thomas. Thomas joins the Beat today at 5pm along with your chance to win Bruins/Senators tickets!

Patriots ticket prices are going up! Hey, what better way to pay for Randy Moss coming back, right?

It's Valentine's Day, so what would it be without some lovely Valentine Day's sights, right?

Coming up later today, this afternoon's news, the soundtrack of the day and be sure NOT to miss the Sportsbeat as the music alone will make you smile.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday afternoon update

If you missed any of the Clemens/McNamee hearings today, check out ESPN's Jayson Stark's blog. It's a great read of all the proceedings.

TV tonight on tap:
7pm Bruins at Penguins (NESN HD)
7:30pm Knicks vs. Celtics (Comcast HD)
8pm American Idol (FOX)
8pm Big Brother (CBS)
12am Big Brother After Dark (Showtime2)

No tv for URI/Temple tonight. We'll catch up with Rams head coach Jim Baron Thursday at 6pm on the Score as well as hook up with Bruins goalie Tim Thomas at 5pm. Hopefully, Tim and the B's grab a win tonight in Pittsburgh to start the five-game road trip.

If you've ever seen "Accepted," Lewis Black is laugh-out-loud funny.

Today's soundtrack of the day is provided by Carrie Underwood and yes, in honor of the boys in DC.

Clemens hearing

If you're keeping tabs on the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee hearings in Washington, DC, you could say that neither side is doing themself a great service so far to day.

BTW: Rep. Dan Burton is my new hero - when addressing Brian McNamee: "lie, lie, lie!!!!"

Also, from Charlie Schuler of the Mitchelle Report: the Canseco Party would've been a good thing to talk to the players about but we couldn't. For that response, one rep comes back with: " we'd like to talk to God, but he's not available." Great stuff.

Stay tuned to the Score for all your coverage all day today.

Wednesday morning

A few links to start your Hump Day...

* - So, the Pats admit they've been spying on other teams since 2000. Are you surprised? I'm not. Today, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) gets his meeting with NFL Commish Roger Goodel at 3pm on Capitol Hill.

* - Speaking of Capitol Hill, today is H-day for Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee. They'll take over the spotlight of the Nation today at 10am as they answer questions under oath from our esteemed Congress. Listen to it live on the Score. Clemens reportedly has Jose Cansecon in his corner as Jose has said in a sworn affidavit that he believes Clemens in his denial

* - Also on the Score this afternoon, Bruins goalie Tim Thomas joins us at 5pm to talk about his personal three game losing streak and the B's 3-2 loss to the Hurricanes Tuesday night. Thomas expected to be in the nets tonight at Pittsburgh as the Bruins start a five-game road trip.

* - The beat goes on for the Celtics as they get to entertain the Knicks tonight as a present for going on the road Tuesday night and gutting out a roller-coaster win against the Pacers. C's were up 10-0, down by 11 and then get the duke 104-97 behind Paul Pierce's 28 points ans 12 boards.

* - Why is it such a problem for Kelvin Sampson to recruit legally? Indiana's now on the brink of major violations according to ESPN. Sampson was busted in Oklahoma for the same problems recruiting with illegal phone calls. Hearings are set for June.

* - Slam dunk night for Barack Obama Tuesday. Three primaries and three victories for the surging one from the South Side. Don't forget, Rhode Island's primary is March 4.

* - Erin Burnett, international superstar!

* - PC loses badly at Pitt Tuesday night 82-63. It's very possible the Friars last win of the year could've come against DePaul last week.

Coming up later today, more news from the Congressional Hearings, Spygate on the Hill and the Soundtrack of the Day. Don't forget, Thursday's an important day - Red Sox pitchers and catchers report to spring training in Ft.Myers and yes, it's Valentine's Day. Shop early!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Danica Patrick..oh my!!!

Danica Patrick has taken our breathe away more in SI than on the track. Don't believe me, just look or click on her (insert joke here) for more!

Thriller remake

If you thought Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video was good, check out this remake...

Bobby Knight on Leno

Check out Bobby Knight on Leno last night. Love Knight's attire...

Nascar Trouble

Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch, you'd better be on your best behavior for the next six races. NASCAR today puts both on suspension for their "behavior" at the Bud Shootout this past Saturday in Daytona. Watch it below...

The Potomac Primaries are today in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Expect Barack Obama to take all three in a whitewash.

Tuesday afternoon update

Here's the Tuesday afternoon update:

Busy night for the locals -
7pm Bruins vs. Hurricanes - NESN HD (Alex Auld in net)
7pm Celtics at Pacers - Comcast
7:30pm PC at Pitt - Cox Sports Television

Did you see where Rudy Gay's looking for advice via YouAdd Video Tube for the NBA Dunk Contest?

Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch are off the witness list for tomorrow's historic Congressional Hearing. Now, it'll be Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee and Charlie Scheeler from the Mitchell Report stepping in front of Congress. Rep. Tom Davis is now denying he said that Pettitte's affidavit supports McNamee's claim of Clemens doing steroids and HGH.

Finally, check out this dude - Aditya 'Romeo' Dev

He's 2'9" and the world's smallest bodybuilder!

Have you ever wanted to be frozen in time? Check this mission:

The Soundtrack of the day comes to us courtesy of Nickelback...


SI Swimsuit Cover

OK, boys and girls, it's here!!!! The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover you've all drooled, I mean, waited for over the long, hard winter. Marissa Miller is her name, if you're wondering.

Here's more on the issue from SI:
From Russia With Love: SI ventured to Russia and spent six days with Russian-born models – Anne V and Irina Shayk. The photo shoots also took place in and around St. Petersburg at a number of locations including: Grand Hotel Europe, the Ice Breaker Crasin, Russian Standard Vodka distillery and the Avtovo Russian Circus. The models were photographed wearing the Ponahalo diamond necklace, a 295-(total) carat necklace valued at $14 million, the most expensive item in the issue.

At Home with Bar: Another first: SI spent 10 days with supermodel Bar Refaeli in her native Israel, where she was joined by Julie Henderson, Brooklyn Decker and Jessica Gomes in Caesarea, 25 miles north of Tel Aviv, and at the Dead Sea.

A Record Number of Rookies: Seven rookies debut in this year’s issue: Quiana Grant, Jessica Gomes, Melissa Haro, Yasmin Brunet, Melissa Baker, Jeisa Chiminazzo and Jarah Mariano. Models aren’t the only ones making a Swimsuit debut. Behind the camera, four new photographers joined SI’s lineup: Thomas Sewell, Ben Watts, Marlena Bielinska and Paulo Sutch.

Will Ferrell as Semi-Pro Star Jackie Moon: SI gets Tropical with Semi-Pro star Will Ferrell as Heidi Klum crashes the set of the upcoming hoops flick, spending a day and night in the life of Jackie Moon (played by Ferrell– player, coach and owner of a beloved ’70s ABA team, the Flint Tropics. Jackie is one part Auerbach and nine parts Hefner, which makes him irresistible to a certain Swimsuit model.

Bodypainting is Back for the 10th year: Bodypaint artist Joanne Gair has sprayed and brushed swimsuits on some of the world’s most beautiful women for SI since 1999. This year Gair produced her masterpieces in Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, on the canvases of cover model Marisa Miller, Jessica Gomes, Tori Praver and Quiana Grant.

Danica Patrick Meets Dan Patrick: Danica Patrick’s splashy debut in the Swimsuit Issue is a full-throttle four-page spread set in Singer Island , Florida . But not only did she spend time in front of the camera, Patrick is also featured in a full-page Q&A with none other than Dan Patrick– who recently made his debut on the pages of SI as a senior writer and weekly columnist.

NFL Cheerleaders: Swimsuit 2008 will include 12 NFL Cheerleaders in a fun four-page treatment. This marks the first time NFL Cheerleaders have been featured in the issue. Teams represented include the Buccaneers, Chargers, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jaguars, Patriots, Raiders, Redskins and Texans.

Athletes Wives Return: Four famous players kindly get out of the way for their better halves. Featured are: Ingrid Vandebosch (Jeff Gordon), La La Vazquez ( fiancée, Carmelo Anthony; she did her shoot just four months after giving birth); Carmella Garcia (Jeff Garcia); and Michelle Damon (Johnny Damon).

Swimsuit Goes Global: In addition to its vast U.S. readership, the 2008 SI Swimsuit Issue will be distributed in more than 10 foreign countries, including China , Czech Republic , Greece , Mexico , Netherlands , Russia , Slovakia , South Africa , Spain and Taiwan .

Swimsuit on TV: The 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special premieres on TNT this Saturday, February 16, at 11 p.m. ET . The special, hosted by Brooklyn Decker, takes an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the making of the issue. A home DVD version of the program, with bonus footage and exclusive access to the photo shoots, retails for $9.99

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday afternoon update

Some NFL news to start the afternoon:

* - The bloodletting begins in Miami as the Dolphins cut QB Trent Green and WR Marty Booker among 9 cuts today.

* - Jim Fassel is a little bitter about Jim Zorn getting the Redskins gig. Well, at least that what he tells's Clark Judge.

* - Richard Zednik reportedly had his carotid artery severed during the Panthers game with the Sabres Sunday when Olli Jokinen's skate accidently opened a gash on Zednik's neck.

* - No return to the Top 25 for the Rhody Rams this week. Don't forget, URI head coach Jim Baron joins the Sportsbeat Thursday at 6:03pm.

Here's Monday's soundtrack of the day, courtesy of Sara Evans. It's for all the folks coming to Washington, DC on Wednesday: "Cheatin"


Lucky....that's what the Florida Panthers Richard Zednik is this morning. In case you didn't see, check out the video below where Zednik gets hit in the neck by teammate Olli Jokanen's skate. Zednik is in stable condition after having surgery in Buffalo last night to close the deep gash in the right side of his neck.

Elsewhere, Kevin Youkilis is in the fold for the Sox, signing a one-year, three-million dollar deal last night. The Sox, Curt Schilling aside, have done a good job avoiding any drama as they start spring training this Thursday down in Ft.Myers.

Grammy's last night turned into an Amy Whinehouse lovefest as she wins 5 Grammy's. Count me as one who just doesn't get her. If you heard Tina Turner perform last night, she sounded awesome. If you saw Tina Turner perform last night, you'll see what you see every time you see Joan Rivers - too much plastic surgery. Memo to America - it's ok to age!

Coming up later today...more news and the soundtrack of the day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy night!

It's Sunday night and I'm back after taking Saturday off due to many reasons. Projects around the house, work and yes, more back issues kept me at bay to start the weekend.

Sunday turns into a great day though as it's family day with Miss Abigail. New Valentine's Day pictures were taken at the Galleria Mall in Taunton and then playtime (and bathtime) with Mama and Papa.

Now, onto the things in the sportsworld today:

* - Great day for the C's (now 5-2 without KG) as they upset the World Champion Spurs at the TD Banknorth Garden 98-90. It's a dynamic and yes, best win of the season that's made even better when you consider Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins didn't play a second. Rajean Rondo steps up with 12 assists and 11 boards. "Big Baby" helps out with 9 points and oh yeah, the Captain, Paul Pierce pours in 35 to lead the way to the victory. BTW: Kevin Garnett is out of the All-Star game next Sunday in New Orleans. The abdominal strain paves the way for Rasheed Wallace to be a star.

* - 20 wins for the Rhody Rams. It may have looked ugly, 65-63 over Fordham today in the Bronx, but who cares. URI's now 20-4 and those are the types of wins a tournament needs to get on their way to March Madness.

* - Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya are out on the sidelines of ESPN's Monday Night Football. Apparently, they are getting reassigned as part of ESPN's no sideline reporter policy for MNF. Stay tuned, this could get ugly as some of the folks in Bristol are none to pleased about the move.

* - No, I'm not watching the Pro Bowl. Instead, it's "Jon and Kate plus 8" on TLC HD. If you have kids, it's a must see! Two parents and eight kids, oh my!

* - Hillary Clinton dumps her campaign manager today (no, I'm not buying that she's just stepping down). Yes, I know, they're trying to make it look all nicey-nice, but it marks a change in direction now that Maggie Williams is taking over for Patty Sollis Doyle.

* - Grammy's tonight from Los Angeles. Reportedly, Timbaland ended the People Magazine party last night with a profanity-laced tirade about this peeps not getting into the party. Life is tough, huh! I'm looking forward to Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Alicia Keys performing tonight.

* - More issues for Roger Clemens as four college professor are now refuting his 45-page report that outlines late career success. Like the rest of the world, these scholars now say something unusual happened that kept Clemens successful into his 40's. Should be interesting Wednesday up on Capitol Hill.

Today's Soundtrack of the Day comes courtesy of Kenny Chesney's "No Shoes, No Shirt, No problem"

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday morning

A rare weekday day off here, but still plenty to do. Little Miss Abbie is off to the doctor's with Mama and Papa later today. Abbie just started to turn on her side in her sleep, while hugging Bear of course. And she now knows how to turn on Monkey TV in her crib. Amazing!

In the sportsworld, Red Sox Nation is abuzz with news that Curt Schilling won't be pitching anytime soon. The Sox and Schilling disagree on the course of action on Curt's shoulder injury. The team wants to do rest and rehab while Schilling and Dr. Morgan want surgery. In the end, the team gets to decide so it looks like Schilling will be out until at least the All-Star Break. Could it be possible the team doesn't want Schilling to pitch to give the youngsters (i.e. Buchholz and Lester) while not having to pay out on some incentives? Probably not, but I wouldn't put it past any front office when it comes to a 41-year old pitcher and a team just coming off a World Championship. Read more from the Boston Herald.

Tonight brings both the Bruins and Celtics back into action. The Bruins are in Buffalo for the back end of their home and home with the Sabres. The C's are back in Minnesota for a homecoming with the Timberwolves. It's doubtful that Kevin Garnett will play, but he will make the trip for the ESPN National telecast.

On tap tonight:
7:30pm Bruins at Sabres - NESN
8pm Celtics at Timberwolves - ESPN / Comcast
9pm Friday Night Lights - NBC
9pm Moonlight (repeat) - CBS
9pm Accepted - HBO 2

Finally, a new feature I will try to update every day. It's called the Soundtrack of the Day. If you've got a suggestion for a song or video to detail the day, send along here with your email . Here's today's Soundtrack of the Day, courtesy of Tim McGraw


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Enough said with this....

A general feeling for the week...

Click here to share the feeling!

More later...

Thursday morning

On tap today...

3pm PGA AT&T Pebble Beach Tournament (Golf Channel)
7pm West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh (ESPN HD)
8pm URI vs. UMass (CSTV / Cox Sports Television)
8pm Cleveland vs. Houston (TNT HD)
10:30pm Chicago vs. Golden State (TNT HD)

8pm Survivor - Fans vs. Favorites (CBS)
9pm Lost - (ABC)
9pm Celebrity Apprentice - (NBC)
9pm TNA Impact (Spike TV)

So, Brian McNamee's lawyers say he's turned over physical evidence to investigators that will implicate Roger Clemens. Reportedly, McNamee kept bloody gauzes and syringes from the days back in the early 2000's when he allegedly injected Clemens with HGH and steroids. This one goes only one of two ways: Clemens is sunk or McNamee is hanging on to one very loose thread of decency.

Only 90 days to Disney when we celebrate Miss Abbie's first birthday at the Mouse's House in Orlando.

More later...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TV tonight

For your viewing pleasure tonight:

12 Texas
Oklahoma 7:00pm (ESPN2)

19 Connecticut
Syracuse 7:00pm (ESPN)

22 Notre Dame
Seton Hall 7:30pm (ESPN Full Court)

23 Vanderbilt
Georgia 7:30pm

20 Kansas St. 8:00pm (ESPN Full Court)

1 Memphis 9:00pm

2 Duke
3 North Carolina 9:00pm (ESPN-Dick Viatale's return)

8 Wisconsin
Iowa 9:05pm (Big Ten Network)

Also, this just in from HBO: tonight's episode of "Inside the NFL" will be HBO's last.

Wednesday update

Sad news to start as the coroner's report is out on actor Heath Ledger. Ledger reportedly passed away due to an accidental overdose of a combination of six different drugs that were found in his system.

Johan Santana gets introduced in NY for the Mets. In Santana's words, the Mets had the pieces to win a championship and were ready to step up to get him. Johan says he's happy to be a Met and as far as that World Series: "that's what I'm here for." For $150 million, I'd be happy to play anywhere.

On the WWE front, Bobby Lashley has parted ways with the folks in Stamford, CT. MMA may be his next home.

It's funny how things can change so quickly in sports. It seems just days ago that the Patriots were the end-all, be-all in the NFL. Now, they have a classless head coach with a sub-par coaching staff, aging defense and chaos as to what's next. It seems to me that if Asante Samuel, Rodney Harrison or anyone else on the defensive side of the ball stepped up to make a play, none of this talk would be going on at all. Pats fans would be embracing a 19-0 record with all the flaws had before Sunday's game and still has.

You can say the same thing about the Miami Heat: Shaq and D-Wade and everything was honky-dorey on South Beach. Now, after an agonizing first half in which the Heat have gone 9-37, it's time to cut bait and send Big Daddy Diesel off to Phoenix, pending a physical, for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

It's the case of perception vs. reality. Things are never as good, nor as bad, as they seem at any given time. It's all called perspective. Last night, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were calling for victories. Yet, in the reality of the situation, neither won. It's going to go down to the convention. Obama has a slight lead in delegates but both candidates are less than halfway there to sealing the deal. In fact, a report today on Drudge Report states the Clinton campaign may be dipping into their own pockets to fund the road to the White House. That's never a good sign.

The good thing: only 8 days left until pitchers and catchers report to Ft.Myers for Red Sox spring training. You know what that means, right? Only 9 days left until we gripe about who the 25th man on the roster will be, who will be left out of the rotation and yes, how can Coco Crisp stay with the Sox until Opening Day.

Wednesday early

Well, Abbie decided to get an early start on this, her 9-month birthday. Can you say da-da at 5:15am? So, here's the morning news.

Shaq is off to the Land of the Rising Sun as O'Neal is headed to Phoenix for Shawn Marion and former Celtics guard Marcus Banks. At least Shaq gets away from the 9-37 Heat while Shawn Marion gets to enjoy South Beach.

Super Tuesday saw John McCain build a commanding lead for the Republicans while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to run neck and neck for the Democrats. Obama wins 13 states while Ms. Clinton tallies up 8 including the two big ones in NY and California. As far as delegates go, it's a virtual dead heat right now.

It's National Signing Day and I'll be honest, I couldn't care less. Great day for the individual kids, but as a sportsfan, I simply don't care.

Bruins and Celtics both come up short Tuesday night. The Bruins lose 4-1 at home to Buffalo while the C's get nipped by King James and the Cavs 114-113.

If you're a Eurotrip fan, you'll remember this fondly...enjoy Matt Damon and Kristen Kreuk.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stock report

It's Super Tuesday around America. A quick check of the stock report:

Stock up:
Shaquille O'Neal - Shaq Daddy is on the trade block. Any place but Miami is a good thing at this point.

Steve Spagnuolo - The Giants defensive coordinator is red hot after Sunday's Super Bowl XLII shutdown of the greatest offense of all-time, the Patriots. Spanuolo was interviewed for the Redskins gig. Either way, he'll be a richer man as the Skins head coach or resigned for a bigger payday with the Champs.

Mike Huckabee - Just the fact that he's already won West Virginia and Arkansas tonight means he still has life in his Presidential campaign.

Stock down:
Bill Belichick - The pile-on continues as to what he was doing leaving the field with a second left in Sunday's loss to the Giants. Classless: yes. The worst crime ever committed: of course not. Some Pats fans say that notion goes to leaving Ellis Hobbs on an island on an all-out blitz on the game-winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress.

Willie Andrews - No win, no parade and no more weed after he was allegedly caught win a half-pound of marijuana on Tuesday. He pled not guilty on Tuesday afternoon.

Bobby Knight - How do you leave a team of college kids in the middle of the season when all you've been preaching is how your team is in it together? Good luck to Pat!

This just in: Hillary Clinton wins Massachusetts!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Saturday, February 02, 2008

One day away

Super Bowl XLII in just one day away out in Glendale, Arizona. Don't forget, you can hear the game on Sportsradio 99.7FM & AM 790 the Score in Providence starting at 3pm: Marv Albert and Boomer Esiason with the call.

To get you through the withdrawals of the pregame, here's Alessandro Ambrosio from Entourage...

For your non-Super Bowl viewing pleasure today:
2pm - Dayton at URI - Cox Sports Television, DirecTV
7pm - Red Wings at Bruins - NESN HD
7pm - West Virginia - Cox Sports Television, DirecTV

On the radio, it's Brown basketball vs. Columbia with Scott Cordischi on the call on the Score. Listen online on the Score's website as well starting at 6:45pm.

If you need your football fix, here's your lineup from the NFL Network:
The greatest Super Bowl commercials of all-time.
NFL Total Access at the Super Bowl, live coverage of Hall of Fame press conference and events.
4:00 PM - Hall of Fame PRESS CONFERENCE
Live coverage of the 2008 Hall of Fame press conference.
NFL Total Access at the Super Bowl, live coverage of Hall of Fame press conference and events.
Former NFL offensive lineman Jamie Dukes tackles the headlines and hot football topics of the day.
NFL Total Access is the NFL's show of record, providing daily news, interviews and analysis from around the league. Total Access previews Super Bowl XLII from Arizona..
Find out who will win and why when NFL experts analyze the Super Bowl.
Answering the burning questions swirling around the league, Who Is is a topical show addressing what inquiring minds want to know.
Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins - The Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 to become the only team in NFL history to complete a perfect season (17-0).
NFL Total Access is the NFL's show of record, providing daily news, interviews and analysis from around the league. Total Access previews Super Bowl XLII from Arizona..
The greatest Super Bowl commercials of all-time.
Find out who will win and why when NFL experts analyze the Super Bowl.
Answering the burning questions swirling around the league, Who Is is a topical show addressing what inquiring minds want to know.
Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins - The Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 to become the only team in NFL history to complete a perfect season (17-0).

Here's hoping Andre Tippett gets into the Pro Football Hall of Fame today as he deserves to be there. Art Monk, Darrell Green, Cris Carter, Ray Guy, Paul Tagliabue, Russ Grimm and Tippett would be my choices today.

Finally, good job by the Mets in getting the Santana deal done Friday, pending Santana's Saturday physical of course. Santana, Pedro, El Duke, Perez and Maine makes for a mighty fine five-man rotation.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Erin Andrews

What better way to start a weekend than with the lovely Erin Andrews from ESPN, courtesy of the fine folks over at Rush the Court.

Sox sign Sean Casey

The Red Sox sign former Tigers and Reds first baseman Sean Casey this morning. The deal, according to the Boston Globe, is a one-year deal worth about $750,000. It's a good signing for the Sox, IMHO. I love the attitude Casey brings to this team. He's a Dirt Dog who will run through a wall for a manager like Terry Francona. He's also got some pop (.301 hitter in 11 seasons, hitting .296 for the Tigers last season) and good defensive skills to spell Kevin Youkilis at first base.