Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some things I think are true...

The Red Sox would be crazy to give up both Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury for Johan Santana.

The Yankees would be equally crazy to give up Melky Cabrera and Jaba Chamberlain for Santana, too!

The Celtics have already acquired that killer instinct to win games with the new Big 3. They have a trait from the 1986 Championship Team that let teams think they were hanging around before throwing a thunderous 20-2 run down their throats to cinch the victory.

The Philadelphia Flyers should forget about recreating the Broad Street Bullies persona again before everyone gets suspended or they take out the entire Boston Bruins team.

The NFL should adopt a flex schedule for Monday Night Football.

Missouri vs. West Virginia, please raise your hand if you had that back in week 1. And no, that matchup for the Papa John's Bowl doesn't count.

The WWE is a better place with Chris Jericho back in it.

Madison Square Garden is still the Mecca for sports and entertainment in America.

For the first time in a long time, I don't think Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination.

Who is Michael Huckabee again? Can't be all bad if the Nature Boy Ric Flair endorses you.

Why is it that everytime "That Thing You Do" is on, I have to stop and watch it?

High Fidelity is an unknown classic with John Cusak.

College basketball in Rhode Island should be fun this season with 3 legit NCAA Tournament contenders in URI, Brown and PC.

20 years from now, we may be talking about Dustin Pedroia as a legit Hall of Famer.

Jim Rice out to be in the Hall of Fame.

"How I Met Your Mother" should be on your TIVO list every week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hockey Hump Day on the Score!

Yes, today marks the first of our weekly segments with Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. He'll join Scott and Bryan every Wednesday at 5:03pm to talk NHL Hockey. So, in honor to Tim and yes, to put a smile on Tony Cornetta's face, here's the best of Tim Thomas as well as the past week in the NHL...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Why do you love your favorite team?

It seems like a rather straight forward question, doesn't it. Why do you love your favorite team? But look beyond the obvious and consider the options. Is it just the results that a team gives you that makes them true to you? Is it the character of the players on your team that make you feel good? Or could it be the guy leading the way, the coach that brings the fanatic out of you?
I think this is where it starts. We all want our teams to do well. No one wants their team to lose all the time. So, yes results do factor big-time in all this. Yet, I do think that it's not the only attribute.

I'll be honest, I've been a life-long Red Sox fan. It surely can't be because they always win. I was 10 years old when they broke my heart, losing a 14.5 game lead to the dreaded Yankees, including a gut-wrenching one-game playoff loss that cost my entire school bus a piece of gum to our bus-driving Yankee fan. It's only until the last four years, twice I might add, that Red Sox Nation has felt the glory of a World Championship.

Part of the fun was the guys on the team. I idolized Jerry Remy and Jim Rice, wearing both their numbers in different seasons in Little League. The Rooster, Rick Burleson was as gritty as it gut. Add in the fact that I used to try and emulate Fred Lynn's dynamic catches in my backyard and you can start to understand what I liked about this team.

Still to this day, I'm an undying Red Sox supporter. The same can't be said of the New England Patriots. I did, at one time, call them my favorite NFL team. That was until the Bob Kraft-Bill Parcells rift. How could Bob Kraft not let the Tuna shop for the groceries? After all, he had won two Super Bowl Titles with the NY Giants and had turned football in New England around by bringing the Pats to the Super Bowl against the Packers. It was at this time, I chose the Parcells side of the argument and went to the Jets with him.
Have the Pats suffered, absolutely not. They are the best team in football, bar none. Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame head coach. That can not be argued. But, would I love this team. Absolutely not.

They've turned into a bunch of guys who wait for someone to diss them and turn it around to use it as motivation. The "us against the world" approach is tired. The lovable 2001 Team Patriots have now been turned into a club that is bitter and at times disrepectful. From spygate to Rodney Harrison's HGH use to Rosie Colvin spiking on the Colts logo, to Belichick frowns on anyone who's ever uttered an ill word about him, it's all become too much for me.

It's not that I root against them, it's just that I now lack any feeling for them.

So, now I want to know how you feel about your teams and how you got to the place you are now. It's your turn...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here we are at the beginning of November and we have our first game of the century for the 2007 season. It's the 7-0 Colts hosting the 8-0 Patriots. It's the first time that two teams at least 7-0 meet in NFL history. It's also a rematch of last year's dramatic comeback in the AFC Championship by the Colts, 38-34, after being down 21-3 in the 1st half.

Now, so much has changed for the Pats. Offensively, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth have augmented Benjamin Watson and Jabar Gaffney to give Tom Brady an aerial assault without compare in his 3 Super Bowl Championship run in Foxboro. The only downside for the Pats is that Sammy Morris is out for the season after being put on injured reserve on Friday due to his neck/shoulder injury.

On the Indy side, Marvin Harrison has been medically cleared to play, but how much he'll play is still in question. The only certainty is that he won't play every play offensively. Look for him to go no more than 30 plays, if that with that damaged knee.
IMHO, I believe it comes down to who's more disciplined offensively. Who will be the team that will grind it out instead of resisting the urge for the quick strike. Both teams can run the ball or use the short passing game as a running game, so it a valid option. But with weapons like Moss and Wayne, the temptation is there.

Bob Sanders and Asante Samuel are your big-time playmakers in the secondary that could turn a quick mistake into a fatal seven points the other way. Unsung heroes, if you're looking that way, could be Randall Gay and Marlon Jackson.

My prediction: Pats 42 Colts 38

As for the rest of the NFL Week 9...

It's a rare time when I actually like my Jets chances, but this week I love them. Up against a banged up and crying Washington defense, new Jets QB Kellen Clemens will throw for 300 yards and 3 TD's. Alright, I'm up from the dream now that Laverneus Colts won't play due to that nasty concussion suffered against the Bills. It won't be quite that good for Clemens, but the Jets will eek out a victory behind Thomas Jones.

Jon Kitna does in Denver. Broncos travel to the Motor City and can't stop the vaunted Mike Martz offense as the Lions follow-up a quality road win at Chicago with this one over Jay Cutler and the boys.

New Orleans over Jacksonville. Back to back road games are death in the NFL. Jags squeeked one out at Tampa Bay last Sunday, but against a Saints offense that's back on track, the Jags will struggle to keep up.

And speaking of the daunting back to back road games, Green Bay is in that same position after Brett Favre's overtime dramatics last Monday night in Denver. That does them in this Sunday in Kansas City, a place that Favre has never won and a Chiefs team coming off the bye.

In the battle of who cares, Oakland over Houston.

And now for your viewing enjoyment...