Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hump Day

It's the end of February and the beginning of baseball 2007. It's always a good thing when we can the Red Sox on NESN to breathe some warmth into a two-snow-day week.

The good things so far:
1)Manny's in camp - thankfully! Although, I don't believe him when he says he wants to retire in a Red Sox uniform.

2)Curt Schilling - I know, 19 pitches, but still one outing under the belt is still a good thing. Plus, he can finally talk about his pitching instead of expounding on every other issue under the sun.

3)Alex Ochoa - two great throws from right field...Trot who? Just kidding!

4)Alberto Castillo - I don't know why, but I like him already. Doug who?

5)Remy and Orsillo - Jerry Remy's rant on the new rules was simply priceless.

Back on schedule tomorrow!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bridget and Tom expecting!

Tom Brady's going to be a daddy, huh? That according to his ex, Bridget Moynahan. For more on the story, click here:

To see Bridget's latest romp with Heather Graham, here ya go:

Britney goes bald!

Did you see where Britney Spears went bald Friday night! No, no, the "other" bald pictures! Check them out here:

Daytona 500 is today. If you have DirecTV, check out channels 794-799 for in car coverage of your favorite drivers including Dale Earnhardt, JR (my pick to win!) and Tony Stewart.

Finally, the Celtics win something. Gerald Green steals the Dunk Contest Saturday night in Las Vegas althouth the best dunk of the night wasn't received well by the judges. Dwight Howard's dunk putting a sticker of himself on the backboard should've gotten a 50 for creativity!
Great Saturday by the locals. PC, URI and Brown all win on the hardwood. Keeps the NCAA Tournament hopes alive for both the Friars and the Rams. Both need to do serious work over the next two weeks though to make sure their bubbles don't burst.

First official workouts in Fort Myers today for the Sox. No big deal, they've been working out for a week. The big news will come in the next 24 hours to see if Manny Ramirez does indeed report on time.
Did you see where the Tigers' fielding session for the pitchers was more scrutinized in Lakeland than the American Idol auditions. I guess five errors in the World Series will do that for you.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

100th post!

Yes, we've made it to 100! Our 100th post is here. I promise to more up to date now that we've got back in the swing of things. A short post for now. Did you check out the new baseball rules for 2007? Well, if you didn't, here they are:

• Time between pitches: The allotment for delivering the ball with no one on base has been reduced, from 20 seconds to 12. The price for each violation is a ball.

• Batter's box presence: Conversely, an automatic strike will be assessed each time a batter violates the rule requiring they keep one foot in the batter's box throughout his at-bat, except for certain game-play conditions -- during which he is still not allowed to leave the dirt area surrounding the plate.

• Ball scuffing: Rule 3.02 now calls for an automatic 10-game suspension for any player who intentionally defaces the ball. (Previously, a first offense led to the pitch being called a ball, a warning to the pitcher and an announcement of violation.)

• No reason for rosin: The same Rule 3.02 now specifically prohibits placing "soil, rosin, paraffin, licorice, sandpaper, emery paper or other foreign substance" on the ball. The rule's penalty phase dictates, "The umpire shall demand the ball and remove the offender from the game. In addition, the offender shall be suspended automatically for 10 games."

• Gender objectivity: The rulebook now includes the disclaimer that references "to 'he,' 'him' or 'his' shall be deemed to be a reference to 'she,' 'her' or 'hers'" where applicable.

Nice to see commish Bud Selig is on top of things. Now, maybe he could address that little steroid issue!

Back later!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Not much of a snowstorm for Southern New England. Ice, rain and just plain YUCK is more like it. Please just let me know when it will be 70 degrees again with a glaring sun to heat us all up.

"American Idol" is down to the final 24. Just got done watching it and let me tell you, that kid Chris (a/k/a Jack Osborne) is one to watch. He's going to be a popular one.

On the talk of tv, "Friday Night Lights" on NBC continues to get better and better. From an offensive coordinator making a team-splitting racist remark to four kids getting caught at a strip club (including the coach's daughter) to Kyle Chandler's quick and dry wit as head coach, the show continues to impress. It's a must TIVO event in the Crowe household these days.

Finally, the funniest hour on tv these days might be the 8pm hour on CBS Monday nights. "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Class" are downright hilarious. Neil Patrick Harris is "legend"...wait for it..wait for it...that's right.."dary" is his role as Barney. On "The Class," it's tv's best ensemble this side of "Entourage." Check it out!

Alright, that's my tv rant for today. Onto some sports takes for the day:
1)Daisuke Matsuzaka - Enough already! I don't need to know his every move. Although, his new beer ad is quite impressive. Check it out on the Score's website:

2)Tiki Barber - Shut up! You're not with the NY Giants anymore. Stop bitching about Tom Coughlin already.

3)Celtics - The streak is over! Thankfully! Now, it's back to the task at hand: winning the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. A 20-point win over the Bucks is nice, but let's keep the true goal in mind.

4)URI routs St.Louis - Jim Baron's crew continues to impress. Now, 9-3 in A-10 play after avenging an earlier loss to the Billikens Wednesday night.

5)Red Sox full speed ahead - The Red Sox now own 50% of Roush Racing! Find out more about it Thursday on the Sportsbeat at 5:05pm when Mike Dee, CEO of the Red Sox and President of the Fenway Sports Group joins Scott and Bryan on the Score!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday, February 9th

Sportsradio the Score first came onto the Rhode Island sports scene in October of 1997. Yet what I heard Thursday on the Sportsbeat with Scott Cordischi and Bryan Morry may have been one of the most honest 23 minutes of radio in the past 10 years. The sportsworld has been abuzz about the coming out of former NBA center John Amaechi the past few days. Well, Thursday on the Sportsbeat, former Packers nose tackle Esera Tuaolo joined the boys to talk about what's it like to come out as a gay athlete after having played a mainstream sport. Pointed, genuine and straight from the heart is exactly what Esera told Southern New England about his experience. To hear him speak with the utmost of class and honesty about his life, his partner and the road to happiness he's currently trying to perfect gave us a dramatic insight into just how hard that is for a male athlete trying to live his life in current day American society. To sum him up, Esera says he's an trustworthy man who takes care of his Mom, pays his taxes, doesn't break the law and is treated like a 2nd class citizen just because of who he's picked as a life partner, a man he truly loves.

If you missed any of it, just click here, to listen to the entire interview.

Upcoming this weekend:
PC at Pitt (5:45pm on 99.7FM the Score) - a win here would definitely help the cause for the Friars NCAA Tournament chances. It'll be tough, #9 Panthers thrashed West Virginia on the road Wednesday night, dominating inside.

Celtics vs. Nets (Friday) and Timberwolves (Sunday) - could be the C's best chances to get a game and end this franchise record 16 game losing streak. They'll do it withouth Wally Szczerbiak, out again with yet another sprained ankle. Only a game against Milwaukee next Wednesday is ahead before heading out west against more of the iron in the NBA

Pro Bowl 2007 - Bill Belichick leads Peyton Manning and the Chargers. Should be fun. 6pm on CBS12

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hump Day hilites

Alrighty, we've all made it to Hump Day. Congratulations, we're one step closer to the weekend and one day closer to spring training opening up in Fort Meyers, Florida for the Red Sox. Pitchers and catchers open up on the 18th with the full squad coming together on the 22nd. And speaking of getting it together, did you see how Alex Rodriguez got heckled at his book signing the other day. It's just like NY to turn a children's book signing into a melee. No wonder A-Rod's going to opt out of his Yankees deal at the end of the 2007 season. It's the best move he could make.

Speaking of great moves, did you see that Jon Lester's already down in Fort Meyers? It's great to see he's bouncing back from the battle with cancer that surprised Red Sox nation not too long ago. Good luck to Jon and his family in that fight.

Stock up:
1)Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts - isn't it obvious! The monkey's off the back.

2)Boston Bruins - that's right, they've actually won two in a row heading into Thursday night's tussle with Peter Laviolette's Carolina Hurricanes.

3)Gerald Green - the only positive thing to happen to the Celtics in a month. He's headed to Las Vegas for the Dunk Competition.

4)The Police - the reunion tour starts this Sunday at the Grammy's.

5)PC and URI - the road to the NCAA Tournament now rests in your hands. Next up, Pitt for PC Saturday after the Panthers impressive road win at West Virginia Wednesday night and it's UMass for URI Thursday night in a fight for first place in the A-10.

Stock down:
1. Celtics - 16 in a row after a lackluster fourth quarter against the Heat Wednesday night. Loss number 17 could come Friday against the Nets. Can't anyone come through that door?

2. Rex Grossman - There's nothing sexy about that Super Bowl XLI performance! Gross. Yeah, that about cuts it.

3. Tom Brady - anytime Peyton Manning wins a Super Bowl, it brings Brady a little bit back to being human.

Final thoughts:
Look for the Colts to open the 2007 season against the Saints in the Thursday NBC opener. The NFL will look to hold Pats/Colts for an October/November sweeps doubleheader or prime time game

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