Saturday, October 28, 2006

Soaking Saturday

After painting this morning and getting caught up on house stuff I've been trying to get to for awhile, it's time for some treats. After all, it is three days until Halloween and the weather today is very frighful. Buf first, some football treats as well:

My picks from the Handicapper's Corner - Friday's on the Score. For full picks, click here!

Phi -7 over Jax
NO -2 over Bal
TB +9 over NYG
Den -3 over Indy
BB: NYJ +2 over Cle

Guys I'd like to see on the Red Sox in the off-season: Frank Catalanotto, Sean Casey, Jason Schmidt and yes, Alex Rodriguez. Let's put em back at short and get him back to his comfortable and productive self soon.

Is anyone else here waiting for new Bruins captain Zdeno Chara to perk up a bit and not be a -7 player that he is currently. We know he's good, we just want to see it.

URI basketball starts Wednesday and PC basketball starts Thursday vs. New Haven. My how time flies!

Count me in on the folks liking the new gameshow 1 vs. 100. Bob Saget's very funny as host!

Boy do I miss Sara Evans on Dancing with the Stars. So, with that in mind....

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Isn't it ironic:

...that the self-proclaimed offensive juggernaut of a line-up, otherwise known as the now healthy 2006 NY Yankees, score only 3 runs in 2 games (including a shutout by the ageless Kenny Rogers) in the ALDS.

...that Tim Thomas gets the start in nets for the Bruins in their season opener in Florida Friday night. And that the B's give up 8 goals in that game. New GM. New coach. New look. New attitude. Same result.

...that Sebastian Telfair guarantees an Eastern Conference Playoff spot for the Celtics at Media Day. Wasn't this guy supposed to be in Philly right now?

...that Desperate Housewives is suffering now that Grey's Anatomy is on Thursdays.

...that Nick Saban is pulling the same gamemanship tactics that Bill Belichick has been pulling for years.

...that a Republican Congressional scandal comes out just weeks before an election in which the Democrats need desparately to take seats back.

...that Alanis Morisette just doesn't seem as angry anymore.

Now to the football picks for the week. Full picks for the Handicapper's Corner (every Friday at 5:35pm on the Score!) can be seen here:

Week 5:
Philly -1.5 over Dallas
SF -3 over Oakland
Washington +5 over NY Giants
Arizona +3.5 over KC
NY Jets +7 over Jacksonville

Finally, some treats: