Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday's news and notes

Did you hear Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon give us the exclusive news on the David Wells trade on the Score Thursday at 3:20pm? Remember where you heard it first!

Patriots, even without Tom Brady, continue to look smooth on offense in the preseason. And yes, I's only preseason.

Pawsox game on Saturday has been changed to a 1:05pm first pitch due to Ernesto. I'll be there to catch Tek, Trot and A-gone.

Speaking of gone, the white flag is officially up for the Sox with Wells off to San Diego. Imagine if the Padres (Wells, Roberts, Walker, Bellhorn, Meredith, Seanez, Cassidy) and Dodgers (Lowe, Little, Nomar, Mueller) meet in the NLCS? It'll be Theo Epstein's worst nightmare!

Some Thursday treats for ya:

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pena up for Sox

The Red Sox are expected to activate 1B Carlos Pena today, according to the Boston Globe. Could Jon Lester be DL'd to make room for him?

Stay tuned.

Ernesto watch

So, now we have to be concerned with Ernesto, eh? Here's the place to get your updates. Looks like Tropical Storm Ernesto might go right up the east coast and be here next weekend. We'll wait and see. Click here for the latest track!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday morning questions...

A few queries for this grey and rainy Sunday morning:

1)Can the Patriots really be as impressive as they showed on offense last night against the Redskins? Deion who?
2)Can the Redskin really be that bad and disinterested?
3)Mike Timlin. Has the time come to say goodbye?
4)What could've been had we had "this" David Wells all season Red Sox fans?
5)Can Tiger Woods come from behind on a Sunday to win a golf tournament? He trails Stewart Cink by one heading into today's final round at the WGC.

Hey, Grey's Anatomy fans. Check out the "Chasing Cars" video that's a must see by Snow Patrol. Click here to watch!

More later...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sleepy Saturday

After a 15 hour workday on Friday, I'm sure all of Southern New England is tired of hearing from this slam-boy. I don't recommend the 4:30am-7:30pm shift to anyone! But, it does give you time to think. So, let's get right to it.

Deion Branch:
So, the Patriots are giving WR Deion Branch and his agent one week to go out around the National Football League and shop himself around. Seven days to get a team, agree to compensation and then get themselves on the same page for a deal that the Patriots can ultimately just say no to when they see it. It seems to me that the task will be too overwhelming to get done. First off, NFL teams are looking to cut their rosters and find room to get everyone under the cap. Getting Branch onto a team is harder than it seems on its face. Yes, there are many NFL teams that can use and want Deion Branch. But right now, with under two weeks until the season begins, there are very few teams that can afford him. So after declining offers of a reported three-year deal worth $18.75 million with $8 million of that guaranteed, and a five-year extension at $31 million, with $11 million in bonuses, Branch and his agent Jason Chayut will find out just exactly what other teams think of his worth. Is he worth the $43 million that the Colts' Reggie Wayne got, probably not. And it's not his fault, QB Tom Brady makes everyone look better than they are. So, in the end, do I think teams will be interested, YES. Will the Pats agree to anything less than a number one pick or a top flight player (LB?), NO.

Red Sox:
Sloppy night in Seattle with errors galore in the Mariners 6-0 win over Curt Schilling. No Manny Ramirez means no Red Sox offense. Kevin Youkilis also sat out with the flu and Wily Mo Pena had to leave the game with an apparent arm/wrist injury. Manny's going to give it a go tonight and see if he play out in left field. Wily Mo won't give it a go against Gil Meche. Ironically enough, David Wells has to play the role of stopper for the fourth time this season. Even though he didn't get the win against the Yankees Monday, Wells did pitch like a stopper. Let's hope he can do it again.

As for "score-gate," ENOUGH ALREADY! Stop griping about one hit, one error, one moment in time. The season's falling apart and you need to move on. Remember, you don't judge someone on one moment in time, you remember them on how they dealt with adversity. Right now, history would not be kind to how the 2006 Boston Red Sox are playing this one out.

Great opportunity to see the future of the Red Sox today at Fenway Park. Lowell takes on Oneonta at 2pm while the Pawsox play Rochester at 6:05pm. Listen to it live, click here.

Today's kudos:
1)Barry Zito: Seven innings of no-hit ball vs. Texas Friday night. Sox will see him Wednesday in the finale of the nine-game road trip.
2)Joe McDonald: Congrats on getting the Pats gig at the Projo. Well deserved by one of the hardest working guys in Providence.
3)Grey's Anatomy: Good luck at Sunday's Emmy Awards. One of the best shows on TV deserves some recognition.

Today's raspies:
1)The Red Sox: not only for the play on the field but the whining in the clubhouse
2)T.O. and Dallas: I'm already sick of the Cowboys already.
3)CBS/Katie Couric: DO I care that Katie Couric's debut is September 5th? No, I could care less that little miss sunshine is going to try and play news anchor. No matter how much publicity you get, unless you're willing to be the face of the network and go cover the news whereever it happens (like Brian Williams and Charles Gibson are doing and that Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather had done for decades), you are not the number one person to lead a network.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday treats

Since David Ortiz has given the Sox a 2-0 lead with his 45th HR of the year against the Angels...we all get treats:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday in Anaheim

Lots of news today from Anaheim. Dustin Pedroia called up from Pawtucket. He'll start at shortstop and bat ninth tonight. Alex Gonzalez is on the 15-day DL. Kason Gabbard is up to pitch out of the bullpen. Javier Lopez goes back to triple A. No Manny tonight. Ramirez still out with a bad hammy. Kevin Youkilis in the cleanup spot. Gabe Kapler in left for Manny.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fenway failure

It's official. After Monday's 2-1 victory by the Bronx Bombers, an historic five-game sweep by the Yankees has officially sent Red Sox nation into depression. Both teams now head out west with NY leading by 6.5 games in the AL East. Anything and everything that could go wrong, did.

Maybe Boston can find their groove thing somewhere over the midwest as they fly out to Anaheim to face the Angels Tuesday night. They'll need it. Kyle Snyder gets the start for the Sox.

As for the Yanks, the only bad news they got Monday was that Mike Mussina will miss his start Friday vs. the Angels.

Jeff Hardy returns to Raw tonight. We hear that someone's going into the Hudson River as the Cena/Edge feud continues. Stay tuned.

Still life...

Wily Mo Pena goes deep. 2-1 headed to the 9th.

Manny out

Manny Ramirez is out of the game with a severe cramp in his hamstring. He's day-to-day.

Bobby Abreu's RBI single leads it 1-0 in the bottom of the 6th.

Sox just waste two on, one out rally in the 6th.

Monday malaise

Sox underway...bottom of the 1st..scoreless.

Before the game, Craig Hansen demoted to Pawtucket. He'll join the team in Syracuse on Wednesday. Bryan Corey called up. Jonathan Papelbon is not available today, per manager Terry Francona.

Alex Gonzalez a late scratch in the lineup. Alex Cora plays short. Kevin Youkilis sitting out with that sore hand. Eric Hinske plays 1st base.

Yankees with a backup line-up today. No Damon, Giambi or Posada in the starting line-up.

We'll keep you posted.

Just kick me in the &%#*!!

Are you kidding me! I mean, really. Are you f'n kidding me! Derek Jeter bloops one in to tie it. Then, Ortiz and Manny on with no outs and we can't get a run in. I'm distraught and depressed by this one. And to make things worse is that I'm still at work at 1:25am working this game. F'n ouch!

The stopper (he's done it the last two starts) David Wells tries to avoid the five game sweep in a couple of hours. Please, just put me out of my misery!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why can't it be easy...

OK, so the Red Sox finally get off to a good start tonight against the Yankees. Up 2-0 in the 2nd, Curt Schilling gets out of a mini-jam and so things are looking good, eh? Whoa mama. Mother Nature has put a little crink into the plan. Let's see how long this rain delay goes. For Sox fans' hope, not too long so that Schilling can't go back out there. The bullpen, with Javier Lopez and minus Jermaine Van Buren, might not withstand another hit like that.

Random thoughts...
1)Tiger Woods may be the greatest athlete of our time.
2)The new CBS sitcom "The Class" looks very good.
3)If you get to see "Tabloid Wars" on Bravo, it'll be worth your time
4)Heidi Klum is smoking on "Project Runway." Don't believe me, just look yourself:

Saturday, August 19, 2006


3 losses.
39 runs.
43 hits.
28 walks.
12 hours.
4.5 game deficit.

One good outing by Curt Schilling: priceless!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Are you ready?

Well, as WWE Superstar Triple H proclaims on his way to a fight, it's time to play the game! Red Sox. Yankees. Five games. Fenway Park. It just doesn't get any better than this. To kick it off, it's a day/night double-dip today at the Fens and you'd better strap in for this one. With both Jason Johnson and Jon Lester in toe on the mound, this one could be a Snickers special: not going anywhere for awhile!

Expect both bullpens to be taxed at some point today as neither Johnson nor Lester have shown a proclivaty for going late into games. The same can be said for the Yanks' Sidney Ponson, who throws in game two.

Now, after today's historic doubleheader, it's Beckett/Johnson on Saturday; Mussina/Schilling on Sunday and then Lidle/Wells on Monday. Should be a great weekend. Don't forget, every pitch live on the Score!

Elsewhere, Junior Seau is unretiring after just three days to try his hand with the Patriots. Couldn't hurt. The run defense against the Falcons was abysmal.

Summerslam in Boston this weekend. Always a good thing when Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson are hanging around our fair region. And in case you've forgotten who Candice and Torrie are, check these out:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Manny being Manny

Thank you Manny! 27 game hit streak in tact! Win streak at 2! Go ahead and pitch around Big Papi, Manny Ramirez saves the day again!

Since the Red Sox come from behind to beat the Orioles 8-7 and stay two back on the Yankees (they win 5-2 over the Angels), we all get treats!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday's watchful eyes

Can things get any worse? Back to back losses to the Devil Rays and Royals! Are you f'n kidding me. A team fighting for its playoff life should not be losing games to teams like these. But then again, is this Red Sox team really what we think it is? That being a championship contender. Let us look at the flaws:

1)Starting pitching
You have only two pitchers who now go past five or six innings on a regular basis. Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett (when he's not giving up huge taters!) are the only reliable pitchers on this staff. Jon Lester, Jason Johnson and a comebacking David Wells aren't sure things to get this club into the 7th inning anymore. In fact, Lester, outside of the gem against KC the first time around, is done after five with his nibbling, let's not throw strikes attitude.

The kids are struggling at the moment. Especially, Craig Hansen. His ERA is now near six and with his inability to throw strikes and get ahead of the count, he's putting himself in more jeopardy rather than getting the team out of danger. These days, Jonathan Papelbon isn't getting into nearly enough games which magnifies the situation with the bullpen. It's not doing the job it's supposed to: be the link between your best pitchers: starter and closer. And oh yeah, isn't Mike Timlin all of a sudden looking very old? Hmmmm...

Outside of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez (hitting a robust .329 since the All-Star break), this team is not effective offensively. Crisp, Lowell and Youkilis have hit the wall. If you take out the big boppers, the Bosox are hitting about .269 since the break and is fast becoming a very average .500 team. Let's not forget the lack of lefties either. Only Ortiz and Crisp took on Luke Hudson last night.

Can you really call this a bench anymore? No lefty stick and the biggest threat out of the dugout is Alex Cora, who's doing his job. Javy Lopez isn't what he used to be offensively and Gabe Kapler's not scaring anyone.

Now, even with all these flaws, there is hope on the horizon. Keith Fouleke pitches again today in Rochester (11am on the Score!). Wait a minute, did I just say Foulke and hope in the same sentence. I guess now I am flawed too!

Today's kudos
1)Patriots: Thanks for finally confirming the obvious. Tedy Bruschi's out for the preseason with a broken wrist.
2)CBS: The new promos for the show "Class" are phenomenal. I'm psyched to see that show as a compliment to "How I met your mother" on Monday nights.
3)Rebecca Dipietro: Cast aside in the WWE Diva Search, Rebecca announced on the Score that she's signed to a WWE contact and will be heading to the minors first for some seasoning. Good job by the good looking Smithfield resident

Today's raspies:
1)Maurice Clarett: Arrested, tazed and now in custody after a high speed chase by police.
2)Mel Gibson: do we really need to say anymore as he tries to shop his next movie around Hollywood?
3)NBC: great coverage for your first outing of the season for Sunday Night Football, but can you please send the game to us in HD for the whole game! The switch here locally to full HD didn't come until halftime.
Treats later.....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday's takes

Count me as one of the ones who likes the Javy Lopez deal with Baltimore. You get an offensive-minded, experienced catcher and the O's pick up half the salary. I'm down with that! Believe me, I like Doug Mirabelli and Ken Huckaby. Both very nice guys. But you're not going to win with everyday catchers like that for a month and a half. I know Lopez isn't what he used to be, being 35 and disgruntled lately. But, let's hope the change of scenery gives him new life and a few hits left in that bat! You don't need him to be godsend, but if you can get him to hit .270 with a few pops in his bat, it'll be just what the doctor ordered. At least until the captain comes back in September.

Now, since the Sox are officially in second place after Thursday night's Choo-choo (I know, it's cheasy) loss to Cleveland, we're all in need of some treats. So, here they are...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday's musings

So, the trading deadline has now come and gone. And you know what? I'm OK with what the Red Sox have done. Could they have used another starting pitcher? Sure. Could they use another quality arm in the bullpen? Absolutely. Could a lefty bat off the bench provide some offensive stability? Yes, it would. Yet, after a day spent trying to be creative in landing the likes of Andruw Jones, Roy Oswalt, Jason Schmidt and Kip Wells among others, the Red Sox stood pat. And yes, I'm still OK with it.

Instead of parlaying Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and other young prospects into feel-good, name-dropping immediate results, GM Theo Epstein stood his ground and opted to stay with the long-range plans. That's a good thing! It doesn't change the fact that the Red Sox still need veterans David Wells and Tim Wakefield to come back healthy and perform. It doesn't change the fact that the young studs like Hansen and Manny Delcarmen need to come through in the clutch to stabilize the bullpen. And yes, it doesn't change the fact that the Sox need to find offense from someone other than David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

Let's face it. With everything that's happened so far this season with the injuries, Boston is still in first place and still has all the A-level prospects it needs to forge ahead into a very successful future.

It's the age-old saying, sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make.

Today's kudos:
1)Yankees: Good job by GM Brian Cashman to land OF Bobby Abreu, RHP Cory Lidle and 1B/OF Craig Wilson the past two days. Yanks needed to make moves to stay at the Red Sox heels and they did just that.
2)Dodgers: Greg Madduz and Julio Lugo. That will keep the Dodgers in the race in a very closeknit NL West
3)Pats/Tom Brady: Is there really any need to answer why your #1 QB and most valuable person in the organization needs to sit out a practice? Please! Calm yourself Pats fans, Tommyboy was back on the field this morning.

Today's raspies:
1)Mel Gibson: Did you just think those nasty thoughts or did you really say them out loud?
2)Twins: After touting for weeks you might go after Alfonso Soriano or some other bat to go with the quality pitching you already have, the Twinkies do nothing while the Tigers add some punch with 1B Sean Casey. Doing nothing may cost you in September.
3)Movie-goes: How can you make Miami Vice the number one movie this past weekend? Have our standards really sunk that low?

Maybe some treats later!