Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today's treat - Sunday

Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigel

Washed out...

Well, like everyone else. I'm sure you're all wet after this weekend's washout in New England. Let's just hope it clears so that the Newport Country Club can get some dry-time before the US Women's Open plays for real on Thursday. A heads up to all who were hoping to watch practice on Monday: the USGA has closed the course to spectators to save the course some wear and tear.

Today's kudos:
1)Peter Laviolette and the Carolina Hurricanes: just 6 days after winning the Stanley Cup, the Canes wrap up Lavy for five years. Hmmmm..ain't it funny to see an organization run smoothly for a change. Are you watching Bruins? More on them later.
2)David Beckham: Bend it like Beckham bends it around to advance and face Portugal in the quarterfinals. I guess he can do more than be a pop star, huh!
3)Big Papi: I know it's a day late, but you have to give David Ortiz his props! The most clutch hitter of our generation. And let's not forget, it wasn't that bad a pitch from Flash Gordon either. (Honorable mention goes to Jonathan Papelbon!)

Today's raspies:
1)Boston Bruins: easy hit here. They have a coach in Mike Sullivan yet they've interviewed at least three others for the job (Dave Lewis, Pat Quinn and Kevin Dineen) and hoped Peter Laviolette wouldn't go back to Carolina. If you don't want Mike Sullivan, then fire him. No shame in saying he's not your guy. But don't have an open interview process while the guy still has the gig. It's embarrassing and classless to a guy who got everything he could out of a non-talent-laden team last season.
2)Mother Nature: had to do it!
3)Mother Nature again! That's right, it's been that bad that she deserves another one with more rain coming around for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it seems

21 days until our Foxboro-fiesta! Boy do we need it!

Back later with a treat or two!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sox trade

Dateline: Boston
Date: June 21st
Assignment: To find the next great starting pitcher
Target: Jason Johnson
Whereabouts: last scene on a Cleveland Indians mound with an ERA near 6.00

In an undying search to find one guy to get one win one after another, the Red Sox today acquired Indians right-hander Jason Johnson for cash and/or a player to be named later. Johnson had been designated for assigment on Tuesday.

Like Kyle Snyder, who is now headed to Pawtucket, Johnson is a big kid (6'6" 225). He's won 8 games in each of the past three seasons. As the season goes along, Theo keeps throwing darts at the board. Pauley wasn't bad. Snyder got us a win. If it keeps getting better with each try, Johnson could find himself as this year's Bronson Arroyo before we're done.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today's treat, part deux

Another special treat on this Tuesday...

Today's treat

In honor of the World Cup...

Cuban fined $250,000

Breaking news: the NBA has fined Mavs owner Mark Cuban $250,000 for his latest comments. Yes, Cuban said what we've all been thinking: the NBA is rigged! Well, OK, he's retracted that statement about his behavior and tirade after his team's game 5 loss to the Heat in the NBA Finals. According to the Miami Herald, Cuban's verbal spat on the court with officials including him yelling at Commissioner David Stern and this little ditty: "[Bleep] you! [Bleep] you! Your league is rigged!' "

Cuban has since said the league is not fixed. But how can you blame the best owner in basketball after seeing Jerry Stackhouse wrongfully suspended for game 5 and then watching his team gut out what seemed to be a series go-ahead win in overtime only to see it fadeaway with a ticky-tack foul on Dirk Nowitzki.

All Mavs head coach Avery Johnson asked for was that the players be allowed to determine the victor in this series. All the NBA gave them was bunk and a bogus referee call. Now all Mark Cuban's giving them is an honest opinion. I guess an honest day's opinion is now worth a quarter of a million dollars.

It's OK. Cuban can afford it and you know he won't silence himself anytime soon. That's a good thing. For more on Mark: click here for Mark Cuban uncensored on his own blog

Today's kudos:
1)Kyle Snyder: From the KC scrapheap to pitching your way to your first Red Sox win in front of about 38,000 rabid Red Sox fans. Isn't that about 7 games-worth in KC?
2)Peter Laviolette: from the Calder Cup to the Stanley Cup. Now Lavy can cash in
big-time on the free agent market.
3)Bronson Arroyo: complete game victory over the Mets Monday night. 9 wins and on his way to an all-star berth. How come we can't get pitchers like that!

Today's raspies:
1)The NBA: see above!
2)The NHL: please take the time now that the season is over to put your product on a network where you can be seen. OLN is becoming VERSUS this fall. Let's hope the NHL isn't on it (although I know they will be)
3)MLB: players and owners have agreed to give the winning league of the All-Star Game the home-field advantage in the World Series. Is it really that hard in this day and age to give it to the team with the best record? Come on, we can figure out how to get instant access of a tsunami from halfway around the world but we can't figure out how to give 8 cities the advance warning at the end of September so they can book hotel rooms for the World Series. Please!!!

Only 27 more days to the boys (and the girls!) are back in town. Foxboro goes country to welcome in all the sexy cowgirls!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday's swings & misses

Short and sweet on this Saturday morning:

Today's kudos:
1)Jon Lester: the wait was worth it. Poise. Precision. Power. Pretty potent future ahead!
2)Bernie Williams: Another game-winner last night against the Nats. Who said Bernie could'nt go Boom anymore? I can hear John Sterling laughing all the way to first place.
3)Today's weather: the reason this one is short and sweet. No reason to stay inside!

Today's raspies:
1)The NBA: As I said Friday night, just ridiculous to suspend Jerry Stackhouse for a game in the NBA Finals.
2)The Boston Bruins: You mean to tell me that Pat Quinn's a better coach than Mike Sullivan? Blasphemy. Sullivan got everything and then some out of very untalented hockey team last season. They could've easily quit and didn't down the stretch. I guess every new guy in charge needs to put his stamp on things. Memo to Peter Chiarelli: just because it's new and different doesn't mean it's better.
3)Angelina Jolie and CNN: I know, I am an Angelina-holic. But, you just can't pay $4 million dollars for pictures (in People magazine) and an interview on CNN. It's just wrong! No wonder Fox News Channel is clearly #1 (besides Kieran Chetry and Juliet Huddy)

Today's treat:

30 days to Gretchen Wilson, cocktails, coronas and the countryfest in Foxboro. I'm outtie!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Are you kidding me?

Things that make me go hmmmm on this Friday:

1)Jerry Stackhouse gets suspended for one game in the NBA Finals for a tough foul on Shaq!!!?? Are you f'n kidding me!!! His foul is no worse than Shaq bloodying Stackhouse earlier in the series. It takes an earth-shattering event for someone to get suspended in a final of series. Do we remember that Roberto Alomar spit at an ump and didn't get any punishment until the next season? You don't put one team at a decided disadvantage unless it's extremely warranted. David Stern, you're a great commissioner but right now, you're just wrong!

2)Kyle Snyder: The Sox picked up this kid from KC today. ERA: 22.50. Career record: 2-9. Don't you think Craig Hansen can at least do as well?

3)Gabe Kapler. Welcome back. Well done!

4)Check out the movie "Listen" now playing on Showtime. Interesting plot. Guys will love it.

5)So, CBS says it's already made its first $15 million from Katie Couric even before she starts. Interestingly enough, they make this public the same week they dismiss one of the pioneers in the business, Dan Rather. Haven't always seen eye to eye with Dan, but he's put himself out there time and time again. He tried to rattle the cage of Bush I. Now, he may be headed to join Mark Cuban on HDTV. I'll be watching that debut, not the one of Miss Perky, thank you.

Good job by Tek tonight. Fastball ripped in the gap for 3 RBI's!!!

31 days until Kenny Chesney and Carrie Underwood join the Corona-fest at Foxboro.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New lineup for Sox

Here's tonight's lineup for the Red Sox:
1. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
2. Mark Loretta, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Manny Ramirez, LF
5. Trot Nixon, RF
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. Coco Crisp, CF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
Matt Clement -- P

Thank you Terry Francona! You've added flexibility and speed to the bottom of the lineup and kept a very good leadoff man at the top. I advocated this move when Coco Crisp came back, but at least now it's going into play. This lineup has struggled with Coco at the top and Youkilis bouncing around. Here's hoping Matt Clement rebounds after 10 days off trying to improve his mechanics.

Today's kudos:
1)D-Wade: 42 points, playing with 5 fouls for over 10 minutes in bringing your club back from 13 points down in the fourth quarter, simply dominating! The Heat have new life. The Mavs better squash that in game 4 if they hope to win the series.
2)Jason Veritek: another HR as the captain breathes some life into his offensive game.
3)Craig Robinson: new Brown basketball coach. will be introduced Thursday at 9am presser. remember, the Score broke the news first!

Today's raspies:
1)Julian Tavarez: 5-2 grand slam night. enough said!
2)The Mavs: see D-wade above. Huge opportunity missed.
3)Keith Olberman and Rita Crosby: the love/hate emails continue as the war between MSNBC anchors continue.

So, who will replace Chris Snow at the Boston Globe as Sox beat writer? Let the resumes begin to fly in!

33 days until the country fair comes to Foxboro!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Branch a no-show

So, Patriots WR Deion Branch is a no-show at Pats mini-camp this morning. Not a major deal here. Yes, he'll miss a few practices, but this is all about the big picture. Just as they did with Richard Seymour last season, the Pats will come to terms on a long-term agreement with Branch as some point. It will not come to free agency. Of course, that is unless something most unexpected happens. As we all learned Monday from Steelers QB Ben Rothliesberger, life can sure throw you a curveball and change the course you're life's on at any given moment.

Today's kudos:
1)Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle for the first ever Wet'n'wild Match on Raw last night. Check out the pics:

2)Carolina Hurricanes: One win away for Peter Laviolette's crew
3)Joel Sherman: great new book, "Birth of a Dynasty," as he talked about Tuesday on the midday show

Today's raspies:
1)Ben Rothliesberger: no helmet, no license and now, no teeth
2)US World Cup Soccer team: no spirit, no goals and now, no chance
3)OJ Simpson: just check out for more reasons why

34 days until the Coronas are flowing at Gillette for the country music extravaganza with Sugarland and Gretchen Wilson

Monday, June 12, 2006


Ben Rothliesberger is a lucky man. There's no other way to describe it. Just take a look at the pictures here. Someone who caused that kind of damage by flying over their motorcycle in a horrific traffic accident is most likely dead. Big Ben luckily only broke his jaw, lost some teeth, got a nine-inch gash on the back of his head and really banged up his knees. With a little luck, Ben will be able to play football again. With a little more luck, Ben will take that luck and parlay it into making a better life for others by trying to save lives in the future and lobbying for a helmet law for those who ride. We now know that someone other than the Steelers offensive line is looking out for Big Ben. For that, we are thankful.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nothing doing

So much for the sweep! 13-6 Rangers behind 22 hits. Be thankful for Big Papi. This one could've been a Texas-sized double-dip win for the Rangers. Coming up: Schilling vs. Santana Tuesday in Minnesota.

In Touch Weekly Poll

As promised earlier, here's the rest of the best breasts in Hollywood list from In Touch Weekly Magazine:

1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Salma Hayek
4. Halle Berry
5. Jessica Alba
6. Tyra Banks
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
8. Rebecca Romijn
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Brittany Murphy

Let the debate begin!!!

Do I smell a comeback, part 2?

Two more in the 6th...You-kie..You-kie..You-kie!!! 6-4..stay tuned~!

Red Sox/Rangers Game 2

I guess the third time is not the charm for Red Sox rookie David Pauley. 12 hits, 6 runs over 5 innings is not such a great way to follow-up the exciting win in game win via Big Papi. Then again, who thought Wayback Wasdin would pitch scoreless ball until the 6th though. Sox just got 2 in the 6th so still hope as it's now 6-2 with 2 out in the 6th.

Out west, Pedro's up 13-1. Nice to see the Mets actually getting him some runs after a stellar May in which he got as much support as Anna Nicole Smith's bra on the red carpet.

NBA Finals and ECW PPV tonight!

Yankees lose!

Kyle Farnsworth. Just call him the anti-Papi. If you need someone to not come through in the clutch, it's Mr. Farnsworth. Dan Johnson got him Sunday with the solo shot in the 8th for the 6-5 A's win. Thank you Kyle!

Red Sox win!!!!!!!!!

Simply put, Big Papi is the F'N man! David Ortiz is by far the most clutch hitter of our generation, bar none! Red Sox win game one 5-4. On to game 2 at 5pm.

It's been awhile...

Alright folks, forgive me for my 19 month sabattical. So much has changed since my last post here. The wife and I have a new home in East Providence. The job has since taken both the surge upward and downward. So, I'm right back where I was, executive producer of the Score. No details why here. If you want to know why, just ask me.

Now onto the more important things:

The Red Sox currently losing in the 8th in game one of its day/day doubleheader vs. Texas Sunday. Boston brass should take its lump for its handling of Saturday's fiasco with the rain. I know you can't control Mother Nature. I know you can't control people's life patterns on how much they spend on parking, concessions and lifestyles. But, all I ask is that you keep the fans informed. That's the least you could do. People in the park weren't updated. The fans listening on the radio or watching on Fox/NESN didn't have a clue.

Not a bad debut by Jon Lester. Wish he could've gotten a little help behind him, but at least he didn't get the loss. It wasn't his sharpest outing, but now that it's out of the way, I expect good things from the lefty.

Matt Clement gets bypassed again by the Sox and will pitch on Wednesday in Minnesota. Wells, Foulke, Clement, etc. How many guys get to work through it without a DL stint (albeit Wells ended up there now) and limiting your roster flexibility?

Today's kudos:
1)Mexico for slamming Iran in the World Cup 3-1
2)Meredith Viera for finally getting off the View and onto the Today show
3)Scarlett Johanssen for being named (and blessed) with the best breasts in Hollywood!

Today's raspies:
1)Jason Grimsley - when you quit, you don't get the money. Stop blaming the D-backs for not paying you when you admitted you cheated and then quit the game.
2)NHL - It's June 12th. Shouldn't your season be over already!
3)NBA/ABC - 9pm starts for the NBA Finals? yourself out and make them 7pm starts on the weekend and 7:30pm starts on the weekdays.

Only 36 days until Gretchen Wilson, Sugarland and Kenny Chesney come back to Foxboro. I'll be there. Heck, that's where the Coronas will be.

Check ya later!