Monday, July 31, 2006

Deadline day

Some deals already made on major league baseball's trading deadline day:

* - Reds acquire pitchers Rheal Cormier and Kyle Loshe
* - Tigers get 1B Sean Casey
* - Astors owner Drayton McLane says the team must trade pitcher Brad Lidge
* - Red Sox and Braves looking to agree on Andruw Jones deal; Braves want Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and Coco Crisp
* - Dodgers to get Alfonso Soriano?

Monday treat

As we await a possible Andruw Jones deal to the Red Sox, something to think about...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday evening

OK, after a long weekend of dodging phone lines from coast to coast and Keith Foulke exiting his rehab stint at McCoy, I settle into the Sox/Angels. 1-1 now in the 2nd. Let's see how the Sox counter the big Yanks trade, getting Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle for prospects. It's a great move for the Yanks. Get's them exactly what they need in a productive, everyday proven rightfielder as well as a fifth starter who will keep them in games and give them innings consistenly. For all those Red Sox fans who might bash this deal, don't. If the Sox had made this same deal for the same level prospects (three "A" and one "AAA"), we'd be lovin. 19 hours and 14 minutes until the dealine!!! Keep ya posted and keep listening to the Score on Monday for the latest!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Red Sox call-up

Well, looks like lefty Javier Lopez will get the call to Boston Friday instead of Phil Seibel.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Country concert photos

Photos from the concert!

Wednesday's awakenings

So, the Red Sox didn't sweep the A's. Same ol' story for Kyle Snyder. Success early, but can't get past the dreaded 4th and 5th. Frank Thomas made sure of that with a couple of moonshots to break out of his slump.

After the game, Kason Gabbard gets the drop back to Pawtucket. Lefty Phil Seibel could get the call up on Friday after being removed from Wednesday's Pawsox win after just 29 pitches, striking out three of the five hitters he faced. After a weekend of possible bullpen work, Seibel would then get the call back to McCoy Stadium to make way for David Wells on Monday. A corresponding 40-man roster move would also have to be made if Seibel gets the call. It would be a great story after Seibel's fought his way back from arm surgery the past year.

How about those Twins, huh! After going a remarkable 34-8, Minny is now tied with the White Sox for the American League Wild Card win (yes, I'm writing this before the Yanks/Rangers game is over Wednesday night). It seems like the Twins are interested in Alfonso Soriano as well. So, just think if goes to the HomerDome instead of Detroit or Chicago. Could make things might interesting in the AL Central with Soriano adding some pop to the outstanding starting pitching staff of Santana, Liriano and Radke.

Camp's just two days away for the Pats. Expect Laurence Maroney to sign within the next 24 hours. They'll get it done. Rookies need to be in camp and Maroney's camp knows it's not good to piss off Bill Belichick this early in a young RB's career. As for Deion Branch, don't expect that to get done soon. The Pats don't have to. So they won't. Until they're ready that is. The two sides will get an agreement before two long, it just won't come before camp or Branch's holdout starts.

A few treats to hold you over:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday scribes

Good way to start off the road trip last night in Seattle for the good guys. Kyle Snyder was his predictable self. Solid four innings of shutout ball only to see trouble in the 5th. I love what I see out of Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen! Get the team out of jams in those middle innings so we don't have to see Julian Tavarez (who could be off to Colorado for lefty specialist Ray King) and Rudy Seanez. Throw in a good job by Tito adjusting for Mike Lowell still being sick as well. Giving Manny Ramirez a few days at DH right now is not a bad thing. Big Papi can handle two games at first and Youkilis and Kapler/Pena can handle the load in the outfield.

Kason Gabbard gets the call today in the Fox game at 4:05pm. From what I saw of him in person at McCoy Stadium, it's all about control, control, control. I know you can say that about almost every pitcher, but for a young guy who walks the tightrope making his big league debut, it's doubly important.

Easy mark of the week: Alex Rodriguez. It's fashionable to bash the defending AL MVP, but please do check the numbers.
AROD: Games:92 AB:349 Runs:67 Hits:99 2B:14 3B:1 HR:21 RBI:71 TB:178 OBP:.386 SLG:.510 AVG:.284

David Wright: Games:94 AB:364 Runs:63 Hits:115 2B:24 3B:3 HR:21 RBI:79 TB:208 OBP:.388 SLG:.571 AVG:.316

One's a god and one's a goat! Now, Wright has the edge, but let's not go overboard and say that ARod sucks. Let's see what happens when he gets the full lineup back around him. And that's coming from a bonafide Red Sox fan (a/k/a Yankee hater)

A few treats before I sign off for now:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday night treats

A few treats on this tropical storm Thursday:


OK, vacation is finally here and it's been a fun one so far. I haven't had a chance to do much, but let me say that the Country Concert in Foxboro was awesome! Great concert, great friends and family and a fun time including about 1,000 coronas!!! I'll post some pictures later.

Did not get a chance to go to Portland to see our friend and the Sea Dogs. Some minor car trouble did that one in mid-week.

Now, as for all the emails I'm getting about the new line-up on the Score, here's the deal. Am I disappointed in the change, hell yes! I wish Coach Colletto was still at the station and that he and I still had a show on the air everyday. Since that's not my decision whatsoever, I have to live with the decisions that have been made. It's either that or move on to the next gig.

As for the new lineup, I'm not a big Opie and Anthony fan, so count me out as being an avid listener. Will I listen from time to time, I'm sure I will. It's just not my cup of tea. For many of our listeners, old and new, it's a great show. I love the local shows, so at that time, 6A-9A, I'm out of luck on our station. I will be back at 9am to listen to Gresh and Zo though. I hope everyone who's not already listening by that time will do the same.

I've tried to email everyone back who's emailed me over the past week. If I haven't gotten to your email yet, I will.

Today's kudos:
1)Red Sox: After a tough weekend losing three of four to the A's, the hometown heroes have rebounded for four straight including Curt Schilling's major league leading (ok, he's tied!) 12th win today over Texas
2)SF Grand Jury: Despite overwhelming pressure and reports that you would come back with an indictment against Barry Bonds for perjury and tax evasion, you didn't. Not enough at this time to get it done I guess. And, Greg Anderson goes free to boot.
3)CBS 12 and Fox 64: Great job covering the Port of Providence Tanker Fire the other night. Even Governor Don Carcieri said it live on your air at 1am: "you've been all over it all night long." When the other guys didn't have it, weren't on or just plain left the story, you stayed with it!

Today's raspies:
1)Blue Jays/Shea Hillenbrand: Way to go airing your dirty laundry in public boys!
2)Rumor has it Alright, I know it's an old movie, but I just saw it. Any movie with Jennifer Aniston in it should be at least tolerable. This one wasn't. It sucked!
3)VH1 The first year of Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight was funny. This year, A Very Brady Marriage is just a very boring brady sequel.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why I love the Boston Red Sox

Let me count the reasons why....






More treats

As I lament the past week, here's some more treats:

Tough week

As most of you already know, a tough week for yours truly and everyone at the Score. I'll get into that more in detail later. For now, these will have to suffice to lift the spirits.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pats camp announced

Here's the first few days of camp for the Patriots in Foxboro:

Friday, July 28:
Practice -- 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Practice -- 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 29:
Practice -- 8:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m.
Practice -- 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 30:
Practice -- 2:30 p.m. -4:30 p.m.

Monday, July 31:
Practice -- 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Practice -- 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Canseco update

Jose Canseco has been traded to Long Beach. Now, at least his daughter won't have to travel around with daddy in hotels while he continues to strike out.

Oh yeah, can Jason Johnson please get a lead-off guy out one of these innings! OH MY!

Wednesday's awakenings

First up, the real world stuff. And no, I'm not talking about the MTV show either.

So, North Korea fires seven..that's right 7! missiles and only half the world is in an uproar? Can someone please explain that one to me. I know, they didn't succeed in lauching seven...that's right 7! missiles to their full mission. Yet, what everyone should clearly see is that they have brass balls. To launch any such actions on July 4th of all days sends that clear and profound message that they are willing to do most anything to piss off the United States.

Now, am i fully convinced that North Korea wants to face the wrath of the U.S. right now, no. Yet, they know that the White House will not be sending its full compliment of pain upon them either. The U.S. has no real economic or political ties with North Korea, so the sanctions don't really mean much. China and South Korea is a whole other deal however. They can wreak havoc on the North Koreans with trade and economic sanctions. This is why you can't have one on one talks between the U.S. and North Korea. It's also why the Bush administration wants the six-party talks.

They may have fired the first real shot in this confrontation. But it's clearly not the last. For the state of the planet, it's now just a midnight duel to see who blinks first.

Now, on to the fun games...

Today's kudos:
1)France: 1-0 over Portugal. Next stop: Italy Sunday in the World Cup finals.
2)Terry Francona: Thank you Terry for taking the bullet on the Manny Ramirez/All-Star game debate. Terry's doing the right thing. I don't care if Manny plays in the mid-summer classic. It's lost that classic feeling a longtime ago. As long as Manram plays in Red Sox games for real, that's good enough for me.
3)ABC/ESPN: Thank you for bringing back Bonnie Bernstein back to my tv! In HD no less :)

Today's raspies:
1)Buster Olney: Great writer. Great ESPN baseball insider. Whiny blog on the Manny Ramirez situation. According to Buster, we should take Manny (and anyone else that doesn't want to go to the All-Star game) off next year's All-Star ballot. Whah, whah, whah! Last time I checked, it's still an exhibition. No matter how many times FOX tells me it counts, it doesn't!
2)Jose Canseco: 9 innings, 3 K's, still 1 jackass. After one game with San Diego in the Independent League, Jose can see a trade to Long Beach in his immediate future. Remember Jose, it's still all about you.
3)Entourage: Four episodes into the new season and still no mention of Mandy Moore or Aquagirl. Just a mere mention before you move on would be nice. At least they got rid of Dom!

Foxboro update: 10 days until the Country Concert of the Year in Foxboro, but it's coming with a line-up change. Sugarland is out. Big and Rich is in. Soundwise not a bad move. From a visual standpoint, it's a loss. Too bad!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th!!! Here's a little treat as I recover from a great wedding from our friends Jamie and Tim down in Narragansett Monday (and the festivities at the Coast Guard House as well!)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday treats

For the one looking for more Katherine Heigl pics...enjoy!!!

Ask and you shall receive...

Well, I asked earlier today for the Bruins to act quickly. Quick is not the word!

On the very first day of free agency around the National Hockey League, the team on Causeway Street has made the biggest splash. The B's have signed defenseman Zdeno Chara to a five-year deal worth about $7 million a year. Yes, that same Chara that played for new GM Peter Chiarelli's old (ok, he sill has 14 days left on his deal with Ottawa) team, the Senators. At 6'9", 261lbs., he's one of the prized defenseman around the league. Boston has also taken care of the offense as well. Center Marc Savard brings his 97 points (28 G, 69A) last season from Atlanta to Boston with his new four-year, $20 million deal.

It's an impressive start to say the least. Let's see where it goes from here.

July 1st!

It's been a rough week if you're a producer here at the mighty Score the past 5 days! Kudos to Sun Chips and Jim Louth! John, Jim and myself have all pulled double-duty this week with our coverage of the US Open. 12-14 hour days burn you out quick, but a yeoman's job by everyone gets it done as our search for the next Cletus continues. It doesn't get any easier as the vacations begin for all! Now, enough about me...

If you don't think the American League is better than the National League, well then you just didn't watch the Sox destroy the top team in the NL: the Mets. But here's more proof, courtesy of

- Johan Santana, Twins: 3-0, 0.82
• Erik Bedard, Orioles: 3-0, 1.29
• Kris Benson, Orioles: 3-0, 2.10
• Freddy Garcia, White Sox: 4-0, 2.10
• Jon Lester, Red Sox: 3-0, 2.12
• Justin Verlander, Tigers: 3-0, 2.29
• Francisco Liriano, Twins: 4-0, 2.33
• Mark Buehrle, White Sox: 3-0, 2.35
• Josh Beckett, Red Sox: 4-0, 2.83

That's just the numbers from interleague play. At least the NL got a bit of revenge Friday night with the Marlins and the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis getting the better of the Sox to break Boston's 12 game winning streak.

In the AL, you have the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, White Sox, Tigers, A's and Rangers. In the NL, you have the Mets and the Cardinals. Now, don't get me wrong, the Rockies, the Giants, the Astros, et al will make a run in the senior circuit, but as long as Pujols stays healthy in St.Louis, the Cards and Mets are the front-runners.

Nice job out of the Bruins to get things done right away after Dave Lewis' hire. The quicker the better IMO. Travis Green and Shawn McEachern are just the start. Let it be known that Lewis is cleaning house, go get yourself a stud superstar (i.e. Chris Pronger) and let's give Hannu Toivenen and Tim Thomas some help. Effective start, but as the Bruins found out the hard way last season, it's how you finish the game that matters most.

Allen Iverson to Boston? Why not! Unless you're committed to play the young guys for one more year until the big-time free agents are up in 2007-08 (O'Neal and Garnett), let's bring some excitement to the Garden again and let AI and the Truth wreak havoc on the East. You still need a confident, strong-willed point guard to guide the way (Andre Miller), but it's a nice start if you want to win now, which is what ownership wants!

Today's kudos:
1. Newport: One helluva job to get that course in shape after the 13-inches of rain lately and then the fog postponement on day 1.
2. Red Sox ownership and Red Sox nation: great job in the luvy-duvy approach with Pedro Martinez. The press conference. The video. The multiple standing ovations. How could Petey be mad and aggressive. He surely was unfocused on the Ortiz comebacker. Good job Red Sox nation. You lulled him into a Boston win.
3. Leroy and Stitch: the new Disney DVD premiered successfully this week. Great way to put a capper on the Lilo and Stitch series. Plus, the bonus of finding out what all 626 experiments are named too!

Today's raspies:
1. ESPN: your coverage of the NBA draft was miles short of impressive. I like SA Smith, but he offered no in-depth analysis. Dan Patrick, another fave, turned into Shecky Patrick with the Commish. It's the NBA Draft, not amateur hour at the Comedy Connection.
2. Jonathan Sullivan: It's an easy one. If you're a Patriot, don't get yourself caught in bad situations. Marijuana, guns, running two stop signs. Not a good first impression at all.
3. NBA: Why have a 2pm trade deadline if you can make any trade you want after and make the draft as confusing as trying to get through RI traffic these days with all the construction.

Back later with a treat or two.

Happy July 1st which means only 2 weeks until the Country Classic comes to Foxboro full of Coronas!!!!!