Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hank the crank

getting ahead, as he needs to do, here are hank the crank's nfl picks for week 4:

Miami +5.5 over the Jets.
St. Louis – 4 over San Francisco
Washington -2.5 over Cleveland
New England -5 over Buffalo

HTC: 6-6 (3-1 last week)
Crowe: 5-6-1 (1-3 last week)

and here are my picks for the week:
Tampa Bay +3 over Denver
Houston +2 over Oakland
Panthers -3.5 over Atlanta
Arizona +3.5 over New Orleans

Monday, September 27, 2004

nfl woes

alright, not a great weekend for the kid and the nfl picks. maybe i should learn my lesson with htc's falcons. three weeks in a row now, i've picked them to win and for the second time, they've come up on the short end of the stick with covering the spread (something htc should be very familiar with).

also, how bad are the dolphins? are they trying to reverse the "undefeated" season by not winning at all. that offense is going absolutely nowhere. feeley, fiedler, heck bring back don strock while you're at it.

now, while we're talking old school. what the f*** is up with pedro martinez talking about the yankees being his daddy! yes, pedro, the yankees have come up with a new philosophy when it comes to hitting you. instead of being patient and waiting you out, the bronx bomers are now slugging at every first pitch knowing full well that you're fastball's not as good at the start of games anywhere. hey petey, i know the yanks are in your head. yes, i know you're only a five hundred pitcher against the 26-time world champions. but please, i beg of you, don't let the world know that you fear the yankees. you may think the yankees are your daddy. you may believe in your heart of hearts that you want them to disappear. yet, you don't have to let the clubhouse, the organization and the rest of the free world know you fear them. be like schilling and bring it! don't fear anyone. show me the old fearless pedro of years ago. please, i beg of you, give me the fearless pedro that didn't worry about his arm falling off coming out of the bullpen to shut down the indians back in the late 90's.

take the cowboys tonight against the redskins!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

weekly picks vs. HTC (hank the crank)

here we go for week # 3:

dolphins -1 over the steelers (come on, gresh is a steelers fan, how good can they be!!!)

lions +4.5 over the eagles (home dog keeping that early season good feeling alive)

falcons -10 over the cardinals (cards on the road..yes a big number, but have to go with the flow. i've picked hank's falcons three weeks in a row now. pats should've had 43 points vs. the cards "d" last week)

raiders -3 over the bucs (gruden bowl 2 is a yawner)

what the f***!!!

thursday morning...11:17am....four things to ponder and make you say...what the f***!!!!

*** --- do we really care if brittany spears' latest wedding is real or not? c'mon...what the f***....she did it again. the career's over ms. spears..time to move on to the b-movie career brit.

*** --- so, let's see..the red sox are on the heels of clinching another playoff spot..they have arguably two of the top playoff pitchers 1-2 in the rotation and all we can bitch about is terry francona and how he's going to mess this up. how about living in the moment and enjoying two great wins the past two nights! c'mon..what the f***!!!

*** --- since when did radio become the trial ground of just putting random things on the air at any given time without reason or explanation. i mean, c'mon..this isn't cbs news. what the f***!!!

*** --- so, chris riley's too tired to play the rest of the ryder cup after winning a morning session with tiger woods. hey, chris..pack your bags and go back to obscurity. and oh yeah, take your partner tiger with you. he's now exhausted after losing the ryder cup. imagine what he'd do if the americans actually put up a fight. what the f***!!!

and oh yeah, what the f*** is up with the column!!! i'm out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Red Sox suck

Alright, it's now 3 and counting. can someone please take tim wakefield out of the rotation already!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

this week's nfl picks

alright, here's what i've got in my on-going battle of the pigskin picks with HTC, my arch nemesis: hank the crank:

falcons -2 over the rams (let's see if htc's falcons can actually cover this week!)

lions -3.5 over the texans (joey harrington keeps it going)

eagles -3 over the vikings (t.o. over moss in primetime)

bengals -3 over the dolphins (feeley, fiedler, griese, really doesn't matter)

don't forget to sign up and make your picks online for the score's gridiron challenge. just log onto now!!! we'll have a HUGE announcement coming soon about our grand prize.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


welcome to the return of the online columns here on the score's website. it's something we used to do back in the day. this is my version, which i'll try to update a couple of times a week. please feel free to either post on here (see below) or email me at

one thing before we start with a couple of quick hits. i know most of you are looking for more of an explanation on our presentation on-air this week. as i've mentioned to those of you who have either emailed or called me, amy lawrence is no longer with the station. i can't provide any more information than that. that will be left to our boss, david bernstein, who handles all of our personnel matters at the score. he can always be reached at or by phone at 401-433-4200, ext. 275. as with everything we do, feedback, praise or criticism are encouraged. it only helps us give you a better product.

now, with that having been said. how about those j-e-t-s!!! after fumbling the opening kick-off, pennington and crew regrouped nicely. with curtis martin looking refreshed and youthful, the jets offense should be able to get it together enough to take on the chargers in san diego
(a game which you can hear on 99.7fm the score at 4pm after red sox-yankees game 3).

this should be a great weekend of baseball with the sox in new york with first place on the line in the a.l. east. arroyo vs. el duke in game one and pedro going in game 3. i like the sox chances. let's hope the don't waste it by not taking care of business against the devil rays at fenway before the yanks series.

nhl hockey is no more. i don't think we'll miss it, even though i'm an avid hockey fan. blow up about 10 teams, make the season shorter and the playoffs more meaningful with only the stanley cup finals a best of seven series and maybe..just maybe, hockey can be successful again.

it's time for cbs to take dan rather off the air. he's the face of cbs news and in the current state of the scandal with the authentication of the papers disputing president bush's service in doubt, he needs to be taken off the air. you can't take aim at the president with documents that just don't prove to be real. their own experts say they're not real. please don't blatantly show you're not as biased as we know you are. the media is prohibitively democratic. it's been that way for years in its reporting and biases. now, it's time to step up and do the right thing by letting everyone know just how biased you tried to be. it's time for dan to go.

lastly, the apprentice and last comic standing are awesome. and as jay london says..."thank you."

i'm out until the next time!

i am out.