Thursday, June 24, 2004


or do i smell a trade with seattle? swift for jefferson?

seattle gotcha

this just in...the seattle supersonics have just picked robert swift!!! take that danny ainge. so much for sure things!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

nba draft...blah..blah...blah

so, the 2004 nba draft is upon us. just hours away now. and you know what? who the f*** cares!

our very own boston celtics have three picks in the first round (15, 24 and 25). it's a no-brainer that they are going to pick robert swift, the high schooler out of california. the c's are the only team that has worked swift out in the weeks and days leading up to the draft. they've already told swift's people that they will take the youngster. after that, it's anyone's guess as to who danny ainge might take. chris humphries out of minnesota would at least be someone we know what kind of game he brings to boston. maybe not a sure-fire nba'er, but at least an american college kid with a game we've seen and a name we can pronounce.

yet, i shudder to think, it almost seems as if the celtics are now doomed to repeat their most recent past. did we forget not so long ago that the celtics had three picks in the first round only a few years ago? joe johnson, kedrick brown and joseph forte ring a bell? oh yeah, not one of the three was given a chance in boston and not one of three panned out.

i implore danny ainge to state the obvious: if you want to blow this thing up, then blow it up. trade paul pierce, get younger players, draft three unknowns and just live with the fact that boston will rebuild for the next three to five years. danny, we can take it. we've lived with lower expectations for the bruins since 1972. at least that would be better than the farce of trying to put a bunch of unknowns around a superstar like pierce who has no interest in wasting the best years of his nba life in a city where the nba team isn't cared about and has no legitimate chance of winning a championship.

no, these are not the days of waiting for the celtics to wave their magic red auerbach wand and pull a robert parish/kevin mchale for joe barry carrol deal out of their ass. it's not going to happen.

instead, the drama around the league is much more intriguing. will dallas give up the farm to get shaq? will kobe be the only one left in l.a. next year? will tracy mcgrady end up in houston? will the cat merely call disneyland his nest for a quick reststop?

hmmmm...let's see. in the time it's taken me to write this, i've already spent more time thinking about the nba than the entire nba playoffs.

that right there should speak volumes.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

saturday, june 12

ok. i hate my computer since i just wrote an entire column and it crashed while trying to publish it!

i may be back later to try to recreate it.


Monday, June 07, 2004

monday, june 7

so, smarty jones doesn't win the triple crown. sure seemed like the streak of no horse winning the triple crown would end until the very end of the stretch run of the belmont stakes when birdstone stole a million dollar win away and left horse racing triple crown-less for yet another year. let's make it 27 years and counting.

yet, before we start screaming about the emperor wearing no clothes. first, let me admonish the horse racing world. how on earth can you apologize for winning? that's exactly what the owners of birdstone did. owner marylou whitney and jockey edgar prado both said they felt sorry that their horse won the race. are you serious?

can you imagine for one second, the yankees apologizing for aaron boone's home run that kept the red sox from moving on to the world series and possibly ending the vaunted curse of the bambino?

maybe the florida marlins should feel bad they took advantage of the cubs inability to close out a series?

or maybe the patriots should apologize for sticking it to the rams and marshall faulk for not letting them continue their dominant season back in 2001?

in sports, no one should ever apologize for winning. if you don't want to win, don't play the game. period. end of story. exclamation point!

you don't get handed championships. if they did, the red sox would be the people's paper champion. for we all know, everyone in new england loves the red sox. now to truly reach the mountaintop, you must first earn it. only then are there no apologizes necessary.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

saturday, june 5

so as the red sox prepare to break their four game losing streak tonight in kansas city, we step back from the sportsworld to pay homage to one of our greatest presidents of all-time.

former president ronald reagan has passed at the age of 93. the news is now making its way across the globe as we speak. now, whether you're a republican or democrat, you have to give the former baseball announcer, actor and president his props. he guided this country, and the world, through one its most difficult times.

just coming off the 60's and 70's that brought us vietnam and watergate, president reagan took office in the midst of the iran hostage crisis. who could ever forget the announcement that the hostages would be let go and we saw that giant yellow ribbon wrapped around the superdome in new orleans for the super bowl?

soon after, an economy boom that penned the term "reagonomics" and yuppie-dom wasn't too far away. even despite the iran contra contraversy with oliver north, president reagan's legacy bore out the first president george bush term in 1988.

whether you liked him or not, president reagan always took the optimistic approach to the world. the cold war should be over and it was. the berlin wall should be down and it is. a new era was born.

after four years of former president jimmy carter in the white house, president reagan brought a fiery leadership and charisma back to pennsylvania avenue.

it also brought this then 12 year old into a whole new world of politics and has kept him a republican every since.

prayers and best wishes to his family and godspeed to the one and only, ronald reagan.